John Boehner Caught Lying to Children of Immigrants When Confronted About Immigration Reform (Video)

boehner-immigrationSpeaker of the House John Boehner was confronted by two children of immigrants while he was eating breakfast Wednesday morning. The two children urged him to push immigration reform through the House of Representatives.

So how did John Boehner respond to two children asking him to do his job?  Well, he blatantly lied to them.

Boehner said, “I’m trying to find some way to get this thing done.  It’s, as you know, not easy–not going to be an easy path forward. But, I’ve made it clear since the day after the election that it’s time to get this done.”

Which is a complete lie.

The Senate sent an immigration bill to the House months ago that had bipartisan support.  So, one might then ask, “Why is it that we don’t have sensible immigration reform by now?”

That answer is simple: Because the same Speaker of the House John Boehner these two children confronted about immigration reform refuses to let the House vote on the Senate’s immigration bill.  A bill that would pass if Boehner allowed a vote to actually be held.

So exactly how is Boehner “trying to find a way” when there’s a damn bill he killed in the House that would have brought sensible immigration reform to this country?  It seems the only thing Boehner is “trying to find a way” to do is pander to the tea party, a group that fiercely opposes immigration reform.

After Boehner blatantly lied to the children, they then asked him, “How would you feel if you had to tell your kids at the age of 10 that you were never coming home?”

To which Boehner replied, “That wouldn’t be good.”

Here is the video of the confrontation, via Fair Immigration Reform Movement:

It’s incredibly disturbing that not only would Boehner unapologetically lie to a kid’s face, but also knowing that his actions could lead to these two kids seeing their father deported.  It just adds to this man’s pathetic legacy of failure and deceit.

I’m by no means someone who encourages illegal immigration.  I am, however, a strong proponent of passing sensible immigration reform that addresses those who are already here (and are in good standing) while establishing ways to prevent future illegal immigration.

Which is something the Senate’s bill does.  What it doesn’t do is build a giant wall between the United States and Mexico with armed guards like most tea party Republicans want.  The Senate’s bill handles immigration with bipartisan support and common sense — the two biggest enemies of tea party Republicans.

Later in the day, Boehner reiterated to reporters that the House would not be taking up the Senate’s immigration reform bill.

As always, John Boehner has no problem proving what kind of a class act he truly is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Rory

    In Madea voice…you be lying !!! liarrrr!!TO FUNNY.They will be the same children that will have the last say!

  • sandman839

    I don’t know why people are surprised that he lied to them, he has been lying to the American public for years.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      lying AND crying ( just like all regressive rightwing repub trash)

  • Karen

    Boehner could have been referring to his breakfast “I’m trying hard to get this thing done”… what kind of talk is this? It’s talking out of the side of his mouth or talking out of his arse…either way he over simplifies to get them to shut up and leave him to his breakfast (which he smothercated with torn up pieces of toast -but hey- no judgement).

    • strayaway

      Boehner has tea party constituents pulling him one way and corporate lobbyists wanting cheap labor the other way. The US Chamber of Commerce, for instance, is strongly in favor of amnesty so illegal aliens and their relatives still abroad can be legally hired. He had been making noises that he was in support of amnesty but tea party supporters seem to have pulled him back in the other direction. This went on before with Bush too before there was a tea party movement. Bush was a strong advocate of amnesty but grass roots Republicans put an end to that. I suspect that there are a lot of grass roots Democratic working people who aren’t thrilled with the prospect of amnesty flooding the job market and competing for limited social benefit resources either.

      Going back still further, Reagan granted amnesty to end the problem in return for Democratic Party promises to put an end to illegal immigration. The Democrats lied and subsidizing anything encourages more of the same so we are at the same place today. Reagan later regretted that deal.

      • ditomagik

        Yup, strayaway….another voice, talking out of your arse. If those girls were your children you would be furious. I hold no respect for this man at all. From all that I can see, if he is a father, he must be just as bad at that as he is in doing his elected job for the American people. Refusing to put bills on the floor for a vote, unless he’s sure of what the vote outcome will be, is preposterous. In doing that, he is purposefully disrupting the constitutional process, and that is illegal.
        I think her is a traitor!
        He hurts thousands and millions of his fellow Americans everyday by doing his job in this manner. (Just as he hurts these children by lying to them with his back turned, eating, he lies to us all.)
        I’m angry. Did you get that?

      • strayaway

        Those aren’t my girls because I didn’t break into anyone else’s county, or bank vault, or anything. Not having done such things, my kids didn’t have to be used as props. You must have missed the October 30 thread on this site titled ” Dear political Movements, Stop using kids as props” because these kids were 13 and 16 years old and were sent in in front of cameras for this staged event. What you didn’t see were two other girls in a family on an unemployed US worker displaced by an illegal aliens and their cheating employers. Actually, what you didn’t see were millions of children of US citizens whose bread earners have been replaced by cheaper illegal alien workers. We already have immigration laws prescribed by Congress, per the Constitution, which our President and Attorney General choose to ignore resulting in theater like this. They both took oaths to obey the Constitution rather than picking and choosing laws and parts of the Constitution. If their daddy was an imprisoned bank robber and these girls were imploring Boehner to pass a bank robber amnesty bill, with cameras in tow, would you feel as much anger if Boehner shined them on too?

