Jake Tapper Perfectly Sums Up Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy About Bill Clinton’s Affairs (Video)

Without a doubt, the 2016 election season is going to go down as one of the lowest moments in United States political history. The fact that someone like Donald Trump managed to reach the level of success he has — even if he doesn’t win — will definitely be a moment we look back on with shame and embarrassment.

While Trump has said and done many outrageous things during his campaign, his continued attempts to turn Bill Clinton’s affairs into some sort of negative attack on Hillary is something that’s made absolutely no sense no matter what angle I try to put on it.

First, Bill’s behavior has nothing to do with Hillary. In fact, it’s incredibly sexist to imply that she should be held responsible, or at least judged, because of the character flaws and indiscretions of her husband.

Furthermore — Donald Trump has had at least one extramarital affair. Not only that, but Trump has a very extensive (and well-documented) history of sexism and derogatory comments about women. So it makes absolutely no sense for an adulterer who’s frequently demeaned and degraded women to attempt to use the infidelity of another man — to attack his wife.

But the truth is, there’s actually more to this hypocrisy.

During an interview with Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany, CNN’s Jake Tapper brought up a few great points concerning the GOP candidate’s behavior and the sort of people with whom he’s surrounded himself.

“Kayleigh, I am not one for bringing in people’s personal lives, but it doesn’t seem to me that Donald Trump — whose extramarital exploits filled tabloid after tabloid in the ’80s, ’90s and more, has that much of a moral high ground when it comes to the question of his rival’s husband’s infidelity,” Tapper stated.

That’s absolutely true. As I just said, it’s rather absurd for someone like Trump to apparently be the main person behind recent pushes to make Bill’s personal issues Hillary’s problem based upon his own past.

However, Tapper’s point about who Trump has surrounded himself with was the best part of the entire segment.

After McEnany said she felt that people “around” Trump should bring up Bill’s behavior, not the campaign itself, Tapper asked her who exactly she felt should do that.

“Kayleigh, which people around him should bring it up?” Tapper asked. “Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich. He is surrounded by a philanderers club. Why would any of them have a leg to stand on?”

Each and every one of those men has had at least 3 marriages or is currently in the midst of an extensive sexual harassment scandal that cost him his job as CEO of Fox News. Let’s just go ahead and call this grouping of staunch Trump supporters and campaign advisors a cornucopia of masochistic bottom-feeders from a sexist era we’re desperately trying to leave in the past.

I consider myself someone who can usually find some sort of “rational spin” to justify decisions — but not this.

Not only has Trump had an affair, while also having a rather lengthy resume filled with sexism, but he’s also surrounded himself with deplorable men who’ve treated women like they’re beneath males. So it’s absolutely laughable for, of all people, Donald Trump to make morals (especially as it pertains to marital promises or respecting women) the focal point of his latest attacks against Hillary Clinton — a woman who had nothing to do with her husband’s behavior.

Watch Tapper’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Brian

    Bill clinton is a rapist and Hillary covered it up for him. You want Bill back in the white house. You are defending a rapist and claimimg a family man loved by his children is a hypocrite becaise ge had an extra-marital affair.

    • jaybird3939

      Yeah Brian, that might work except Doofus has also been accused of marital rape by his first wife. She chose not to pursue it because she wanted out of the marriage. And it’s not “an” extramarital affair. He was already on to the new woman before his previous marriage ended. Just like his buddies Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani, who are also on their 3rd marriages.Watch something else besides Fox and Sean Hannity (a little thing called bipartisan coverage) and you may find out a few things about Donald the Liar

    • Mary Ann Carey

      Who did Bill rape? And Trump’s children loving him, of course they love him, he gives them all the money they need. He has had almost no contact with his daughter by Marla Maples. Trump has said that he supports his children financially but otherwise they are the responsibilities of their mother. Trump has said some things about his daughters that are down right creepy. For Trump, Giuliani, Ailes and Gingrich to say anything about Bills sexual scandals is hypocritical. Giuliani announced in a news conversation that he was leaving his second wife to marry his mistress, Gingrich served one of his wives with divorce papers while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer so that he could marry his mistress, and Ailes just lost his job at Fox News because of his harassing women at the station. Brian you are living in a dream world. Voting for Trump is of course your right, just as it is my right to vote for Hillary, but to tout that he is a wonderful “family man” who should be white washed for having affairs is really hypocritical.

    • lesteraponte

      You forgot to mention the part where both Bill and Hillary were at the grassy knoll.

  • World Warrior

    This election can’t be over soon enough. The whole thing is a national embarrassment. The world is watching and we look like fools. And I blame the Cheeto Jesus for being nothing more than a rambling, thin skinned bully. Period.