It’s My Right To Discriminate Against Republicans Since I Do Not Agree With Their Lifestyle

mike-pence-religious-freedomMany conservatives who oppose equal rights for homosexuals do so based on “religious principles.” It’s a defense for ignorance that I always find amusing considering how many “biblical laws” are completely ignored because it would be almost impossible to abide by them. According to the Bible, stoning a woman to death for cheating on her husband is legal, but I’m not seeing too many of these evangelicals pushing to make that practice legal.

To go along with their belief that homosexuality “goes against God,” they also typically believe that every single person who happens to be gay chose that sexual orientation instead of just being born that way. The thing is, I’ve yet to meet a single one of these people who can tell me the moment they “chose” to be a heterosexual. Many of these people honestly believe that the millions upon millions of homosexuals we have in the world are simply choosing to be that way and they can stop “being gay” at the drop of a dime if need be.

So, I’ve decided to use this right-wing ignorance to my benefit; I’ve decided that it’s my right to claim “religious freedom” to discriminate against many Republicans since I do not believe in the lifestyle choice they’ve made to be bigots. In fact, I believe it’s in direct violation of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

You see, while being a conservative, Republican and/or a bigot is a choice – being a homosexual is not.

After all, in a state such an Indiana (which just legalized the right for citizens to discriminate against people with whom they disagree based upon their religious beliefs), shouldn’t people in that state (or any other state with similar laws) then be allowed to discriminate against Republicans claiming that same reason?

As a Christian, I find bigotry offensive and in direct violation of my Christian beliefs. So, as per my religious convictions, it should be legal for me to discriminate against Republicans, right? That’s the message I’m getting from the conservatives who support these absurd laws.

I believe, as a Christian, my faith is about love, hope, helping the needy and the poor and being accepting of everyone, regardless of our differences. When someone chooses to be hateful, greedy and judgmental – that offends me and goes against my beliefs. In my opinion, again based on my Christian faith, it’s sinful to be filled with such intolerance and prejudice. So, wouldn’t I be supporting “sin” by accepting the Republican lifestyle that I vehemently oppose?

See how ridiculous this is? If we’re venturing into a reality where religion can be used to discriminate, our courts are about to be flooded with discrimination cases. How do you tell someone one belief is legitimate but another is not? Couldn’t a Christian business owner refuse to give service to someone who simply looks like they might be Muslim? I could make a seemingly endless list of terrible possibilities where Americans could start being legally discriminated against because some religious buffoon claimed “religious freedom.”

Our Founding Fathers had it right: Religion has no place in our government or in our laws. It’s why they wrote the First Amendment the way that they did and why they left out any mention of Christianity anywhere in our Constitution

They knew then, as most of us who have common sense know now, that mixing religion and government is a horrible idea. It’s just pathetic that there are millions of conservatives who seem determined to try to turn this nation into some sort of warped conservative theocracy.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Caroline Reznicek

    I am mad enough about discrimination laws that if I owned a business in Indiana,I would hang a sign stating: “We Do Not Serve Republicans”.

    • John Ash

      Very liberal of you.

      • Mark1115

        John, in the interest of honesty, replace that h in your id with an s.

      • John Ash

        OMG! That’s so clever! Did you think of that all by yourself?

      • Mark1115

        Actually, it is what everyone seems to be saying about your posts.

      • Kehvan

        Only the left wing azzholes like you.

      • Di Kelley

        John, the moment you understand the fact that it has nothing to do with conservative or liberal, but someone’s legitimate outrage against a horribly discriminatory law is the moment you’ll take that insult back,

      • John Ash

        I know, it is incredibly insulting to call someone a “liberal” given what it means these days.

        But, of course, the law doesn’t allow discrimination. It only gives some people some protections in some instances from being forced to do something they really don’t want to do.

        Should I be able to force a lesbian prostitute to have sex with me? Should I be able to force a female only gym to let me work out there? Should I be able to force a gay bar to host prayer meetings?

      • Di Kelley

        You should not be able to force anyone to have sex with you, that’s rape, and is illegal. It also has nothing to do with someone *paying* you for a service. The business owner is being paid to render a service, if shouldn’t matter who it’s being rendered *to* just as long as said service is legal.

        If you don’t want to be forced to render a service to someone, don’t open a business where you may be put in a position of having to do so. Or make it clear from the time you open your doors that you don’t wish to do so.

        As for female only gyms, and the rest of the nonsense you’ve noted, again, the difference is you know going in, this gym is not going to serve you. It is for women. Many of these businesses did not make it clear from the get go that they were not going to serve gays, these couples went in with a fair expectation of service, not knowing that they would not be. It makes a world of difference.

