Jake Tapper Says What Most People are Thinking About Trump’s Loyalty to Russia (Video)

Amid the never-ending chaos that’s constantly swirling around Donald Trump and his administration, one thing has remained consistent: His refusal to speak negatively about Russia or Vladimir Putin.

Even when he was essentially forced to sign sanctions against the Russian government (had he vetoed them there was more than enough votes in Congress to easily override it), he made sure to express his displeasure with Congress, whining on Twitter about how this was ruining any chance for the U.S. to improve its relationship with Russia.

It’s remarkable to watch a man who’s proven time and time again that he’s willing to criticize and attack anyone and everyone, who seems to go out of his way to never say a single negative thing about Russia or its president.

Well, on Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper absolutely tore into Trump’s criticism of the new sanctions on Russia, and ridiculed the “president” for blaming poor U.S.-Russia relations on Congress rather than Putin.

“His statements protesting the sanctions made clear his disapproval,” Tapper stated. “And as if that were not enough, earlier today he blamed the dismal state of U.S.-Russia relations not on Putin, not on the Russians attempt to interfere in U.S. democratic elections as stated by every Trump-appointed intelligence chief, but on the U.S. Congress.”

“To our knowledge, while President Trump has attacked everyone from Don Lemon to the cast of Hamilton, he has never had an ill word about Vladimir Putin,” he added.

Tapper then aired part of Trump’s Bill O’Reilly interview where the former Fox News host pointed out that Putin’s a killer, only to have the “president” essentially say we’re no better.

He also pointed out how Russian officials, including the prime minister, were playing up right-wing conspiracies pushed by Trump supporters that “forces” are working to undermine his “presidency” and Congress passing these sanctions was more proof of that.

Though Tapper saved the best for last when he pointed out that it seems Russia has accomplished what nobody, including Trump’s own family, has been able to accomplish: Controlling Trump.

“You know, give the Kremlin credit for this, if for nothing else: While no one on the president’s staff, or in his cabinet or in his family seems able to exert any control over the president the way they’d like, the Russians seem to have figured something out,” Tapper concluded.

With statements like that, it’s easy to see why Tapper’s one of my favorite journalists. He said exactly what millions of people, not just here, but all over the world, have been thinking for quite some time about Trump’s loyalty to Russia.

Whether or not Trump supporters want to admit it, there’s a lot of truth to what Tapper said. Donald Trump is someone who’s shown a willingness to speak out against, criticize, and get into verbal altercations with practically anyone and everyone, but he flat-out refuses to say anything negative about Russia or Putin.

And as Tapper pointed out, just like when Trump tried to undermine the credibility of U.S. intelligence agencies in his attempt to avoid admitting Russia launched a cyber attack against this country, he’d rather blame the United States Congress for poor relations with the Russian government than a serial-killing authoritarian quasi-dictator, and ex-KGB agent, who invaded Ukraine and ordered an attack on our democracy.

For a guy who claims to be all about putting “America first,” Donald Trump seems more than willing to trash Americans, while defending and praising Russia any chance he gets.

Watch Tapper’s comments below via CNN:

Tapper: The only one that can control Trump… by sarahburris

Allen Clifton

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