I’ve Absolutely Had It With This Idiot Ted Cruz

cruz-tedBefore writing this, I had simply planned to close my laptop and move on to doing a few other things.  That was until I read a single comment Ted Cruz made during his photo-op appearance at the Million Vet March in Washington.

Now his statement is nothing more than him pandering to the obvious right-wing listeners which had gathered around the buffoon, but something about it just struck a nerve and I felt the need to vent against this pathetic excuse for a human being.

During his disgusting attempt to use veterans as a means for political gain, Cruz said to the crowd, “This is the people’s memorial.  Let me ask a simple question. Why is the federal government spending money to erect barricades to keep veterans out of this memorial?”

And that simple moronic statement just sent my blood boiling.  Maybe it’s just the fact that after weeks of seeing his sniveling face on television and hearing his whiny voice, I’ve simply had enough of the sociopath from Texas.  But I think what ticked me off the most about his statement was the blatant effort he was making to manipulate a crowd which was obviously too ignorant to think for themselves.

After all, it was he who championed this shutdown to begin with.  It was his pointless campaign to shutdown the government in an attempt to “stop Obamacare” (which they can’t, by the way) that caused this shutdown to begin with.

Cruz was one of the leading clowns in the circus which shut down the government, and now that it’s shut down, he wants to play innocent about the real repercussions of an actual government closure?

So why is the government spending money to keep people, not just veterans, out of these memorials?  The answer is simple, you assclown — because that’s what a government shutdown means!  What the hell don’t you get about that?  You don’t get to force a government shutdown, then complain about the ramifications of that shutdown.

That’s like someone cheating on their spouse, then complaining about their significant other wanting a divorce.  You caused the problem, now deal with the consequences of your actions.

And no, you don’t get to blame someone else for your pathetic behavior.  Sure, his rhetoric feeds right into the hands of these right-wing idiots who love to be spoon-fed what they want to hear instead of the truth, but the majority of Americans aren’t buying it.

They know who’s really to blame for this mess in Washington that’s caused our government to be shut down.  And it’s not Democrats or President Obama—it’s the Republican party.  Hell, even Ted Cruz’s fellow Republicans like John McCain have called out the idiocy of the rhetoric which led to this shutdown.

So when Cruz stands there giving a speech asking why the government is keeping people out of these memorials, someone needs to hand this fool a mirror.

Because it’s him and his fellow Republicans that are the reason why these memorials are closed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • theghostofthomaspaine

    Why is the media so lame about challenging him?

    • Pipercat

      Good question…

    • BSR

      Political drama of course!

    • Fabj

      …because they don’t need to. He is the Lindsey Lohan of politics. Watch him burn on his own.

      • Guest

        I cannot happen soon enough!!

      • theghostofthomaspaine

        It cannot happen soon enough.

      • gemma liar

        excellent answer

      • olddudenh74

        I would love to see someone in Texas begin recall procedures against this clown. The sane citizens who can think for themselves must be ashamed of this guy representing them.

      • Skyhollower

        I live in Texas and I support this ad. I mean procedure. I have thought of it myself for awhile now.

      • angellgirl

        The “Lindsay Lohan of politics!!!” OMG, that is amazing! I’m going to steal that and use it 🙂

    • noypi

      It will create more publicity for him just like Palin and Bachmann.

  • Santorini Boo

    “too ignorant to think for themselves…” Unfortunately that is the key to why democracy can never work in the USA… far too much ignorance. Sorry.

  • Pipercat

    Our junior Senator, with all of eight months on the job, wreaks this much havoc. What does this really say about his enablers?

    • Donald Johnson

      That paternalistic white males can’t stomach the thought of being ruled by a black man, so we’ll pick the whitest Hispanic to prove we’re not prejudiced?

      • Pipercat

        He is kinda pasty lookin’!

      • gemma liar

        I like his advancing double chin and how he ( miserably) combs over his alopecial cranium

      • Nancy

        And I hate to say this, but his nose
        looks like a penis.

