John Boehner’s Reasoning for Blocking Research Into Gun Violence is Appallingly Stupid

john-boehner-faceI’ve professed many times that the group of people I despise dealing with more than any other are gun fanatics. While religious fundamentalists come in a very close second, dealing with your typical “gun nut,” for me, is just about as enjoyable as I’d imagine it would be to run head first at full speed into a brick wall. Though I might enjoy that slightly more than I do dealing with someone who’s a member of the NRA.

As someone who supports gun rights, no matter how hard I try, I’ll never understand anyone who’s completely irrational when it comes to guns. In my opinion, a lot of the irrational paranoia surrounding any mention of gun regulation is tied in with emotional and mental instability. After all, these are the people who literally claim that guns have nothing to do with gun violence.

All that being said, John Boehner once again proved just how irrational the Republican party is about guns. Recently, Republicans blocked a bill that would have provided funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study what types of factors lead to gun violence and mass shootings.

Boehner’s response? Guns aren’t a “disease”:

Listen, the CDC is there to look at diseases that need to be dealt with to protect the public health. I’m sorry, but a gun is not a disease. And guns don’t kill people; people do. And when people use weapons in a horrible way, we should condemn the actions of the individual, not blame the action on some weapon. Listen, there are hundreds of millions of weapons in America. They’re there. And they’re going to be there. They’re protected under the Second Amendment. But people who use weapons in an inappropriate or illegal way ought to be dealt with severely.

Let me translate that for you: Since Republicans are nothing but puppets for the NRA, we don’t want any money going toward scientific studies which might determine that mental instability, combined with laws that make it very easy to gain access to a gun, is the leading cause of gun violence. In other words, they don’t want any evidence that might conclude that guns do play a part in gun violence.

It is completely illogical and irrational to say that you don’t want to see studies done that might conclude or discover signs that lead to gun violence. Then again, this isn’t really about addressing gun violence – it’s about the fact that the GOP has sold its soul to to the NRA and big gun manufacturers. The people who love quoting the second half of the Second Amendment, while ignoring the whole “well regulated” part of it.

Just think about that for a moment. Our Second Amendment literally has the words “well regulated” written at the very beginning but gun fanatics completely ignore that part, only focusing on the words “shall not be infringed.” Gun regulations do not prevent people from being able to “keep and bear arms.” What they do is “well regulate” that right – which is exactly what the Founding Fathers wrote at the very beginning of the Second Amendment.

It’s absolutely absurd that the “well regulated” aspect of our Second Amendment gets completely ignored anytime there’s an issue pertaining to guns. As if the Founding Fathers were just joking when they put that part in there.

And what all of this gun fanaticism has led to is a nation where so many Americans have become so irrational about guns that even the thought of providing funding for research to study what might lead people to commit these heinous acts of violence is apparently too “anti-gun.”

As I said, people like Boehner don’t want in-depth research to be conducted on gun violence. They’re afraid that when it’s all said and done, scientific research is going to conclude that the availability of guns to those with mental illnesses of varying degrees is what leads to the vast majority of these horrific acts of gun-related violence.

Or to put it in another way: Yes, guns do play a part in gun violence – especially the ease of availability and inadequate background checks as it pertains to those with mental illnesses.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    This is one rare comment of Boehner that I actually agree with. Why doesn’t the federal government instead try to figure out why Washington, D.C has a higher gun homicide rate than any state even though it has about the toughest gun control laws. Washington, D.C. has a murder rate of 21.8/100,000 overall and the highest gun murder rate of 16.5/100,000. Using 2010 Census Bureau and FBI numbers, the five states with the highest and lowest gun homicide rates per 100,000 population are (not including D.C.) LA 7.7, MD 5.1, MO 5.4, SC 4.5, and NV with 3.1. States with the lowest gun murder rate per 100,000 are IA .7, ND .6, Hawaii .5, NH .4, and VT .3. NH’s overall murder rate by all causes is 1.0 the lowest in the nation.

