Jeb Bush Continues To Laugh Off The Fact That He Might Have Committed A Felony

jeb-bush-5In case you haven’t heard by now, likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush apparently chose “Hispanic” as his ethnicity on his 2009 voter registration form. It’s an interesting finding considering the former Florida governor is not, in fact, Hispanic.

Now, is this really a big deal? Yes and no.

While it’s essentially harmless, if he willfully marked the wrong ethnicity, therefore purposely falsifying his voting information, that’s a 3rd degree felony. The problem is, it would be impossible to prove that he marked “Hispanic” purposefully.

But what has stood out to me is the way he’s tried to laugh off this entire thing, not offering any real explanation as to how he marked “Hispanic” instead of “White,” which is clearly his actual ethnicity. To be fair, they’re right next to each other so it’s possible that it was simply an oversight on his part. But to just laugh off possible voter fraud, especially when your party is the one that’s always harping about the non-existent problem, is just a bit hypocritical.

Following this story coming out Jeb Bush sent out this tweet, essentially trying to make a big joke out of this:

Again, it’s very possible that he did simply make a mistake.

But could you imagine if President Obama or Hillary Clinton made the same mistake? I can already see the Fox News headline: Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton Commits Felony After Falsifying Voter Registration Information.

After all, it’s been the Republican party that’s pushed this myth that voter fraud is rampant. If Bush knowingly checked the wrong ethnicity, then that is by definition voter fraud.

Now, do I really care about all of this? No, not really. An honest mistake is an honest mistake and that’s likely all this is. Besides, there’s absolutely no way to prove that he willfully marked the wrong ethnicity box when he was registering to vote.

But I do think this ties in to the perception that the Bush family is just prone to gaffes. Just a few short weeks ago the very same Jeb Bush actually said publicly that he doesn’t want to talk about the past, clearly referring to his brother’s presidency. That’s an absolutely laughable statement considering it’s ludicrous for him to try to tell the American people that his brother’s time in the White House has nothing to do with him; especially considering how Jeb has surrounded himself with many of the same people that George W. Bush had around him. He’s basically telling the media “I don’t want to talk about my biggest liability” just as he’s gearing up to run for the most powerful position in the world.

Though instead of simply laughing this off, I would have liked to at least see him take it a bit more seriously. Not that he needed to come out and beg for forgiveness or anything like that, but at least act a bit more “presidential” about it considering that’s clearly the office for which he’s getting ready to run.

So while I personally don’t think this is a big deal, I just can’t shake this feeling that had a leading Democrat made the same gaffe – especially if it was someone like Hillary Clinton – this would have been a leading story on Fox News for days. As we all know, Fox News specializes in trying to make something out of nothing – as long as it involves trying to publicly slander a Democrat.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • John Henry

    This is Velveeta cheese on a nothing burger.

    Even I have a hard time not laughing at this. C’mon fellow liberals, we’re better than this.

    • Bonta-kun

      You get’cher own dang liquid gold. Ain’t nobody jumpin’ MAH claim.

      (Those ads on ESPN Radio are driving me up the wall…)

  • Ivan Clay Chambers

    this is the same reason our country sucks, we not only allow this shit to happen, we make a joke of it. i believe the penalty is a ten thousand dollar fine and up to a year and a day in jail. which ironically takes away your right to vote. hypocrites.

    • Dennis

      I think you should protest this, Ivan.

      If you set up a GoFundMe account for protest signs and old couches you want to burn, I will donate.

  • overboosted

    And Mrs. Bill Clinton® continues to laugh off the fact that she may have committed a felony by failing to turn over emails before leaving the state dept.

    And why are you progressive socialists against Jeb? He’s a progressive socialist, just like you people.

    • Alex Quintana

      Why are you only talkig about mrs. Clinton ? Or did you forget Mr. Powell? Oh I get It he was under your boy G W Bush , why don’t you people stop this one sided street????

      • John Henry

        Mr. Powell didn’t use his own personal server for all his public email. He wasn’t subpoenaed for public records that he wiped off his hard drive. And he didn’t lie about why he had a personal email account being that he only wanted one Blackberry.

  • strayaway

    I don’t know why Jeb would have considered himself exclusively Hispanic if he did. The question asking about being Hispanic also asks if Mexican, Spanish, etc.. It would be interesting to know what sort of Hispanic he claimed himself to be. The follow up question on the census form asks about race since hispanic is not considered a race. How did he answer that question? President Obama checked “black” and did not mention his Caucasian heritage. It turns out that Jeb had a Hispanic ancestor, Sancha DE AYALA, who was Spanish 21 generations back. So Jeb is partly Hispanic as well as Caucasian. if Jeb is a felon for not admitting he is also part white then so is Obama.

    • Alex Quintana

      Just To clarify your statement, is someone is from Spain who has the features of an European is a Caucasian, so he is 100% Caucasian, and let’s not forget that Hispanic is not a race but a culture!!!

      • strayaway

        Correct and the census form recognizes all of that as I previously mentioned. However your definition would mean that babies adopted from Hispanic cultures and raised in another culture would not be Hispanic. They would in many cases only be white, black, Indian, or some mixture. The Census Bureau also allows people to decide for themselves what they consider themselves. Our president, as mentioned, chose not to mention that he was about half Caucasian on his census form. That’s ok too if he considered race a cultural choice.

      • Alex Quintana

        It just happened that he claimed he made a mistake, If he chooses to be Hispanic good for him, but that was not the case,like I said being Hispanic is about a culture not a race, because aLayinos or Hispanic are just like the United staters, we come in all shape, sizes and color, we have Germans, English, french , Russians, Asians and so on!!!

      • strayaway

        My points included the fact that Jeb has a Spanish Hispanic line in his ancestry making it near impossible to charge him with a felony whether or not he checked one of the Hispanic boxes by mistake. The premise of this article was, please remember, that Jeb was guilty of some sort of felony. No one is arguing with you that Hispanic is about a culture not a race or that Latinos or Hispanic and come in all shapes, sizes and color. The census form however does not spell out or require that one feel like one is a part of Hispanic culture to check one of the Hispanic boxes anymore than it requires anyone to feel like one is one race or another.

  • Ramon Abarca

    If I were to make a mistake on my Form , would I be able to Laugh it off, or would they charge me with a felony ? Knowing that it’s a Felony, I would not make that mistake

  • chair jackson

    a felony for checking the wrong box? i’m no bush fan, but that’s a little extreme.

  • Macdoodle

    Im sorry but he has nothing to gain by purposely checking the Hispanic box.Now Elizabeth Warren did intentionally claim to be Native American to land a job at Harvard.While that may not be a crime it certainly speaks loudly about her integrity.

    • Fact checking doesn’t support your claim.

  • 1attitude4u

    the “letter of the law” does dictate misrepresentation etc but it is a portion of the ballot for self identification so, meh

  • Flat Banana

    We don’t want Jeb Bush anyway.