      • Skyhollower

        Most noses do if photographed at the right angle, however, It takes a special person to be a complete dick.

      • Pipercat

        Funny, that’s what Mrs. Cruz says his head looks like…

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        That’s because he’s a cock face….

      • budgienation

        No way! His nose does not look like a penis! I hate the son of a bitch as much as you but will put up with no insult on innocent penises. It’s not the dick’s fault Nancy. I hope you realize I’m just goofing….

      • ohd

        Actually, we can’t stomach the thought of being ruled by a elitist, pandering, self-centered, blubbering, socialist……no matter WHAT color the skin is…….only simpletons such as yourself bring up the race card, as that is ALL you have, and it just proves what idiotic thought processes numb nuts such as yourself have. If you weren’t so tragic, it would be pitiable……..you, and people like you are worthless……

      • budgienation

        Lemme get this straight: He’s a ‘socialist’ who saved the banks AND WALL ST. when he could have, by doing nothing achieved the wettest of all ‘socialist wet dreams’, that of crashing capitalism? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Are you naturally that fuckin’ stupid, or did you take a course?

    • obhd

      Ummmmmm……..That they know what is rightfor this country, and you are noting more than a kool aid sipping fool???? Let’s see…….Yep!! That’s it alright!!!

      • budgienation

        Hey, Troll. I have a message for you: Your bridge called. It’s lonely and wants you back. Crawl back under it, please. On the other hand, maybe you should keep posting. The unintentional humor is comedy gold. I’m going to take this stuff to ‘The Daily Show’.

  • independant

    He’s definitely got the liberals rattled!

    • Aloanstar

      He doesn’t have anyone rattled except GOP donors, voters and the other GOP politicians who have dropped like a lead balloon to historical lows in the polls. When the majority of the House is full of Democrats, I imagine Ted will be rattled.

      • gemma liar

        nah,,,,he will write a book ( backed by FOX “news” called ” killing America” to honor bill O’bloviate oreilly

    • Katherine Walton

      He’s going down in flames. Too bad he’s going to wreak havoc as he does. Still? Going down in flames. He doesn’t rattle this liberal. He disgusts this liberal. And so, considering your comment, do you.

    • Robert Pedrin

      You spelled “independent” wrong.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello Robert Pedrin,
        It is a great assumption that the person known as “independant” even knows how to spell!

    • artisanr

      We are not rattled. We are disgusted. This joker wants to completely ruin this country, completely wants to devalue the dollar, and literally let people starve because his corporate lords didn’t get their way in the last election.

      Sociopaths defend people like this.

    • gemma liar

      yes he does….as we libs are PRAYING ( and Im agnostic) he runs as YOUR regressive candidate in 2016,,,PLEEEEEEEEEEZ assure us of this!!!

  • Dani

    What really burns me is this a**hat and other tp’ers will get govt pensions for life even when they are voted out. Pointing withone hand and grabbing with the other.

    • theghostofthomaspaine

      That may be his ultimate plan. Use the corporate tit, then enjoy lifetime security when that dries up.

    • Qwertyy650

      Relax. Politicians are subject to the same retirement rules as other federal employees. Age and years of service come into play. The absolute minimum years of service is 5 years before anyone can qualify for any sort of government pension, and that would be a very small one.

    • michdem

      Exactly, and they want to take away, or modify entitlements for those of us on SS and medicare.

  • LiberalInTheSticks

    I find it really irritating that the ads on this page, at least what I’m seeing are all pictures of Ted Cruz that say “Support Cruz? Vote here now”

    • Skyhollower

      Yes, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful metric if it showed the page was visited 1000 times and no one, or maybe 2 clicked to support.

  • MrWereman

    I hope this turd is their presidential candidate in 2016… I want the media to rip him apart and see the look on stupid Republican faces when Dems win like 80% to 20%.

    • Tony Salfi

      he was born in canada (not our fault0

      • Skyhollower

        If he was born in Canada, is he allowed to run for President? Just asking since the whole birther thing about Obama’s birthplace.

