“Joe the Plumber” Advocates Assassination, Says ‘Guns Are Mostly for Hunting Down Politicians’

samuel-wurzelbacher-gunsFollowing his first round of disgusting comments in his “open letter,” I really didn’t want to give Samuel Wurzelbacher any kind of attention.  After all, who cares what he has to say about gun rights?  He’s a nobody.

But then I ran across his follow up to that pathetic letter where he said that guns were meant for hunting down politicians.  And while I still think he’s an absolute nobody, his latest asinine comments I feel showcase exactly what many of these gun nuts seem to believe guns are meant for.

While the “politically correct” rhetoric from gun rights advocates is that guns are meant for protection against “bad guys,” from my experience a large percentage of these conservative gun fanatics honestly believe that guns are meant for overthrowing our government.

Or as “Joe the Plumber” put it, “hunting down politicians.”

“Joe” wrote:

Guns are mostly for hunting down politicians who would actively seek to take your freedoms and liberty away from you.

The sad part is, that’s really why most of these people cling to guns so tightly.  They are so paranoid of government, based on their own delusions (please, conservatives, tell me what freedoms you’ve lost since 2009), that they honestly believe that the guns they own are meant for some arsenal to overthrow the government if the situation were to ever call for it.

This is the argument I’ve always presented to these lunatics: Why would our Founding Fathers give us a system of elections for us to choose who represents us in Washington – only to arm those who disagree with that Constitutionally elected government and allow them to overthrow it?

Because let’s face it, those serving us in Washington were put there by elections.  Elections that were voted on by American citizens.  When we complain about our government, we only have ourselves to blame.

So how is it “patriotic” for millions of Americans to believe that the politicians elected by the voting power giving to us by our Constitution should be overthrown because those individuals happen to disagree with what they’re doing?

That doesn’t make any sense.

For these people to believe that guns give them the right to overthrow our government, presumably because they disagree with the job some of them are doing – that’s treason.

Think about that for a moment.  Say Congress and the White House were controlled by Democrats.  That would mean that the majority of Americans, liberal Americans, showed up in larger numbers and voted them into office.

Then say conservatives decided to try to overthrow that government because they felt it wasn’t “Constitutional.”  How in the world would that be legal?  Just because they weren’t liberals means that gives them the right to overthrow our Constitutionally elected government?

It’s absurd.

But that’s essentially what gun nuts like “Joe the Plumber” honestly believe.  That guns give them the right to overthrow our government whenever they see fit.

Because nothing says “I love the Constitution” quite like believing that you can violently overthrow the government that was elected by the process given to American voters by our Constitution

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GunCarryingLibertarian

    You keep trying to paint gun owners with a broad brush. Why do you insist that most gun owners, 51%+, think like Joe the plumber? Everything outside of what Joe said, are assumptions based on mainstream media talking points and there are no facts to back them up.

    Site your statistics and show us where you got your info, then maybe I’ll believe you.

    • Sam


    • itsme

      Gun nuts are referenced in this article, not gun owners. There’s a difference. Gun nuts are terrorizing families in restaurants and walking up to cars with AK 47s strapped to their backs, gun owners are not. I don’t think anyone cares if you want to own a gun to protect your family.

      • Tossaway

        It was Nancy Pelosi waving an AR-15 around a press conference in clear violation of DC law, not Joe the Plumber- so why wasn’t she prosecuted?

    • June Goetz Lynne

      I can’t cite statistics, but boy oh boy if I mention something on a site regarding a discussion on gun rights I am immediately attacked, called names, etc. by these ‘gun nuts’. They are rabid!

      • robingee

        Yep, you can’t even ask a simple, polite, sincere question. They don’t answer, they just call you names.

    • Finnsmom1

      you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Wurzelbacher, Clive Bundy and the Open Carry Ammosexuals are going to produce the exact opposite effect they’re working towards. People will finally get fed up and much stricter guns laws will be put into place.

