Jake Tapper Shreds Trump Supporter’s Ludicrous Excuse for Not Releasing Tax Returns (Video)

Perhaps the only thing that’s been more ridiculous to watch than Donald Trump making an absolute fool out of himself on a daily basis has been watching his supporters and surrogates attempting to defend his behavior and comments. Watching these folks provide answers or excuses that aren’t bound to any known form of reality can be both infuriating and kind of hilarious.

For example, Trump supporter and CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany embarrassing herself during an interview with Jake Tapper where she not only more or less admitted that Trump’s tax returns would hurt his campaign, but she blamed Democrats for trying to “goad” him into releasing them.

“Democrats tend to goad with Republican nominees into releasing their tax returns, as Mitt Romney did,” McEnany stated. “Upon releasing his tax returns, we found out that Harry Reid was wrong, that Mitt Romney did everything right, he abided by the laws.”

“It’s not that Democrats goad Republicans into doing this,” Tapper shot back. “This is a bipartisan tradition since 1980. Reagan, Bush, every nominee, every major party nominee since Gerald Ford in 1976 decided not to do it, has released their returns. This isn’t like some demonic Democratic plot.”

Not only that, in 2012, Donald Trump criticized Mitt Romney’s handling of how he released his returns. That makes Trump’s current position flat-out hypocritical.

“The public have a right to know how you made your money, where your investments are to make sure that you don’t have any conflicts of interest,” Tapper added. “You don’t think the American people have a right?”

“They have a right to know that Donald Trump is paying his taxes legally, and we know that since he’s survived nearly a dozen audits,” McEnany replied. “But I would argue that, yes, Democrats have goaded Republicans into doing this.”

So apparently a bipartisan tradition dating back 40 years is nothing more than Democrats trying to “goad” Trump into releasing his returns.

It’s obvious that there’s something really bad contained within Trump’s tax returns. If there wasn’t then he’d follow the 40-year bipartisan tradition of releasing them. Furthermore, in 2012, Trump said that Mitt Romney should have been more forthcoming with his returns, which means he’s not even taking his own advice — making him a hypocrite.

I can guarantee everyone reading this that if the situations were reversed, with Trump releasing multiple years worth of tax returns and Clinton refusing to release any, his campaign and the entire Republican/conservative universe would be throwing an absolute fit, claiming her refusal to release her tax returns was a clear sign she’s “crooked” and had something to hide.

Besides, one would think a businessman who constantly brags about how successful and rich he is would be more than willing to show off how brilliant he’s been. Except, Trump seems to be doing everything he can to not show the country how successful he is — or isn’t.

The bottom line is this, Donald Trump and his supporters are reaching to incredibly desperate lengths to make excuses for him not following a 40-year bipartisan tradition that even he, himself, advocated his predecessor should do in 2012. It’s a clear indicator that not only is Donald Trump willing to risk the presidency to conceal his returns — but he must know that whatever is in those documents would hurt his presidential campaign even more than if he continues to refuse to release them.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll ever see these documents. As Kayleigh McEnany seemed to allude to, their contents wouldn’t bode well for her candidate — at all.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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