      • ThomasMTroxell

        Yes, he is. Canada doesn’t grant automatic citizenship to people whose parents are not citizens/diplomats. However, he is American because his mother was an American citizen. It’s actually the same thing that the birthers did for Obama. Even if he was born in Kenya, and I don’t believe he was, he would still be a US citizen because his mother was an American citizen, had been in the US for at least 5 out of the past 10 years, etc. The same exact thing would apply to Cruz. However I kind of hope he runs so that Hillary can trample him.

      • Adam Lemoine

        not voting for either party in 2016. Ventura will put a stop to all the none sense and out of pure fear everyone on that hill will comply.

      • Aonewhoknows

        not a chance.. don’t waste your vote.

      • WGAF


      • Guest

        whats the better option? Hillary? the right wont her do anything. voting in what ever idiot the republicans decide to regurgitate our way? I dont see a vote for Ventura as a waste. win or lose, I’ll still feel is if my vote counted in regards to actually wanting change, not caving because hes not a party member.

      • DavidEssex


      • beentherendonethat

        Isn’t he a WRESTLER?? LMAO

      • Skyhollower

        Thanks! and I agree…

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Quit blaming Canada for Cruz. Canada is a sensible country full of sensible people. Cruz is the reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy.

    • Sandy Rankin

      Oh No haven’t you heard.. Sarah Palin is running for President.. and she wants TED as her Vice President running mate.. Is that not hilarious!!!

      • Skyhollower

        They should run together as a separate party and leave the poor Republicans out of it. I am sure in their warped moral code they wouldn’t allow this though. I mean Palin would have to be Cruz’s VP as I am sure somewhere in Cruz’s strict Biblical moral stance it is against God’s will for him to report to a woman.

    • mareleigh

      Rafael Edward Cruz

      December 22, 1970 (age 42)

      Calgary, AB, Canada[1]

      So Texas can take him back home and keep him there..

      • Skyhollower

        Please no…I am embarrassed to say I live in Texas. I did not vote for this Teanut and wish he would just go someplace else. He keeps saying he is doing what the American People want, but I have yet to hear from anyone in my area that agrees with him.

  • Donald Johnson

    Exactly what is the purpose of barricades in the first place?

    • Aloanstar

      They don’t want people going into the memorials without staffers there. People could vandalize them or someone could get hurt. That’s like just opening up a museum and not having anyone working there. Rangers shouldn’t be expected to just volunteer their time to keep them open.

      • del

        Really? The Lincoln Memorial WAS recently vandalized (before the shutdown). No staff present at the time. I live in the area and don’t recall seeing much in the way of staff at the various open air memorials. (Maybe they were on a coffee break or they prefer to be unobtrusive to the point of invisibility during normal times?)

  • Robert W Crowley

    Please let him be the Republican candidate for President in 2016, PLEASE

  • PMF

    i agree that he’s a sociopath. So isn’t this sedition? Isn’t there a law that would remove him from office due to his behavior? If there is I want to know and let’s get a petition going.

    • Meemaw60

      YES! That’s what I want to know. Why aren’t more people talking about sedition? These people have no plan to improve our government. They are just trying to destroy it, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process!

    • Realist12

      I agree! Someone should impeach Cruz on charges of sedition. Brilliant – let’s move this forward!!

  • marsha

    Please….an open memorial is just that…open to the public and cost NOTHIING to view. These barricades were solely meant to add fuel to the fire from the Obama cronies! They are reveling in the additional pain purposely directed to these veterens and using them as pawns for their own political gain.

    • Katherine Walton

      You haven’t got a clue, marsha, about what it takes to protect and maintain these memorials. It takes money and people. I am so bored and tired of the deliberate ignorance of people like you.

      • kwkurtz44

        Thank you Katherine, these people don’t have a clue. Can you imagine the damage that would be done if they were left unguarded open to the public.

      • Katherine Walton

        Not to mention the liability of the government should someone get hurt in some way.

