John Boehner’s Latest Tweets Show That He Can No Longer Deny President Obama’s Economic Success

boehner-obamacareFor years, much of all you’ve heard from Republicans is how terrible President Obama has been for the economy. Unfortunately, coming off the worst economic crash in nearly a century, the propaganda was easy to push. It seems there are quite a few Americans in this country who expected this president to snap his fingers and fix everything within six months. And I’m amazed at how many people I come across, usually conservatives, who honestly believe that President Obama was in office back in 2008 when the crash occurred.

But for those of us who remember just how bad that crash was, and for how long our economy has been improving under this president, we’ve all recognized the huge strides we’ve made to move closer to fully recovering from the disastrous economic policies of President Obama’s predecessor. In fact, 2014 was one of the best economic years in this nation’s history.

And it seems 2015 is continuing that trend as February’s jobs report didn’t just meet expectations, it blew them away. We created 295,000 jobs, marking the 12th straight month where we’ve created over 200k jobs. Not only that, but unemployment fell to 5.5 percent.

Well, just like with every month, Speaker of the House John Boehner sends out some sort of negative-themed tweet trying to downgrade any positivity surrounding the report. But this month was a little different. While he kept with his typical, petty attacks on the president, in a bit of a surprising move, he actually admitted that the report was good:

Notice how both tweets mention wages? Well, since Boehner can no longer ask President Obama “Where are the jobs?,” now he’s pathetically trying to blame income inequality on this president.

I guess we should all just ignore the fact that some of the biggest years for income inequality in our history came in the four years preceding our 2008 crash (when Bush was president), or that income inequality really became an issue during the Reagan presidency. None of that seems to matter because, according to Republicans, the continued decline of the middle class is completely Obama’s fault.

But it’s like I’ve said before, with taxes still at historic lows and the wealthy doing better than they ever have before, when a Republican tries to use wage stagnation against President Obama, all they’re doing is admitting that trickle-down economics is a failure. According to that economic theory, the better the rich are doing, the better we should all be doing – except that’s never what happens. History tells us, the more the rich have, the less the rest of us have – and the more we give them, the more they want.

If the worst thing John Boehner can use to try to bash this president’s economic success is wages, something that’s been an issue since the 80’s, that’s just pathetically sad.

And to think, President Obama has done all of this without a single shred of help from the Republican party. In fact, he’s done it despite the fact the GOP has done just about everything they possibly could to sabotage everything he has tried to accomplish.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since the start of the recession, foreign-born workers have gained more than 1.9 million jobs. Over the same time frame native-born American employment has increased 1.1 million. Two thirds of all new jobs have gone to foreigners. To manage this feat, president Obama has run up the national debt $25,000 for every man, woman and child in the US with much of the interest and principle to be paid by our children. I think that qualifies as child abuse. Black unemployment is now over twice that of whites. Blacks have lost ground to whites in home ownership, employment, and wealth relative to those of whites under Obama. Obama’s solution: hand out 4-5 M work permits to illegal aliens, over double the number of legal IT aliens allowed to take middle class American jobs, and fast track the TPP.

    • zivo24

      Please provide links to the reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that back up everything you are saying.

      • strayaway

        Look it up for yourself. I’m not your servant.

      • Robin518

        You make outrageous claims, at least provide a link.

      • Jim Bean

        He evidently isn’t going to bite. So now you’re left with two choices: (1) do nothing and risk moving forward in ignorance, or (2) invest a little energy into strengthening your knowledge base.

      • Robin518

        He responded to someone else. See his comment below. I’m good with that.
        I’m also very well informed on the history and issues of race, civil rights with unemployment. Do not presume to judge my information motivation by one comment.
        That is the definition of ignorance by doing so.

      • Charles Vincent

        Not really robin you are an anonymous entity on the internet. So its always safe to assume nothing about others and going by what is stated by them here and making decisions based on those comments isn’t ignorant.