      • ditomagik

        Dear strayaway , no I did not see your article of last week, but what I do know is that both sides use children, teens, elderly, handicapped, and single Moms, any others who are impacted by an issue to get their point across. I don’t see anything wrong with that, if the point is valid. Are you saying that these kids didn’t have a valid concern. Do you know them?
        Here is my thought. There are those Illegal aliens who are able to find work here in the USA at significantly lower wages because of business willing to break laws take advantage of their situations. It is a big reason as to why we need “Immigration Reform”. It’s the cheating American employer at issue in your example. There is very little differences here than those companies who ship good jobs abroad in order to pay fewer taxes and make higher profits. Whether you are American or Mexican, there is still a family to feed, and the work is still just as hard. It’s bad for American workers, for alien workers, and it’s bad for fair and above board business who are willing to pay a good days pay for a good days work.
        The House has two bills on Immigration Reform and Mr. Boehner has refused to allow votes on both. One is the Senates version and one is the Republican version. He doesn’t want Immigration Reform to pass and he knows it will because they have the votes. If you think he is doing his job, I think you are wrong. I think he is breaking the law. It’s not up to him alone to decide how the votes should go. (If so why elect our representatives at all? Just elect a Speaker of the House.
        Oh, by the way, your analogy is a poor one, but never the less I will answer. I wouldn’t like to see Mr. Boehner treat anyone that way. No matter what. I would like to see him treat people with the same respect they give him. Fair enough?
        Mr Boehner refused to bring several attempts at bills to end the shut down because they would pass. He refuses to allow voting on the current Equal Rights bill passed recently in the Senate and sent to the House for vote. Why? Because they have enough votes to pass…I see a pattern here. He is abusing his power, and interfering with our constitutional process.

      • strayaway

        We have 7.3% unemployment. Illegal aliens should go home to free up some jobs even if employers have to pay more to get that much work out of Americans. I feel sorry for the children of US workers who can’t find work. We already have high unemployment rates among unskilled poorly educated Americans so we definitely don’t need more unskilled poorly educated workers in our labor pool. Some corporations would love to drive down their labor costs and destroy unions of course. We just don’t have enough welfare money to expand the pool of recipients. Two things need to be done to improve employment rates of US workers. Trade deals which disadvantage US workers should be ended and the cheating employers of illegal aliens should be heavily fined and incarcerated. Many illegal aliens would find their own way out. No round ups are necessary except for rounding up their employers.

      • lestye

        Your argument that illegals are taking jobs away from Americans is bull. If the agricultural employers were dependant on American workers to show up to work, they’d go out of business…and our grocery store produce shelves would be empty. American workers are not interested in those jobs.

      • strayaway

        That’s nonsense. We have, what, 28 million Americans collecting unemployment insurance some of whom are unemployed because their former employers found cheaper more profitable illegal aliens to hire. My solution is to pay more . Americans will do any work if paid enough. Consider some of the disgusting things doctors do. Offer the equivalent of $25/hour and lines will start forming. Yes, a head of lettuce might go up five cents but the number of Americans on unemployment and welfare would go down. Automation and robotization would consequently be advanced. Americans are just not interested in working at third world wages which is something you seem to be promoting; that and unemployment lines. Think about it, you just dissed American workers, stereotyping them as lazy and unable.

      • Tangalang

        Once again, you make the opposition’s point for them. The point of this bill is to make it harder for businesses to hire illegal aliens at lower wages by granting them amnesty and making their wages taxable. However, if you want to raise agricultural wages sky high to lure Americans back to those jobs, don’t complain when you have to pay $15 for a bushel of corn.

      • strayaway

        Bad example. Corn is planted, picked an transported by machinery. Do you mean paying an extra dime for a head of lettuce because an American is getting paid $14/hour to pick it? I would gladly do so.

        Why don’t we just remove penalties from all misdemeanors? You’re right, If violating immigration laws is made legal, we won’t have any more illegal aliens. If robbing banks is made legal for undocumented borrowers, then we won’t have any more bank robberies. First you ask if I would be willing to pay more for corn and then your solution is to hire foreign labor and pay them more. My concerns are instead with unemployed Americans.

        Why do you even think that this bill will make it harder for businesses to hire illegal aliens anyway? Reagan already gave amnesty to all the illegal aliens. According to your logic, that made it hard for businesses to hire illegal aliens. It instead incentivized others to break our laws in the hope that some other idiot president would repeat Reagan’s mistake.

      • crazypieces

        You are totally right about Americans not doing field work. I lasted 2 weeks in the field on season, before I just couldn’t do that anymore.