    • Lee

      Big diff between gun “nuts” and gun “enthusiasts”. I am the latter, I own 13 firearms but don’t have any problem with firearm licensing and background checks (even mental health checks). I got a hunters safety certificate before I owned my first rifle, and its scary to see uneducated gun owners make basic mistakes (pointing the barrel at people, for example) that would be easily corrected with a simple 1 day gun safety certification class.

      • June Goetz Lynne

        I agree with you … we have several guns in our home … but we are responsible with them. But boy mention background checks for sales and dung hits the rotary oscillator!

    • Jeanne

      If the broad brush fits…judging from the rabid reaction from gun nuts (as distinguished from gun owners…I am a gun owner, not a gun nut) every time there’s a mention of restricting access by mentally unbalanced people, I’d say many of them do think like Wurzelbacher.

      Why do gun fanatics insist “liberals” want to take your guns when nothing could be further from the truth? We’re armed too…it’s just that we tend to be more responsible.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      What “facts” do you want? We’re merely using nuts’ words against them.

  • LogicalCitizen

    I seriously feel this person is brainwashed that wrote this article. Sheeple I tell ya. Because we all know politicians have proven to do everything they say they will! I thought some conservative pages were a little loony, but I prefer the idea that our government isn’t a tender hearted fatherly figure and instead a stepdad only with your mom so he use your child support on drugs.

    • robingee

      So the leftwing trusts the government 100% and the right wing wants to kill everyone?

    • Finnsmom1

      and the solution is to shoot politicians?

      • DavidD

        The rabid right does not believe in the rule of law but the rule of the gun.
        This is not conservatism but blatant fascism.

    • DavidD

      The problem is not government itself but corrupt government.

      • MzMinnesota

        but who decides what is corrupt? the point is we have elections and the majority wins…sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right….and if your side isn’t at the moment on top, it doesn’t mean the govt is corrupt because you disagree

      • Chadlius

        I think Clifton is mostly correct, about a third of the Republicans in the red states feel that the last two national elections were stolen wholesale and thus they would be reclaiming a government that has already been overthrown as a patriotic act.. Since they seldom fact check (since even Wikipedia is suspect) they KNOW that all the states that had photo ID went for Romney and all the ones that didn’t went for Obama. Neither is true but they don’t check facts. Still when I ask them if a huge diabolical clever conspiracy stole Millions of votes, how was it that they didn’t steal enough seats in the house to give Obama total power? Surely the Black Panther and Acorn activists who rented all available charter buses and hit every polling place would have been smart enough to vote a straight Democratic ticket? I am still waiting for an answer to that one.

      • DavidD

        The goverment is and has been corrupt for some time now regardless of who is in power but that does not negate our responsibility to stay within the rule of law to change it
        The ends do not justify the means.

    • Jeanne

      Well, I got a chuckle out of your comment…given your name. LOL Nothing logical about it. If you think Wurzelbacher’s comments are reasonable, then you’ve got some serious issues. Our government is elected by us…why would we then shoot them? That’s some twisted logic. This statement by Wurzelbacher pales; however, compared to his comment to the parents of the shooting victims earlier this week. Yeah, align yourself with someone who tells the parents of murdered kids that their kids lives don’t matter. What a fine person both of you are.

      • guitarted

        Hitler was an elected offical.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Yeah, so?

      • B R

        When’s the last time you’ve seen someone not wealthy win a major election. And I doubt there founding fathers wanted anything resembling a career politician staying bn office half their life.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        You base that believe on….what? The founding fathers were the rich people of their day.

  • VeteranMom

    Another Republican poster child biting the hand that fed him.

  • Seth Williams

    Elections are bought and paid for by corporations. To think that the average citizen has any say is asinine. Yes, every vote counts but you can’t beat the amount of money being spent on bullshit and rhetoric that MOST of country believes because that is the only thing they are taught. It all starts with the school systems, which our politicians control….

  • Matthew Reece

    http://www dot christophercantwell dot com/2014/03/15/violently-overthrow-the-government/

  • Lawrence Devine

    What worries me is that “Joe” has a large, loud constituency. How have so many Americans become so crazy?

