Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s ‘Face-Lift’ Tweet Was Absolutely Perfect (Video)

Of all the people who’ve been vocal about calling out the never-ending stream of absurdity and insanity from Donald Trump and his administration, in my opinion, I’m not sure if any have been better than CNN’s Jake Tapper. He’s a well-spoken, fair, intelligent, and bold journalist in a day and age where too much of the media — especially the mainstream media — acts a bit cowardly when it comes to telling the harsh truth about a lot of things.

He’s also not afraid to add a little snark to his political commentary when calling out the raging dumpster fire that calls itself the Trump administration.

For instance, his take on Trump’s disgusting tweets the “president” sent out Thursday, attacking MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“How’s that First Lady anti-cyber bullying campaign going — good?” Tapper mockingly asked at the start of The Lead.

“President Trump taking to Twitter to address an issue of importance to him,” he added. “Veterans, jobs, North Korea? Syria? No, he personally attacked cable news hosts, including a nasty comment about the physical appearance of a female host. Now, he’s facing bipartisan backlash.”

Tapper then made sure to point out how lawmakers, including Trump, himself, as well as his daughter Ivanka, have recently talked about how “nasty” politics have become. That’s definitely a valid point considering Trump’s, by far, one of the most divisive, hate-pushing, vile people in politics — who often acts as if it’s everyone else who’s “nasty.”

He then took aim at Trump’s insecurities and fragile ego, pointing out his history with being unable to handle any criticism.

“The White House said President Trump was merely ‘punching back, fighting fire with fire’ since the hosts of Morning Joe have attacked President Trump,” Tapper pointed out. “This is indeed how President Trump sees it. That criticism from the media or anyone needs to be fought back. It’s been very clear ever since the campaign banned reporters from the Des Moines Register from attending his events back in 2015 because Mr. Trump didn’t like some of the editorials the newspaper wrote, that he has a problem with criticism.”

Perhaps Tapper’s best point came when he brought up how Trump actually rose to “fame” among millions of conservatives, which helped him launch his political career.

“This president first came to political prominence, by the way, by questioning whether the first African-American president was born in Africa and was thus ineligible for president. He wasn’t,” Tapper quipped.

This is how bullies — actual bullies like Trump — behave.

Bullies are the ones who don’t mind going after those whom they perceive as weaker than themselves. However, the moment someone pushes back — they’re often the biggest whiners.

Donald Trump is a scumbag and a hypocrite. He’s someone who’s spent his life using his power to go after those he viewed as weaker than himself. A person with a known history of suing people out of spite. A lowlife who’s made it clear that anyone who doesn’t bow down and kiss his backside is someone he views as an enemy.

Yet he’ll play dumb concerning all of it.

He built his entire campaign around pushing hate, fear, conspiracies, lies, and lashing out at anyone and everyone who called out his bullshit — then acts as if when people respond to his reprehensible nature, they’re the hateful ones dividing people.

Just as Jake Tapper pointed out, Trump spent years pushing the blatantly racist birther conspiracy against Barack Obama, desperately trying to besmirch the credibility of our nation’s first African American president. He largely owes his political success to dividing people by pushing hate, fear, and intolerance.

If you ask me, Tapper’s response to this controversy was perfect. Not only did he point out Melania’s pledge to fight “cyber bullying” (even though she defended her husband’s tweets), he brought up the fact that Trump’s too mentally weak to handle criticism, and that he owes much of his political success to pushing a racist conspiracy against our nation’s first African American president.

As I’ve said for months, we must do everything we can to not normalize Donald Trump’s behavior — because this sure as hell isn’t normal.

Watch Tapper’s comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Nancy Jane Webster

    There is a big difference between criticism and attacking one’s PERSON. Joe and Mika, and many others criticize Trump. Mika’s “person” was degraded and attacked. Wrong!

  • Democratinny

    Great article, spot on.

  • MarcoZandrini

    Hey ivanka, you want a friend while in D.C.? Get a dog.

  • Linda Grimm

    He needs to ‘man up’ or step aside ….Hateful old clown !.

    • noah vail

      actually it’s the legislature that needs to “man up” and serve the people of this country instead of kneeling before this ‘president’ …hey, paul ryan, the knees of your pants are becoming worn out…

  • Patricia Otero

    The Trumps do not belong in office. He and Ivanka need to be thrown out! He’s violated the oath he took to be President!

  • disqus_3OhzGUqF3d

    Aren’t you just tired of all this winning?????

  • Pingy

    The only reason we aren’t seeing Americans organizing protests right now is because the weather is too hot right now. The time is now to call for Trump’s impeachment or removal by way of the 25th Amendment. Trump is mentally ill and is unfit to hold office. Congress had better have him out by fall, because if not the people will march and will demand it! And the crowds will be HUGE. Huger than they ever have been. Are you prepared to take the trip and march on Washington? I know I am!

  • Andrea Furlow

    Please do not just focus on watching only one hand and miss what he is doing with the other. Please do not be like “The good German people” and ignore or pretend to not see what is happening to this nation’s “marginalized” and “superfluous” populations. I am very concerned about those people who are kept out of the sight of mainstream society. I believe it would be helpful to let “The Don” know we are watching both of his hands and are not being distracted by his con man slight of hand ways. There may be far more outrageous things going on here than just his tweets. He would make a fool out of all of us if we missed attrocities while only focusing on his reality tv bit. We would be guilty of only seeing the fake news and not the real news.

  • Vaga Bond

    This idiot says that he keeps winning, and he’s tired of winning. So why does he spend time twitting to give personal attacks on a person, particularly women? Melania was campaigning to stop cyber bullying, yet the WH press secretary deputy Sanders clearly is defending this idiot president. Strange but is a foolish WH and a foolish president that the Republicans is protecting, not speaking out loud about. The sooner he is out of office come 2020, the better for this country

    • D.r. Supe

      Melania “SAID” she was going to campaign against cyber bullying, she hasn’t done one single thing about it yet, except to marry the biggest cyber bully around.