John Boehner’s House of Representatives Will Only “Work” 9 Days in All of September

John_Boehner_golfYes, you heard that right, Speaker John Boehner’s House of Representatives will only work 9 days out of the entire month of September. For a body of government that is less popular than cockroaches and Nickelback, you would think they might decide that yet another trip back home (despite being part of the least productive Congress since productivity started being tracked) might be a bad idea.

Let’s look at what they’ve done so far this year. Despite working a few more days than the 112th Congress, the 113th Congress has done little else other than hold repeated doomed votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), extend the Patriot Act and name some post offices. That’s about the extent of it, unless you also count the endless hearings on Benghazi, the IRS “scandal” and all the other cooked up distractions they’ve been running as a sideshow to divert our attention from the fact they really have accomplished nothing.

You’ll often hear conservatives talk about how government should be run more like a corporation and for the sake of their argument, let’s go ahead and run with that comparison. I don’t know about you, but I work at least 250 days out of the year and for not even 1/5th of the pay and the benefits that Congress receives. Now if I had employees who worked part-time, which Congress is doing this year, and they weren’t even accomplishing anything in that time while making over $170,000 a year, I’d fire them.

In fact, I believe the only person who is getting any work done is none other than my former congressman, Alan Grayson. While other members of Congress are finding ways to do anything and everything other than produce a viable budget or pass a jobs bill, he’s been slipping liberal amendments into the legislation they have been offering up, including ideas that appeal to the more libertarian members on both sides of the aisle – like limiting the powers of the NSA.

At the rate they’re going, before we hopefully replace them against all gerrymandered odds, the do-nothing 113th Congress will have accomplished even less than they did the last time we elected them. So while you’re hard at work over the next few months doing whatever it is you do to get by, just remember how much time the worst Speaker of the House of our lifetime is spending on the golf course. While you’re budgeting for monthly bills and figuring out where to make cuts, think about how millions of our tax dollars have been getting wasted on failed “Obamacare” repeal attempts. And remind yourself and everybody you know — 2014 is right around the corner.


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