      • John Ash

        HAH, WRONG.

        Rape, literally, is the taking of ANYTHING by force. It used to be called “sexual rape” to be accurate.

        So, yes, if you force someone to bake you a cake against their will, you are RAPING them.

      • Caroline Reznicek

        Well, by your standards, what do you call forcing a woman to carry a fetus she doesnt want to carry?

      • John Ash

        Saving a life.

      • Caroline Reznicek

        Cute answer…but…Nope! It is NOT saving a life. I will TRY to explain it to you. So, just when does life begin? Well, for our purpose, lets take the process of having identical twins.

        The division of a fertilized human egg usually occurs between 3-8 days after fertilization. Sometimes, the zygote will split up until 13 days post-conception. (almost 2 weeks)

        Since this is true, life can not begin at conception as the end result of a splitting egg would be twins, triplets, or more entities that do not exist at the moment of conception and therefore can not be called life if they are non existent at that time.

        I truly believe that humans begin their life cycle at the first breath they breathe. If you are religious and a Bible believer, please remember that Adam did not have life until God breathed the breath of life into him after he was fully formed. Therefore no matter if you are a “science believer” or a “Bible believer” both forces come to the same conclusion. Life begins at the first breath.

        To be correct, you are only saving a “potential” life. Something that might eventually evolve into a human being, but is not yet. It is the same potential life as each one of your sperm cells or each one of a woman’s eggs that are sloughed off with each period she has. This is specialized human tissue, but NOT life.

      • Caroline Reznicek

        Good grief! Did you get turned away from a woman’s gym when you tried to join? Are you not able to lift the weights at a men’s gym? Why would you even WANT to join a woman’s gym? Actually, my gym (a basically woman’s gym) does take men. I am a straight lady, but I have visited a few gay bars and I have ALWAYS been welcomed and treated with respect there. I like going because I usually dont have to worry about someone trying to pick me up.

      • John Ash

        Actually, I was once. So i joined another one. No biggie. The woman’s one was more convenient. I guess I should have sued for sexual discrimination according to liberal rules.

        I was almost turned away from several gay bars for being straight as well. My gay friend convinced them to let me in on one occasion. On another, I just had to promise I wasn’t homophobic. DUH.

      • Caroline Reznicek

        Gosh, John Ash! Thanks. Yes..I am a very proud double-down Democratic LIBERAL, but I sometimes let my feelings of anger against bigotry and discrimination get the better of me. I do feel that if a business is opened in the public domain, then it should be willing to serve ANYONE who wishes to use their services (including republicans). Public means Public ie Open to ALL. If you want to discriminate then open your business on Church property and operate it only for those of your religious community.

      • John Ash

        “should”. Lots of things “should”. Like people “shouldn’t” use drugs. Right? But we also “shouldn’t” force people to not use drugs because it results in violence that isn’t necessary in anyway.

        This case isn’t about refusing gay people. It’s about asking someone to do something THEY DON’T DO! I don’t get to dictate that someone do something they don’t do, just because they do something similar. They are free to choose the products they sell and most every company makes those products available to ALL. Gay people can buy birthday cakes or can eat pizza withotu problem in the US. That doesn’t mean that they can FORCE people to do special jobs for them, any more than I can force a painter to make the kind of painting I want.

        I don’t think anyone wants to live in a world where any customer can force any business to do anything they want. Open to all doesn’t mean “I’ll do anything”.

      • Caroline Reznicek

        You are right! Open to all does NOT mean “I’ll do anything” but it does mean that I will do the SAME for you as I will do for everyone else.

      • John Ash

        Right, but some people don’t do gay wedding cakes because of their beliefs. Some don’t do Nazi cakes because of their beliefs. Some people don’t serve bacon and eggs because of their beliefs.

        They would have refused to do gay wedding cakes for straight people too.

      • John Ash

        Also, you’re not actually a liberal, although I realize that “liberals” call themselves that. You just are someone who wants to force people to do what you want, just like any rapist.

      • Caroline Reznicek

        This is not worth answering to.

      • John Ash

        It is, but you can’t.

  • bestfriend

    I heard, I’m not going to say where, that the Republicans really truly are evil.

  • Woodrow_Plant

    Indiana, now Arkansas. Time for Georgia to step up.

  • Benjamin Demille

    Down with humans.

  • Caroline Reznicek

    Thank you everyone for your kind support of my views. {:>)