      • Matt Jarolimek

        If what you say is true, then it’s not saying alot about the American sense of pride and work ethic… SAD SAD SAD! I remember a time when Americans did what it took to make ends meet. Let’s give free handouts to the lazy instead of encouraging them to be better people. Sounds like an easy fix. Like all easy fixes… It’s the WRONG fix.

  • bumpyride

    liar liar pants on fire I will not vote for that +ss again

    • jeffos

      He was unopposed. I still did not vote for him, but had no chance of baking anyone else. Very disappointed in the system. And these bills and issues that read as yes means no and vise-versa, should be litigated as a crime against the state. Not sure what law is broken here but I am sure it is at least treason.

  • Naysayer

    He REALLY looked like he cared what they were saying to him and was interested and concerned. Pathetic

    • Melody Reed

      I don’t think he gives a damn about those kids. The only reason he spoke decently to them was because he was being filmed, and he knew it.

      • Naysayer

        I didn’t think he even spoke very decently to them. He seemed pretty standoffish and rude to me

    • strayaway

      Using children for a staged media event was not quite as pathetic as using a pregnant lady with medical conditions as a stage prop pretending to be someone who had signed up with an (un)ACA medical plan who then fainted into the President’s arms for another great photo op.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Well, there are terms to describe someone who can appear to be caring while not giving a flip. Psychopath and Sociopath spring to mind.

  • crazypieces

    I heard him say that he was not going to deal with a 1300 page bill in such a short time. I think he may be a little lazy and just can’t deal with the details of his job, like reading the Senate bill.

    • LL11

      To be fair – it would be nice if any of our ‘representatives’ read any of the bills before voting on them. I know none of them read the ‘Patriot’ Act before voting on that.

      • crazypieces

        They don’t even have to read it. They have government paid staff to do that and brief them. They just don’t want to be bothered even though that is the job they are supposed to do. Fieldworkers do their jobs better than our Congress.

  • Paul Lewis

    ‘YOU LIE!’

  • fuzzerdog

    I really don’t know why he hasn’t been thrown out of the House by now. Anyone else that performed their job so poorly in any venue would surely have been fired by now. It is a disgrace that he is allowed to continue “to serve” (stab in the back) the American people. Something really needs to be done and we shouldn’t have to wait for an election.

  • Kenneth

    He actually did not look them square in the face, most liers can’t. Though he has in the past. He is a Fat OLD white man, rich and seperate from the nasty masses of Americans. Deport his Butt any where but washington.

  • Daria Brooks

    Boehner is a lying dog–no argument there–but this whole scenario stinks like yesterday’s diapers. How many little kids do YOU know who would actually know John Boehner if they laid eyes on him? How many kids do YOU know who would ask these kinds of articulate questions? This just smells like MALDEF or some other Mexican legal group setting up a situation to again try to force-feed “immigration reform” down our throats. We have ALWAYS had a path to immigration in this country for people who do it the legal way. Americans want to know why Boehner has blocked every jobs bill for 12 million unemployed citizens and every bill to help our veterans—their first question would not be “What are you doing to help illegal aliens?”

  • Mike Minyen

    Hopefully he’ll be gone November of next year.

  • Joan Shaver

    Boehner is a lying ass– he needs to
    go, along with the other obstructionist idiots.

  • ViaChicago59

    and he emptied that pepper shaker in that unidentified soup looking concoction.

  • Donna Azbell

    What disturbs me most about this video is that fact that he couldn’t stop what he was doing and look the girls in the face and talk to them and give the courtesy they deserved, after all they introduced themselves and shook hands and he agreed to listen but to listen you must have eye contact, he’s just a pawn in Washington so how is it he holds this position of deciding what is voted on? It sickens me to know that we elect people to Washington to support us and they don’t give a rat’s ass about us. That’s why I tend to not get involved anymore in politics and go about my life supporting my family, friends, neighbors and those that need my help, no matter who they are or where they come from, I’m much happier that way.

    • Sherri Lucas-Gibson

      Donna.. That is why the aholes are winning.. The good people are disgusted with the bad behaviour and giving up.. But the reality is the other side isn’t. They get involved.. and then they dictate the laws

    • crazypieces

      And don’t forget, he is third in line for the Presidency. And that transferal or power has happened in recent history.

  • LL11

    I am not supporting Boehner (in this or anything) but we need to stop calling it ‘immigration reform’ when what they want is illegal immigrant amnesty. I’m all for making it easier for green card holders or immigrants here legally on student visas to become citizens but we should not grant amnesty, again. Didn’t fix anything under Reagan and won’t now.

  • AmpShop

    Barack Obama lied!!

  • Nemle

    I couldn’t make out anything said in the video. 🙁

  • Signal Pupett

    What an asshole!

  • Kato

    He’s a lying sack of SHIT!

  • Rob Carlson

    is this for real? Why would America put this drunk as Speaker?

  • Ampsie22

    John Boehner: YOU LIE TO THE CHILDREN!

  • cereus

    So many liars, so little time.

  • lowdf62

    The one point the people on here are missing is a large number of those illegals were raised here but have no path to become legal without leaving this country and praying they can get to come back.