Jake Tapper Hilariously Mocks Trump’s New ‘Deep State Conspiracy’ Lawyer (Video)

For those who haven’t heard, Donald Trump just hired a new lawyer to join his legal team who has very publicly alleged that Trump’s the victim of a conspiracy involving the Justice Department and FBI. You know, the whole “Democrat deep state” which is apparently “pulling all the strings” — in an investigation being led by Republican Robert Mueller, which was previously led by Republican James Comey, both of whom have been overseen by Trump’s own Justice Department.

The absurdity of it all was once again not lost on CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Trump’s brand new lawyer wants you to know that the FBI and Justice Department tried to frame President Trump on a phony crime,” Tapper explained.

“Sure, why not?,” he added with a sarcastic tone.

After mocking Trump’s new lawyer, Tapper went on to point out that Trump’s now three-day tirade against the FBI, Robert Mueller, and even his own Department of Justice seems to have coincided with questions the special counsel sent his lawyers that he would like this “president” to answer.

Questions that more than a weekend’s worth of unhinged rants on Twitter seem to indicate Trump didn’t like.

Tapper also dispelled the on-going narrative from Trump that this is all a “witch hunt,” pointing out that Mueller’s investigation has already led to 19 people being indicted (plus three companies) and five guilty verdicts, four of whom are Trump associates.

“With the president’s inner circle of level-headed voices shrinking, seemingly by the hour, and President Trump’s temperature clearly rising, a new week dawning, we are all wondering if this might be the week the president crosses that massive red line and orders the firing of the special counsel, Robert Mueller,” Tapper stated.

Again, I cannot say this enough, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Trump’s eventually going to fire Mueller. The moment the special counselor gets too close — which I feel is coming very soon — Trump’s going to take the necessary steps to get rid of him. There’s absolutely no way this “president” is going to risk being removed from office or being sent to prison by allowing Mueller to complete his investigation.

Trump hasn’t spent the last year trying to obstruct justice and slander U.S. intelligence agencies for nothing.

My belief is that Trump now realizes this investigation might have gone so far that his only hope is to push conspiracies, muddy the water, and try to burn the whole damn thing down hoping that, through chaos, his “presidency” will somehow survive. Especially considering he’s well aware that most congressional Republicans are too gutless to actually stand up to him and hold him accountable when he does decide to get rid of Mueller.

While I believe Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, I clearly can’t prove that and have no idea if Mueller will be able to, either.

That said, based on his behavior, I don’t doubt for a second that Donald Trump’s guilty of something. Whether it’s collusion, money laundering, or some other crime altogether, you don’t behave the way Trump has, risking what he’s risking by acting this way, unless there’s something incredibly bad that he really doesn’t want anyone — especially law enforcement officials — to discover and publicize.

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Watch Tapper’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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