      • Robin518

        Then you must admit your comment was taken out of my context..
        Yea for Keyboard Warriors! /scm/

      • Charles Vincent

        Ehh IDK but you have two options chance being incorrect in your information or take a few moments and see if you can find the information mentioned. I do this all the time on here usually find what others are talking of in 5-10 minutes and thats multiple sources that either refute or cooborrate the assertion.

      • Robin518

        I take the time in my off hours to research the issues I’m most interested in. My free time is precious. I carry a full load at school, my 2nd BA. While the Senate is in session, I work just WAY too many hours. I volunteer. Also, I do not have a car, therefore, I walk & bus it, with a cane, due to 12 screws in my spine.
        I don’t have the time to fact check every overstated, twisted & made up allegation or assertion.
        The thing about these forums is, anything can be challenged. Not everything will stand up to scurtiny

      • Charles Vincent

        I understand. I was speaking from my point of view apologies for the confusion. Also I only challenge things that are false and on here it isn’t hard to distinguish between true/false information at least for me. Usually I stick to the things that matter to me. I also find the Socratic method useful in discussion.

      • Robin518

        Apologies appreciated, not needed.
        In most of these forums, political & religious, the Socratic method quickly turns to name calling & accusations. Dialogues are difficult when so many are on the offensive.
        There are some people I can delve deeper with, it’s taken a while though.
        And, most everyone wants to be a keyboard warrior. Sometimes, even me. lol.

      • Damon Zippo

        that’s a admission your full of it

    • William H. Jordan Jr.
      • strayaway

        Thank you William for your link. Zivo, Ronin, and Damon were not not to the task. I see that I made an error though. What that link says is that since the beginning of the recession there has been a 1.9M increase in employment for foreigners in the US but a DECREASE of 1.1M jobs among native born Americans. I stand corrected.

      • bill

        Same jerk

      • Dave Girvin give me a break, maybe if repugs stopped cutting education americans would be moré competitive.

      • strayaway

        So shoot the messenger and change the topic. Did you expect white house dot gov to report this?

      • Dave Girvin

        I believe the topic is more foriegners are being hired than americans because they’re better educated. Your only subject is to trash obama, conservatives never have a solution to anything because they can’t see past their own nose, go after the symptom, never address the problem. The foreigners your talking about are not “illegal aliens”, not all foreigners are, as usual you can’t see past your bigoted nose.

      • strayaway

        Foreign IT workers are, in some cases, better educated. Bill Gates is laying off thousands of American workers while lobbying for the House passage of the already passed Senate amnesty bill because it would over double the number of foreign IT workers allowed to take higher paid American jobs. US IT wages have not gone up for a decade. Its hardly an incentive for bright American kids to major in IT fields. One-third of illegal aliens are those who overstayed their visas. They are from all education levels. Mohammed Atta’s crews, for instance, included some engineers. However, most of those coming across our southern border tend to be undereducated and take jobs from our own uneducated workers.

        I do have solutions. Lower the number of legal aliens being allowed to take the jobs of middle class Americans, enforce immigration laws instead of incentivizing illegal immigration, and severely punishing the cheating employers profiting from hiring illegal aliens. The outcome would be a labor shortage, by virtue of supply and demand, that would allow US workers to DEMAND higher wages and a larger share of the national economic pie.

        Why are you so bigoted against US workers?

      • Dave Girvin

        Who’s bigoted against american workers? That would be the republicans, killing unions, incentives to offshore jobs, not educating our kids so they’ll be desperate enough to do those jobs you say are being stolen by “illegal immigrants” that americans won’t do or don’t have the education to do. Letting people stay in this country that have been here at least five years and have kids here that are american citizens, giving them a 3 year work permit, a soc sec # to pay taxes and the ability to get a DL that will make them responsible and accountable for any accidents instead of leaving the scene because they don’t have a DL is hardly amnesty, it’s more like common sense, they still pay back taxes, fines and get at the end of the line for citizenship. Your sympathy for blacks is as obviously as fake as the rest of repubs and of course you had to throw in the terrorists as well. It’s hardly an incentive for bright american kids to major in IT fields? Should they major in picking strawberries?

