Jake Tapper Slams Trump’s Hypocritical ‘Buy American’ Executive Order (Video)

One of the traits all con artists share is that they’re almost always going to tell those they’re scamming what they want to hear. They do this to manipulate people into lowering their defenses so that they’ll trust them, hoping that doing so will blind them to the fact that they’re being screwed over and conned.

Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order he signed on Tuesday is a perfect example.

Granted, moves like this play right into the hands of his supporters who eat up anything they think is “pro-America.” Then again, these are the people who think adding high import taxes on products from Mexico will “make them pay for the wall” because they’re too ignorant to realize doing so wouldn’t make “make Mexico pay for the wall” — it would just cause many of the goods they purchase to drastically increase in price.

Besides, this executive order doesn’t require anything more than federal agencies to try to “buy American, hire American” if possible. It also pushes federal agencies to reform H1-B visa laws pertaining to bringing in skilled foreign workers.

Of course this executive order is extremely hypocritical considering many of the products Trump’s businesses sell aren’t produced in the United States and he has a well-documented history of using H1-B visas to bring in foreign guest workers.

This was a hypocrisy CNN’s Jake Tapper ripped into him over during The Lead on Tuesday when he sarcastically asked if this executive order meant people should stop buying many of his company’s products.

“The president just signed an order to ‘buy American,’” Tapper stated. “So, wait, does that mean he wants me to stop buying Trump products?”

‘“It’s time,’ the president said today, repeatedly assailing cheap subsidized and low-quality foreign goods,” he added.

Tapper then brought up an interview from 2015 when he asked then-candidate Trump about his own company’s products not being made in the United States, and went after his hypocrisy on the H1-B visas.

“As for hiring American, a CNN review found that the president as a corporate head has hired more than 1300 foreign guest workers to work at his various businesses here in the U.S., including requesting 78 visas to staff his two Florida properties for this year,” Tapper said.

And he’s right, Trump has a long history, spanning over a decade, of using guest workers to staff his various businesses and resorts. Meanwhile, many of the products his (and his daughter’s) businesses sell aren’t made on U.S. soil.

Though I don’t expect this hypocrisy to matter a great deal considering Trump’s supported by millions of people who voted for a candidate whose businesses outsource jobs and use foreign workers — all while he built his campaign largely based on “creating American jobs” and vilifying the very same free trade agreements he utilizes to outsource jobs.

Tuesday’s “Buy, American, Hire American” executive order signed by Donald Trump is simply another example, in a long list of them, where he proves how gullible and ignorant someone has to be to support such an obvious hypocrite and con man.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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