    • An Angry Scotsman

      He does NOT have a constituency. That would require him being elected. What he has, is a bunch of gun loving, dickless morons who agree with his treasonous rhetoric.

      • Grumpy Marine Doc

        Yep, that discription would definitely would not qualify as a constituency

      • An Angry Scotsman

        It doesn’t. Not until he’s running for office. Until then, they are his peers. They are his following. They are the few in your bloody country who are more clueless than him.

      • Grumpy Marine Doc

        People being clueless isn’t exclusive to the U.S. Scotty..it has become a global issue!

      • An Angry Scotsman

        It’s always been a global issue. The rest of the world just seems a bit better at combating it than Americans.

      • Thom Paine

        Oooh Raaah! Imagine the progs having to fight at all much less at Chosin or Con Thien! These sadsacks dishonour our dead. God bless from an old Army Infantryman Doc! The aviators I wear were at Con Thien and belonged to my father in law. They are my most prized posession. How many “young progs” even know or care? Sad indeed. God Bless Doc!

  • DavidHP1

    Arrest the scumbag for making threats against elected officials. What a piece of garbage this clown is.

  • Eg Kbbs

    It seems so obvious that there are deranged souls out there who, on hearing such statements, will take this as being told they should do so. Just this past week, a lady in church heard the story of God telling Abram to sacrifice his only son and went out and killed a kid.

    Or don’t the repubs remember that the guy who shot Reagan and Brady did so because of the supposed urging of an actress (believe it was Jodi Foster).

  • FD Brian

    So Joe is worried about constitutional rights, so he’s going to gun down the anti abortion rights politicians?

  • Santa Claus

    The world is not black and white. You people are as bad as the morons who supported George Dumbya Bush.

    Is it reeeeally “gun nuts” vs you sane people? Is it reeeally paranoid to think the government would lie… cheat… steal.. and kill?
    WMDs anyone? “I did not have sex with that woman…”
    Gulf of Tonkin??
    Iran-Contra? Arms for hostages? Barry Seal?

    The media would never steer you wrong… remember The Maine. 😉

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Uh, you want to try making some sense? Yes, it is gun nuts vs. sane people. We didn’t like Bush but we didn’t advocate overthrowing him.

  • Sue

    Ya gotta wonder if he’s ever voted, if he can read the names….

  • Sue

    Maybe we need to stop giving them airtime. The worst thing to do to a narcissist is to ignore them or act as if they don’t exist. Maybe we should stop giving them a venue to spread the hate. We need to ignore and be indifferent. The more attention they get the more violent things will occur.

  • KG

    Unfortunately a lost of name calling and derision in the article with a great deal of ignoring history. In the US, government consists of some elected officials and many appointed officials. We have already used guns to stop a “government” in Kansas from allowing an accurate election. Google it. Governments come in all sizes, from one cop on a rampage to city offices to the Feds.

    Forget all the rethoric that the “Gov” has drones and the army and realize, should a revolution happen, it will happen everywhere and there will be great losses, but it won’t be the easy trounce you think it would be, anymore than the English thought it would be in 1776. And if you still think we are hopelessly out gunned and manned, then you are making the point for those who support the Second Amendment.

    • Thom Paine

      You are hopelessly out gunned and outmanned! 🙂

  • Jerry Ward

    Lets put a hot one in him and see what he says then.We have plenty of guns in the hood joe come see us

    • Thom Paine

      Of course. Because you are the reason for the high firearm fatality figures in the US! And you think us high speed low drag guys will give up any weapon or G-d given right? You dishonor your own and awaken the spirit of our Marines at Chosin. Wake up cause the so called progs. want every right you have.

  • Thom Paine

    Who are you to say hes a somebody, or a nobody ? An elitist NKVD wannabe perhaps? No perhaps about it! Cultural Marxist Scum and a nobody across the majority of this countries landmass. You know where your food and water come from!

  • martinsnyder

    Revolution is explicitly legitimized when needed in the Declaration of Independence. Nobody agrees on just when that may be appropriate, but surely if the Constitutional order is factually perverted, it would be a legitimate choice. Not that it could ever work here of course. Took the Russians two hundred years…..