      • Robin518


      • strayaway

        I did not say “illegal immigrants”. I was careful to use the more succinct legal terms “illegal and legal aliens”. Aliens means non-citizen. Immigrant, in this context, is a fuzzier Newspeak word meant to muddle thinking. For example, Muhammed Atta’s crew members were illegal aliens but I don’t think they intended to immigrate here. That’s not why he came here.

        You are bigoted against American workers if you support Obama’s Senate amnesty bill, his dictatorial edict giving out 4-5M work permits to illegal aliens to legally take US workers’ jobs, support the three fair trade agreements signed by Obama putting USA workers in hourly competition with South Koreans and two other nationalities, and the fast tracking of the TPP agreement. They are all supported by Obama and take US jobs abroad or give them to foreigners here for lower pay. Yes, establishment Republicans and the US Chamber of Commerce also support all these things. On them, there is no difference between Obama and McCain.

        You also support a breakdown of the rule of law. See Article 1, Section 1. Presidents cannot legislate. Obama said so 22 times until he, in his own words, “changed the law”. If you want the president to legislate, amend the Constitution to allow an enabling act like Hitler had. My observation is that societies that abandon the rule of law usually fail. That is all BS reasoning about back taxes and fines, etc.. you mentioned. A US citizenship has to be worth $200,000 of benefits in terms of free schools, medical care, pay raises etc. Is that what you had in mind for a fine? If not, the fine is not adequate. Maybe their cheating employers could pay that amount. That would be a start.

        I have kids in the IT field but if they were picking strawberries (your cliche), I would hope that they were paid $15/hour and covered by unions. That isn’t going to happen though because foreign labor has been brought in legally and illegally to displace Americans at cheaper wages. Packing plants jobs used to be union jobs that have been replaced with foreign workers with no benefits. Construction is going the same route. Thanks to people like Obama, Republican establishment types, and you, American working class and middle class people have stagnant wages and a lowered standard of living if they are lucky enough to still have jobs. What do you do for an encore, buy a foreign name plate car?

      • Jim Bean

        You’ve evidently lost track of which site you are on now.

    • bill

      What a jerk

    • Fred Macarthur

      All U.S. Jobs Did Not Go to Immigrants – . 43 percent

      • strayaway

        No one claimed all US jobs went to immigrants. That is different than saying that since the beginning of the recession, foreign job holdings have increased while native born Americans hold fewer jobs. People are always leaving and joining the labor market including native born Americans. Its just that more have left then joined. Going through your article which was a rebuttal to something Santorum said and covered a lightly different time frame, I came across the following sentence you seem to have overlooked in the link you provided: “Immigrants, however, have recovered more quickly from the Great Recession than native-born Americans. The foreign-born job numbers for all workers are up 567,000 since the fourth quarter of 2007, the start of the recession, while the native-born job numbers are down by 3 million.” Back to the topic of the article… Is providing more US jobs for foreign workers defined as Obama’s “economic success”? I guess it depends on who you think Obama is working for.

      • Fred Macarthur

        If you want job growth tell congress to pass a jobs bill like infrastructure repair, instead of the keystone joke. then you would have real economic growth. we already know who the republicans are working for big business.

      • strayaway

        I din’t mention wanting job growth. I only noted where the jobs were going. I’m against Keystone. Anyone who supports candidates who support fast tracking the TPP, the Senate amnesty bill, or voted for the bank bailout supports big business

      • Ian Ratinon

        All native born Americans work in casinos. The rest are just immigrants.

  • FD Brian

    Go back to the beginning of the recession during the last couple of years when Bush was president and you’ll notice that the republicans were in complete denial about what was happening and came out in full force saying it was the furthest thing from the truth, this is no different.

  • Devin D.

    We lack the ability to peer even a single day into our economies condition; let alone link it to an individual who stepped out of office nearly 8 YEARS AGO! For example: you, nor the individuals lurking these forums have the capability of determining the price of oil in 2 years (don’t even try).

    I sympathize with your exhibition of malice toward John Boehner, but blatantly contradicting yourself IMMEDIATELY afterwards? Come on…