Jake Tapper Perfectly Explains Why Thursday Was Likely Trump’s Worst Day in Office (Video)

I don’t care how Donald Trump, the GOP, his supporters, or anyone else wants to spin what took place on Thursday, it was a really… really bad day for the “president.” It’s not every day that a former head of the FBI — the same one he recently fired — spends several hours telling the entire world that, from the very first moment he met Trump, he knew he wasn’t an honest and trustworthy person.

While I have no doubt that Trump and those tasked with defending him are going to do their best to downplay the significance of Thursday’s testimony, I don’t think it’s going to do them any good.

I’m not sure if anyone said it better than CNN’s Jake Tapper who, if you ask me, perfectly explained why Comey’s testimony contributed to what was likely Trump’s worst day in office.

“The former FBI director told the world today that the President of the United States cannot be trusted in his opinion,” Tapper stated. “He cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He cannot be trusted to uphold the rule of law and he cannot be trusted to allow a DOJ investigation into the Russian attack of the US election last year.”

And Tapper wasn’t done. He then put into perspective exactly how bad this was for the image of the United States as a whole.

“There is no other way to walk away from Comey’s testimony today without thinking the former director of the FBI thinks the President of the United States is a liar who he could not trust and who took actions that he thought were attempts to undermine the integrity of the American justice system itself,” Tapper said.

That in and of itself is a rather somber revelation about what really took place Thursday. The former head of the FBI, a man who, despite making a few questionable decisions, is still highly respected, told the world that the “President” of the United States is someone who lacks integrity and can’t be trusted.

Even going beyond what petty partisan bickering might go on in this country concerning Thursday’s testimony, the rest of the world was listening to what Comey said. Other foreign heads of state watched as the former head of one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies on the planet admitted that, upon his first meeting with Trump, he instantly knew that he was someone who couldn’t be trusted.

It’s damn sure not a good thing when someone like Trump, an individual who many people already didn’t trust to begin with, was exposed by the former head of the FBI. This testimony painted Trump as someone who’s so unethical, all it took was one meeting for James Comey to realize he needed to document every interaction they had because, deep down, he knew Trump would lie about what he said to him.

As I’ve said for a while now, I don’t care what any of his supporters want to believe, without a doubt, Donald Trump is this nation’s top national security threat.

Watch the clip below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • DeathWarmedOver

    He’s new and didn’t know what he was doing… YEAH RIGHT. Are you telling me, that man has never watched a TV show? They do it all the time on the airwaves and you know damn well what they mean when they ask everyone but the one guy to leave the room. What a pants load.

    • saffiregal

      Yep! Another one of Paul Ryan’s dumb explanations for the piss poor excuse of a president.

      • noah vail

        i wonder if Paul Ryan’s lips are getting sore yet from being pressed so tightly to Trump’s ass…what a piss poor excuse for a “representative of the people”….do you ever wonder when he’s going to begin representing us instead of the fat cats that he’s so beholden to…it seems as though he’s lost the ability to think for himself.. PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY….the republican mantra…

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      • Sandy Hitzeman

        Yeah.. is he new to being truthful about anything? Is he new to being an upstanding human being?

  • Karen

    “The President is not a liar.”

    And, in other news, the Pope is a Rastafari, there is no oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, and the ant hill in my backyard is the highest point on the planet.

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    • nat oconnell

      HE HAS FORGOTTEN HOW TO ELL THE RUTH BECAUSE E IS ALWAYS TELLING LIES RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING AS A CHILD HE BLAMED EVERYONE AROUND HIM his poor brother got the blame for everything donnie thought he could get away with but but mommy dearest talked daddy into sending donnie away to a military school for “disciplinary reasons” because they could not control the bastard themselves.
      at least they got some peace around the home while he was gone!.thats why donnie feels entitled .