Jimmy Kimmel Crushes Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Over Health Care in Epic Takedown (Video)

Most people reading this are probably aware of the health issues Jimmy Kimmel’s infant son has with his heart; a medical condition that’s already required one surgery, with two more currently planned, according to the late night talk show host.

His story gained national attention a few weeks ago when he surprisingly revealed what his family was going through during the monologue of his show. Moved by the on-going (and exceedingly ignorant) Republican push to strip away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Kimmel told his story hoping to bring attention to exactly how important it is that health insurance companies not be allowed to deny people with prior medical conditions coverage.

Allegedly moved by his story, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) pledged to him that no health care bill he supports will strip protections away from people with pre-existing conditions.

We now know that was a lie as the GOP’s recent effort to repeal Obamacare, the Cassidy-Graham bill, would do just that. Kimmel made sure to mention this point while calling out the Louisiana senator for lying to him when he said he wouldn’t back any legislation that removed such protections.

This led to Cassidy saying that Kimmel didn’t understand the bill, prompting Kimmel to respond to the senator by asking him, “Which part don’t I understand?”

“Oh, I get it. I don’t understand because I’m a talk show host, right?” Kimmel said. “Well, then help me out. Which part don’t I understand? Is it the part where you cut $243 billion from federal healthcare assistance? Am I not understanding the part where states would be allowed to let insurance companies price you out of coverage for having pre-existing conditions?

“Maybe I don’t understand the part of your bill in which federal funding disappears completely after 2026? Or maybe it was the part where the plans are no longer required to pay for essential health benefits like maternity care or pediatric visits?” he added.

Though Cassidy wasn’t the only person who Kimmel went after on Wednesday. He absolutely ripped into Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade who had dismissed Kimmel’s criticisms of this bill, suggesting that people shouldn’t listen to him since he’s just some “Hollywood elite.”

“The reason I found this comment to be particularly annoying is because this is a guy, Brian Kilmeade, who, whenever I see him, kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman,” Kimmel said. “Oh, he’s such a fan.”

“He follows me on Twitter, he asks me to write a blurb for his book, which I did,” he added. “He calls my agent looking for projects. He’s dying to be a member of the Hollywood elite. The only reason he’s not a member of the Hollywood elite is because nobody will hire him to be one. And the reason I’m talking about this is because my son had an open heart surgery, has to have two more, and I learned there are kids with no insurance in the same situation. I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you.”

I love moments where people who make a living using hyperbole and various other means of entertainment put that aside to speak from the heart — which is exactly what this was.

Where Kilmeade tried to dismiss Kimmel’s harsh words for those trying to pass this latest disaster of a “health care” bill, largely just to pander to his Fox News audience that eats up any host on the network bashing the “Hollywood/liberal elite,” the late night host wasn’t playing around. For him, this isn’t about getting ratings or trying to be “entertaining” by pandering to an audience, this was about sharing a very serious situation with his infant son to bring attention to these health care bills that would strip away protections and health insurance from people with pre-existing conditions. You could tell Kimmel took it quite personally that a weasel like Kilmeade would insinuate that Kimmel was saying these words as just another “Hollywood elite” as opposed to a father who has a son suffering from a life-threatening heart condition.

We really are facing a situation in this country where there are those of us who see health care as a major issue that needs to be fixed, while most Republicans seem to view this all like a game they’re trying to “win.”

Watch Kimmel’s comments below via ABC:

Allen Clifton

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