Jake Tapper Issues Perfect Response to Sean Spicer Citing Positive CNN Story About Trump (Video)

I’ve always found CNN’s Jake Tapper to be fair, ask tough questions, and not allow guests (or their propaganda) to push him around.

So I wasn’t shocked on Wednesday when Tapper issued a brilliant response to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who had cited a CNN poll showing Trump’s speech the night before scored high marks.

First he responded to Spicer’s tweet:

Later, Tapper took a jab at the Trump administration, saying that their constant undermining of the media is clearly based on “whether or not the coverage upsets him (Spicer) or his boss in some way.”

“The issue is whether or not they like the coverage or not, and whether or not they like oversight at all,” Tapper stated. “We’ve seen the same disdain for the judicial and legislative branches of government when they’ve tried to have oversight.”

“We heard President Trump say one time any negative poll is fake, that was a tweet I think, any negative poll is fake,” he continued. “Here’s a positive poll so it’s not fake, but I mean, this is really quite juvenile when you get down to what actually is being opposed.”

And he’s absolutely right.

A few weeks ago Trump tweeted out that any poll that’s negative about him is “fake,” while he’s constantly called CNN “fake news,” yet his administration seemed more than fine with boasting about a positive CNN poll — because it fits their agenda.

I hate to break it to the Orange Goblin, but it can’t be both ways — that’s not how the world works. Correction, that’s not how the real world works. We all know Trump, his administration, and his supporters all seem to reside in some alternate universe where they apparently think that the rules of actual reality don’t apply to them.

Jake Tapper was spot-on when he compared Trump’s childish outbursts against the media with his tirades against judges, Congress, or really anyone who doesn’t do what he wants them to do. He was also right on the money when he said this type of behavior is “juvenile” — because it is. The Trump administration wants people to believe that any source reporting something that doesn’t support their propaganda is “fake”; meanwhile, if that same source says something positive, they won’t hesitate to cherry-pick that information as “real” and credible.

Again — that’s not how it works.

Donald Trump doesn’t get to decide what’s “fake” and what’s “real” based upon what’s good for him, his agenda, and the propaganda he’s hoping people are foolish enough to believe.

Watch Tapper’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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