      • TheGermanGuy

        kwkurtz44, I don’t understand your comment. Isn’t the WWII Memorial ALWAYS unguarded and open to the public? If they weren’t concerned of vandalism before the shutdown, then why are they so much more concerned with vandalism after the shutdown?

      • kwkurtz44

        NO all the memorials are maintained and guarded by the National Park Service. It may not always appear that way, but there is always someone watching a protecting them from crazies.

      • TheGermanGuy

        I understand that there are Park Service staff, but there is no charge for admission, no security checks, etc. Even without the NPS, there are still DC Police agents on site, as there have always been (part of the 1st District, DC Metro Police, according to their website). Again, I don’t see the point of barricading a national memorial that has always been open to the public, free of charge?

      • Pipercat

        I don’t see the point of partisan minorities in the House fucking around with all of this grandstanding and the poorly calculated risks that created all of this mess. It seems to me, if there was no “crisis” this would all be a moot point. Arguing over access to a memorial pales in comparison to the enormity of furloughed workers and the destruction of nation’s finances.

      • marklar

        And perhaps most importantly, there are usually people keeping the grounds clear and making sure that the site is clean and safe, etc. Those people are currently furloughed. And because this is ‘Murica, the land of the litigious, all it takes is one person getting hurt due to debris on the ground, cracked sidewalk, etc., and you know the lawsuits will be coming out of the woodwork.

      • TheGermanGuy

        Except for one thing – people can already sue the government, and several have tried to before the shutdown using the Federal Tort Claims Act. These cases took place all over the US – national parks and forests, post offices, government buildings, etc., and they happen fairly regularly. Therefore, the whole “lawsuits will be coming out of the woodwork” argument doesn’t hold much water in this debate. If it was true, then I could easily sue the government for the flat tire I got driving through a National Forest last week. After all, there were no Park Rangers within the Forest, so that means that the road must have developed that particular pothole within the last week, right?

    • Kim Wilson-Young

      Someone just last month someone threw paint on Lincoln Memorial. Probably some racist redneck hates Lincoln because he freed the slaves , which opened the door for Obama. Sounds crazy sounds like crazy T-Party racist assholes.

      • ohknowyoudidnt

        A Chinese woman is under investigation for this crime, including other acts of vandalism in the D.C. area. She was caught with a soda can full of green paint at the National Cathedral, where wet green paint was observed in a couple of the chapels. Green paint was used at the Lincoln Memorial.

      • del

        Jiamei Tian, 58, — one of the more famous “crazy T-Party racist assholes” — not.

        It was in July, not last month.
        So glad you checked your facts before spouting your uninformed opinions.

      • Kim Wilson-Young

        Wow my info was a little off on the month, how do you react when your people tell complete lies.

      • gemma liar

        they vote for them in regressive tea party primaries

    • Mike Hendricks

      what part of closed dont u understand

    • gemma liar

      and remember: its YOUR regressive GOP which controls the house ,,,and the HOUSE has SOLE power to shut down the govt. hows that working 4 ya now??? would U like cheese on your burger?

    • Aonewhoknows

      did you think about what a shutdown means before you supported it?
      Staffed or not, someone has to protect and maintain it. If the govt is shutdown, no one is getting paid..so no service.. and barricades are put in place to keep everyone out.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    Sociopath is a serious and critical mental health disorder that I totally agree this man suffers from. Much of the tea sociopaths are this way, while their exploits are their voting minion and their hate.
    These people want to default, they want to destroy and that want complete power and control. They have ZERO empathy, remorse or guilt, which is why they easily do what they do to cause harm. Knowledge about the disordered is imperative in understanding that these people cannot change but we must get them out of power if we want change…

  • richard

    I’ve lived long enough to see genuine assholes, serious bloodthirsty psychopathic assholes, always get what they deserve within my lifetime…..that covers everybody from Timothy McVeigh to OJ Simpson and all the others…..this sphincter will get his too. All we have to do is wish for it…..so everybody, clap your hands and make a wish….for Ted Cruz to et a Cosmic Ass whoopin ASAP!”

