Jill Stein Looks Like a Hapless Fool Trying to Defend Russia During CNN Interview (Video)

Anyone who follows me knows that I’m not a fan of Green Party hero Jill Stein. Some on the left might not agree with me, but I view her as nothing more than the far-left’s version of Trump. She’s nothing but a supposed “liberal” who seems to spend most of her time attacking other liberals for not passing her bullshit “purity tests” rather than actually working with the left to save this country from the party that’s trying to destroy it — The Republican Party.

What’s even more absurd about Stein and many of her Green Party faithful is how eerily similar their rhetoric against Democrats is to that of Republicans, right down to casting doubt about Russia’s interference in last year’s election while praising serial-killing quasi-dictator Vladimir Putin.

Recently, the Senate Intel Committee’s even begun looking into Stein’s campaign and whether or not they colluded with Russia. After all, Stein was a frequent guest on state-run Russian media, as well as a guest at an event where she and Michael Flynn were pictured sitting with Putin.

Well, during an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Stein channeled her inner Trump to do her best to cast doubt on U.S. intelligence reports that say Russia was most definitely behind a multifaceted cyber attack against this country during last year’s election. When the Green Party hero tried to claim that she hadn’t seen any evidence that Russia was behind the attack (because it makes sense that she’d be privy to highly sensitive information, right?), that’s when Camerota made her look like a complete fool.

“Just yesterday I spoke to Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), he’s trying to pass legislation, a bipartisan legislation, because he’s on the intel committee and the evidence is so overwhelming to him,” Camerota stated. “Let me just read to you what he says, ‘Intelligence reports have factually established that Russia hacked presidential campaign accounts, launched cyber attacks against at least 21 state election systems, and attacked a U.S. voting systems software company.’ So, why don’t you believe the intel evidence that has been presented?”

That’s when Stein suggested that it seems these agencies were simply guessing, but didn’t know for sure.

“The intelligence agencies themselves said that they assert this, which means that this is their opinion, that they do not have the actual factual information,” Stein said.

Stein then said that if the evidence is so overwhelming, they should release it so that the public can see it.

Her rhetoric here was almost exactly what Trump’s said in the past when he’s claimed that U.S. intelligence agencies really don’t know — when they actually do.

Though I couldn’t help but laugh at Stein’s clear ignorance pertaining to how any of this works.

It’s not as if there were wires discovered between the DNC’s servers and Russian hackers. There are miles of digital trails and piles of log files security experts have combed through and analyzed before coming to a clear conclusion that Russia was behind anything.

This is not rocket science, yet Stein’s clearly too ignorant to understand any of it. Which means she’s either completely incompetent, proving she has absolutely no business trying to run for president, or, like many suspect of Trump, she’s been compromised by Russia.

Either way, I’m just glad CNN’s Alisyn Camerota further exposed Jill Stein for what a hapless fool she is.

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Watch the exchange below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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