Jeb Bush on Fox News: I Would Have Invaded Iraq, Just Like My Brother (Video)

jeb-bush-fox-newsWithout a doubt, the Iraq War is going to go down as one of the biggest mistakes in U.S. history. From all the lies that led us to the war, to the complete incompetence that followed once it began, there’s almost nothing positive to say about anything that came from the Bush administration’s decision to invade the Middle Eastern nation.

And no, we didn’t find evidence to support George W. Bush’s claims that Saddam Hussein had a large chemical weapons program functioning in Iraq. What they found were remains of Saddam’s old chemical weapons program, which nobody disputed that he had.

In fact, the only real hope Bush had to salvage his legacy was the dream that, despite how badly his administration botched the entire war, Iraq would become a symbol of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Well, with the region more chaotic than ever thanks in large part to the destabilizing effects of the Iraq War – and with perhaps the most dangerous terrorist organization the world has ever seen (ISIS) threatening a takeover of both Iraq and Syria – that dream is dead.

Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’ll say in retrospect that they would still support invading Iraq knowing what we know now. Even Hillary Clinton has come out and said she “got it wrong” when she voted for the Iraq War. Though I still find it hard to blame many of those who did vote for the war based on the fact that they were literally lied to by the Bush administration prior to the invasion.

Over the years even some Republicans have said, knowing what we currently know now, they wouldn’t have supported the war.

Well, don’t count Jeb Bush among them. While he wasn’t in a position to vote for the war, he recently told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that if it were up to him, knowing what we all know now, he would still invade Iraq.

“On the subject of Iraq, obviously very controversial, knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion?,” Kelly asked.

“I would have,” Bush answered.

Kelly followed up by asking him if he thought the war was a mistake.

“In retrospect the intelligence that everybody saw, that the world saw, not just the United States, was faulty,” he said. “Once we invaded and took out Saddam Hussein, we didn’t focus on security first.”

“By the way, guess who thinks those mistakes took place as well: George W Bush,” Jeb continued. “Just for a newsflash to the world, for those trying to find big space between me and my brother, this might not be one of those.”

While it’s clear the intelligence the Bush administration used was “faulty,” there were also people within our intelligence community telling them that it was – they simply chose to ignore those people. And the reason why other countries went along with this faulty information is because we were the ones selling them on it. 

He’s basically saying that even though his brother’s administration lied to the rest of the world (just as he did to this country), everyone is still equally to blame for the failures of that war. That’s ridiculous.

To this day I can still remember telling a friend when George W. Bush was first elected that within 2-3 years he would find a way to start a war in Iraq. So, in 2003 when he did just that, I wasn’t at all surprised.

But what Jeb’s comments essentially tell us is that not only does he seem to think that the Iraq War wasn’t a giant mistake (it was), but he would have done the exact same thing if he were president.

In other words, electing Jeb Bush would basically be just like re-electing George W. Bush – and I think most of us remember how that worked out last time.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • BPMM

    Wow. Some people don’t have 20/20 vision even with hindsight.

    • OMGface

      Or they do and they could not care less! Head exploding.


    The war was a great idea until we started worrying more about the headchoppers than we did about our guys on the ground. The slaughter should have been about what the Filthy Left always claimed it was, in the tens of milions. Had we killed every sword wielding heathen in the country and appropriated his land and resources like any communist or head chopping country would do we’d be sitting pretty in the middle east without a worry in the world but nooooooooo…..we’ve got to make the world safe for democracy.
    Theses fearful self loathing sub-morons in the middle east all need a bloody dictator and always will. That bloody dictator should be an American Army two or three star general. Just like the good old days when we knew how to deal with our enemies.

    • R. Eilers

      Smfh, wars are NEVER a great “idea”. And Bush and president Cheney lying up a storm to get to Iraqi oil was even worse. Tell me how Rumsfeld amasses hundreds of millions of dollars being a public servant. That’s right, he and the retard twins siphoned it all off from the war money. Remember the billion dollars in cash that was “lost” and Cheney s 39 billion in profit? Well now the retards little brother wants to do the same and you’re ok with him taking our taxpayer money. You are a fucking moron

      • I-RIGHT-I

        No I’m not a moron I just like to kill my enemies. The old ways are the best ways I always say.

  • OMGface

    Not sure if this is staggering stupidity or hubris or being Faust, but all 3 are deal breakers and anyone who rolls over is part of The Problem.

  • Sunnysmom

    Newsflash Jeb: Yes, the intelligence was faulty, but Cheney et. al knew it was faulty. They purposely used faulty intelligence to support an agenda to finish what Bush Sr. didn’t. Read Joe Wilson’s book and read Richard Clarke’s book. Richard Clarke said they started talking about taking out Saddam in the days immediately after 9/11 regardless of the intelligence. Do we really need a 3rd Bush to cement our fate with this garbage mentality?