  • Karla Ibsen

    The police who placed the barricades were not getting paid, so the government did not spend money. The statement was a lie.

    • gemma liar

      karla has nice photo,,,,,,

  • I find it ironic that right in the middle of your rant is an ad saying “McConnell is leading the fight to repeal Obamacare! Sign his petition today!” At least there was another ad further down to tell Republicans to stop the government shutdown over it … somewhat schizophrenic ad buys there.

  • del

    No, (skipping name-calling) that is NOT what a gov’t shutdown means. What it means is that no money was appropriated. The parts of the gov’t that weren’t funded HAVE NO MONEY TO SPEND legally. That means there’s no money in the budget. So whoever spent non-existent, non-budgeted, unappropriated money to close open air (no operating cost) memorials is breaking the law and should be prosecuted.

    • ohknowyoudidnt

      Many of these agencies have contingency funds or money left over from a previous budget. There is an operating cost on all monuments, memorials etc., there is a liability for accidents, vandalism or what have you.

  • DaltonOriginal

    Rafael Edward Cruz… Gasp! With a name like that he must be an “illegal” and apparently with Cuban roots.

    • Aonewhoknows

      His father worked with Castro.

    • One parent was American, the other was Canadian.

      • DaltonOriginal

        His mother was American, his father was Cuban, a true illegal for his time of arrival to the us…. So in reality; he is not a true American. “As for his father, he has freely admitted to entering the United States illegally after having fought for Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution. He entered the United States in 1957 to study at the University of Texas, knowing no English and with only $100 sewn into his underwear.”

  • Marc Weers

    Sooo. just why did they spend money erecting barricades when the do not even spend money to man it on an everey day basis. He spent more money closing them than it takes all year to keep themopen so answer that question.

    • Oldfart

      Who spent more money closing them?

  • Me

    Would someone please put this ahole out of is misery

    • Aonewhoknows

      Where’s the preparation H?

  • tiredofidiots

    In the previous government shutdowns, if it didn’t cost anything to keep open, it was left open. Obama is spending our money to shut down anything that will hurt us and you idiots don’t see anything wrong with it.

    Ignorance can be fixed, however, you, Allen Clifton sound stupid and stupid is forever.

  • The scary part is that the gun touting, poorly educated, racist, red-necks that make up the rank and file of the Tea Party hang on every word this turd utters. This is reminiscent of the rabble that formed the Nazi Party in the days before Hitler took over Germany by subterfuge, assassination and outright military might. It was the low lives of Germany the initially flocked to the Swastika banner. Plus, Hitler never got more than 24% of the vote in any German election, just like the Republicans have now according to the recent Gallup Poll. My point is, don’t discount a crazy person, which we all know Hitler was. If he has an audience of thugs and morons. Tea baggers look at this clown as a leader, so he can get them to do anything. Plus, Ted Cruz has already proven he has no respect for the Constitution, the plight of the American people, or the government he was elected to participate in. Hitler too. So yeah, as insane as Cruz is, he could become final straw that plunges the USA into fascism, a form of government he seems to embrace whole heartedly.

    • Aonewhoknows

      IF this clods ever has a chance of making the presidency, we will have our own Bastille Day and remove him before he gets into office.

      • Guest

        Hopefully if the need arises, but like in Nazi Germany, most people did nothing while Hitler first started to disappear his political opponents, then Homosexuals, the mentally challenged, Gypsies, Jews, and anyone else he did not like. As a matter of fact, other than a couple of lame assassination attempts no one in Germany tried to stop him. The big difference between the USA and Nazi Germany is that Americans have the right to bear arms and are the most well armed civilian population in the world.

  • Paul Kirker

    By calling him an idiot your giving real idiots a bad name.

  • MadameDelphi

    “Sniveling face” …hahahahaha…and if one would ever wonder what one looked like, it would definitely be Cruz’s mug.