    There is obviously an demographic elephant in the room that is being ignored. Washington, D.C’s gun murder rate is 55x that of Vermont. What is the point of doing a disease control study “to study what types of factors lead to gun violence and mass shootings.” We already pretty much know the answer based on existing federal government statistics but the federal government won’t clean up its own mess in Washington, D.C..

    • DonKey

      The paranoia is just overwhelming. There was nothing in the study proposal that suggested it would, or was intended to, lead to ‘gun control.’ It was not to be a study of how ‘guns kill people.’ That is well known. Except for the extremely rare accident, It always requires a person making the gun go bang. Even those accidents require a person to set up a dangerous situation. We get that. The study was to investigate what makes these whack jobs tick – what makes them decide to take out as many people as they can, using whatever weapon is most accessible and well suited to the task? We can agree that if they could not get a gun, they might make a pipe bomb (Boston) or use an automobile, any of a number of ways to commit mass murder. The study was supposed to learn what distorted mind wants to do that.

      You, like Boehner, are missing the point, perhaps intentionally, and arguing against “gun control” because you are convinced that, even after 6 years of not trying to take your guns away, after expanding where guns can be carried,Obama is the bogeyman who is just waiting to pry your gun from your cold dead hand. Instead of engaging in rational discussion you demonstrate how you have been hoodwinked by the gun manufacturers’ mouthpiece into your state of paranoia.
      As to your “demographic elephant,” the study just might have supported that theory. How dumb does that make you feel?

      • strayaway

        I don’t have enough faith in the Obama government, based on its performance, to believe that it would cite politically incorrect data which it already has and does nothing with or not make sweeping conclusions to support its own agenda. Sorry, I am not a believer. Most mass murders, to which you referred, tend to be committed by young, loner white guys with a history of drugs or Islamists and immigration policy, but we already know that. These mass murders, however, make up only a tiny percentage of total gun deaths. I do not follow every story about gun control but from what I read, the federal government has restricted the import of rifles, stopped allowing the reuse or sale of spent government cartridges, and otherwise tightened the screws on private gun use administratively resulting in, among other things, a price increase and shortages of bullets. I cannot understand the urge to regulate so many facets of gun ownership on the people of places like Vermont and Iowa who are not responsible for the gun death rates in places like Washington, D.C. and Detroit that already have more gun control laws. Vermont’s gun murder rate, .3/100.000, is similar to those of Germany and Netherlands. .2/100,000 or Canada’s .5/100,000. Washington, D.C. has 16.5/100,000 and Detroit has 45/100,000 for comparison. It seems obvious that demographics, even more than political parties or urbanization, plays a large role in gun murders. If I am looking for “dumb”, I look no further than our federal government ignoring statistics already provided by the FBI.

    • ClemCadidlhoper

      Why is there debate on this subject? Who, with any intelligence, would not see that research into factors that lead to gun violence in no way is an attack on our 2nd Amendment rights? No matter where you look, in America, there is gun violence. Why not use a group of researchers known to be knowledgeable in disease and social matters do study this? I guess according to you, strayaway, this should start in D.C., unless by some miracle the gun violence stops there before anyone can prove why it happens at such an alarming rate!

      • strayaway

        You missed my point. Gun violence is already greater in Washington, D.C than in any state. The federal government is responsible for the governance of Washington, D.C. and this is the result of federal controls there even with all its gun control rules and prohibitions against owning hand guns. It amounts to hypocrisy that those least able to control the problem want to tell us how to fix our almost non-existent problems elsewhere. I doubt that you think that the Center for Disease Control is going to identify some “disease” or other medical cause responsible for the highest gun murder rates in the country existing in Washington D.C.. I would, however, be interested in the murder rate of people who grew up with a father in the house vs. those that didn’t. A poll of prisoners should suffice to find that out.

  • Thunder Panus

    Obama wants gun control so badly but it isnt going to happen Barry.

    • ClemCadidlhoper

      1. What ever happened to respect for the OFFICE of the POTUS?
      2. What ever happened to common sense? If you are a legal owner of guns, what will efforts to reduce the number of guns falling into the hands of known felons and mentally unstable people do to infringe your 2nd Amendment rights?

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist