Jake Tapper Humiliates Trump, Points Out Huge Hypocrisy in His Syria Propaganda (Video)

Donald Trump’s supporters don’t hold him accountable for anything he says or does, which gives him the ability to live in a world of “alternative facts” where he’s not bound by the same rules as the rest of us. He’s the only person I’ve ever seen have the ability to deny that he’s said something that there’s indisputable evidence he did, in fact, say, and most of his supporters will still defend his lie instead of calling out his blatant dishonesty.

For instance, Trump trying to blame Bashar al Assad’s recent use of chemical weapons on civilians on the “weakness of the Obama administration.” Because it makes perfect sense to blame the previous administration for something that hadn’t occurred in nearly four years, but has now happened less than three months into your administration — just days after your Secretary of State and U.N. ambassador said removing the dictator from power was no longer a priority for the United States.

Though as CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out Wednesday, Trump’s hypocrisy in attacking Obama goes much further than some petty political nonsense.

“President Trump has made it clear he wants to be president of America and not of the world,” Tapper said. “He stated this again just this week, but now the world is trying to figure out, what exactly does that mean?”

“Faulting President Obama, of course, for not acting against Assad after the red line threat is a perfectly legitimate criticism, but can President Trump credibly make it?,” he added.

He then showed tweets Trump sent out in 2013 where, at that time, he was telling Obama to not follow through with military action he had threatened following Assad’s use of chemical weapons back then:

Though those aren’t the only tweets Trump sent out in 2013 criticizing Obama for proposing using military force in Syria. Of course, that’s a complete contradiction to what he’s saying now that he’s trying to blame Obama to deflect attention off the fact that this attack was likely a result of his own weakness.

But this is what Trump does. He says something now that’s a complete contradiction to what he said before, then denies that he ever contradicted himself. We saw the same thing during the 2016 election when he denied ever supporting the Iraq War (he did) and criticized Obama and Hillary Clinton for removing Gaddafi from power in Libya, despite the fact that’s exactly what he said they should do on his own video blog.

I also think it’s important to point how none of this really makes any sense.

In 2013, Trump was going on Twitter tantrums because Obama was threatening to use military strength to go into Syria. However, now he’s saying because he didn’t (mostly because Congress never gave him the power to do so), he’s now calling him “weak” for doing exactly what Trump’s stance was in 2013. How, exactly, is Obama “weak” for threatening to use military force — something Trump went on unhinged rants against at that time?

The bottom line is, as Tapper perfectly pointed out, this is just another example where Donald Trump seems to feel as if he lives in a reality not bound by the same rules as the rest of us. That his stance in 2013 is a complete contradiction to what he’s saying now. In fact, he’s actually calling Obama “weak” for not using military force when that’s exactly what Trump was speaking out against at that time.

Another day and another prime example why Donald Trump is completely unfit to be this nation’s leader.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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