  • My avatar says how I feel about Ted Cruz & the Teabaggers.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    I believe that some of the vets told him and Palin off.

  • yogigm

    I still think he is Mr. Haney from Green Acres.

  • Aonewhoknows

    I like your column more and more.. You have a way with printing the truth. 🙂

  • Tony

    Something seems off about Cruz… I don’t think he’s really a crazy conservative, in fact I don’t even think he’s conservative. There may be something to the conspiracy theories that his only goal is to destroy the republican party. If so, BRAVO good sir! It’s working phenomenally well. The hard right are so easy to control with just a few code words: Liberty, freedom, constitution. You use those liberally, and you can make the audience bleat as louder! This is either brilliant strategy, or an ironic twist for our corporate overlords. They POURED so much money into these states, their state governments, and their control over redistricting. They plotted and planned, and couldn’t foresee the dangers of rigging this Frankenocracy. They thought that if they held those seats without fear of primary or challenge from the other side, government would just work in their favor.

    Well Pandora’s box has been opened, and their plan will result in a third party. Moderate republicans will be absorbed by the democrats, hard right republicans will be absorbed by the tea party and the republican name goes the way of The Whigs.

    If anything, this is a very good lesson for the democrats, because the libertarians will be digging their heels into the party if we let them and history will repeat itself. Keep things fair, let government work the way it’s supposed to. Keep the people properly educated, keep the middle class healthy and strong, return the power to the people and there will not be dysfunction.

    Do what the republicans did, and the true libertarians (not Rand Paul “libertarian” either) will eat away at our own party and history repeats itself. This might be healthy for our country, but it could also result in extreme civil divide. Where that goes, no one knows. Hopefully we learn from history and don’t fight one another.

  • Sandy Rankin

    Buffoon is right, along with Egomaniac and Narcissistic Moron. Surely, Surely Texas republicans are smarter and have more intelligence and integrity that to associate with him. Republicans are supposed to be fiscally conservative, have morals and integrity. This idiot has none of that.. Wise up repubs.. Wise up!!! Barry Goldwater would be horrified..

  • Dan

    You should really have a chat with your Google ads rep. There are 3 “Support Cruz? Vote for him now” ads all across this article. I nearly vomited seeing those words after the shit he’s pulled these last few weeks.

  • With respect

    Calling our proud heros and veterans right wing idiots?? You are fucking loosers. But your the first to want our heros to defend you when we have terrorists attacks on our soil. It is ok for them to die for your sorry asses, your ungrateful ignorant and should serve a term in the military so you can learn what respect, honor and loyalty means. Go collect your welfare check.

    • Tony

      It’s funny that you think our soldiers are dying defending our country from terrorists. lol Go drink more kool-aid. Soldiers have been dying in the interests of corporate America since Nixon.

      By the way, it’s “losers” not “loosers,” “you’re” not “your,” and the majority of our veterans are anything but right-wing. But you go right ahead and tout respect, honor and loyalty, while your party robs injured veterans blind. Go ahead and talk about how much you love our veterans, but don’t really care that many of them wait in some cases years before they receive medical and psychological treatment for fighting for our interests.

      Honor and respect doesn’t mean using veteran memorials for photo ops and partisan rallies while completely ignoring vets of recent wars who actually have been suffering silently out of the public eye. Just more right-wing gibberish.

  • Karl Mueller

    You know what his wife does for a living, right?

  • ohd

    I can not believe what idiots you people are!!! Simply put………you all are idiots!!! Actually, BLIND idiots, as you can not see past you pathetic egotistic selves………………And the people on here championing the SUPERIDIOT, hillary clinton, well…………..there are just no words……………

    • Tony

      This is about as intelligent a post as me replying “I know you are……………………….. but what am I?…………………..” Anyways, thanks for the laugh, but you’re pretty much not going to be taken seriously here.

  • laser727


  • gigilachat

    Another episode of Ted Cruz…The Dead Zone


    You are silly, ignorant people! How is that stupid “Obamacare” sticker on the back of your Prius working for you now? Idiots!