John McCain Calls Out Tea Party Lies, Says GOP “Did the American People a Great Disservice”

john-mccain1It goes without saying that as a liberal, I don’t always agree with Arizona Senator John McCain.  However, I will give him some credit — during his career in the Senate, he’s usually acted more sane than most within his party and hasn’t been afraid (at times) to call out the antics of his fellow conservatives.

Which he did once again by saying Republicans “did the American people a great disservice” by misleading them about defunding, delaying or repealing “Obamacare.”

Senator McCain said:

“To think that we are going to repeal Obamacare, which would have required 67 Republican votes, of course, was a false premise, and I think did the American people a great disservice by convincing them that somehow we could.”

Which is exactly right.  Individuals like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul got tea party Republicans (and conservatives in general) up in this wild frenzy at the thought that at the end of the day they could repeal, delay or defund “Obamacare.”  They did such a masterful job at this that millions of Republican voters at this very moment believe they’ll be successful.

But they won’t.  Most Republicans know this and John McCain flat out said so.

Anyone with any common sense knows this has absolutely no chance at being successful, yet here we are with the government still closed and Republicans claiming this is the fault of President Obama and Democrats.

Yet, Speaker of the House Boehner continues to prevent the House from voting on a clean version of the Senate’s resolution.

And if this is “Obama’s shutdown,” as many Republicans continue to try to perpetuate, why is it that quite a few Republicans have publicly called out their own party for pushing this “strategy” knowing that it will never work?

Which, as McCain said, did a complete disservice to the American people.  Because now Republicans (specifically House Republicans) don’t know what the heck to do.  They’re in a no-win situation and at this point are acting more out of desperate pride than common sense.  But then again, they rarely act with any sort of common sense to begin with.

They sold a plan to their voters which had no chance at being successful, and now that they’re neck deep in that plan, their only way out is to either drive our nation into the ground or basically admit that they’ve been full of crap since day one.

But as the shutdown continues, and as the debt ceiling nears, more Republicans like Senator McCain will continue to step forward and speak out against the antics of their own party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Artos

    I now respect McCain more

    • strayaway

      Unlike tea partiers, Senator McCain is arguably the most pro-war politician in Washington having called for called for military intervention in Iran, Georgia, Libya, and Syria. He supports government snooping into American lives, the broadest interpretation of the Patriot Act, and more spending. He is definitely much more like Presidents Obama and Bush in all those things. With regards military interventions, he even goes beyond Bush and Obama. Had the US not spent so much on all these interventions and such a hawkish foreign policy, we wouldn’t be in such a budget crunch now.

      • David

        Part of the budget crunch has to do with GB handing the banksters billions in welfare like the Maiden Lane bailouts. Plus letting them take billions more overseas largely untaxed. They still get welfare while the silly citizens argue about the SNAP program. The banksters spent over a decade pushing bad non-productive paper onto the world. Now we reap what they sowed while folks worry about Obamas middle name.

      • pbfrank13

        Obama is just as corporatist. Go look at his Donors. Surprisingly many of the same donors contributed to him and MCCain in 08 and similar top donors for him and Romney. Don’t let the D in front of his name fool you, he is in bed with corporations, bailouts, central planning, etc.. bug deal he throws a few scraps here and there. Liz Fouler penned ACA to enrich insurance companies.

      • ChrisMo

        Neither party is innocent. Both are doing wrong by the people.

      • jeff

        one group is doing wrong right now though. the extremist that won’t even vote on the budget right now

      • xnerd

        try to tell that to a republican. FOx news doesn’t even mention the fact that the Budget was brought to the floor 17 times and and Boehner blocked it from committee.

        Instead they just say…. WE DONT EVEN HAVE A BUDGET!!

        270 million spent but the Koch brothers to block Obamacare….

        Almost 100 million spent by the insurance companies.
        It cracks me up that the average right wing know nothing, claims that ACA is about Obama being in bed with the insurance lobby…

        WOW really?

      • xnerd

        Obama is not as much of a corporatist as the republicans, not by far. The only way that the dems compete for office is sell their souls. The republicans have been doing this since the civil war.

        Do they take wall street money? sure they do.
        Are they as embedded in the pockets of wall street as the republicans? Not even close

      • Vangogh

        McCain is also a lot more honest and caring about the American people. Givin his years in vietnam being tortured and all, he actually believes that military intervention and more censorship is better for his country. I don’t necessarily believe in what he thinks is better for the country. But I think honesty and empathy for his country are much more important in a leader then his world view.

      • pbfrank13

        He was tortured himself, and still supports torture techniques despite there being more effective ways to extract information. He’s PTSD and a borderline sociopathic supporting endless foreign interventions without addressing the blow-back that inevitably results.

      • Diggitt

        I agree BUT let’s not get carried away about McCain’s honesty. Did he REALLY, HONESTLY think Sarah Palin was the absolute best person in the entire country to succeed him in the entirely possible chance of his dying in office?

      • Mtman1944

        @Diggitt – Watch HBO’s movie “Game Change”. he really didn’t have a choice in the matter. GOP strategists picked Sarah Palin in order to garner the female vote, which they thought would trump the “black” vote. They picked her because nobody had heard of her, so they thought she was pretty much untouchable. They thought she would sit back, look pretty, and shut up – the same thing they expect all women to do.

      • jacklaughing

        @strayaway: Yeah, you’re right on all those counts. We’re not talking about those things. We’re talking about the govt shutdown and potentially crashing the debt ceiling. JOHN MCCAIN IS 100% RIGHT ON THAT. So get over yourself. The Tea Party is going to be the death of America.

      • strayaway

        Solution to debt ceiling crash: reduce spending. Any business that can’t make payroll, cuts its workforce and effects other efficiencies; end of problem. GM closed 1,000 dealerships as well as the Pontiac and Saturn divisions. Now it is doing better. John McCain is one of those responsible for causing the problem by promoting wars and bailing out bankers. You should thank the tea party for bringing this fool down.

      • PatrickG

        If you actually think that government can be run like a business, I’ve got a few decrepit aircraft carriers I’d like to sell you. Want to take over the disaster at the Fukushima power plant while you’re at it?

        I mean, c’mon, here I am selling you things and you just won’t buy! Free market baby! Supply and demand!

      • pbfrank13

        You’re right, if the government were ran like a business the board of directors would have fired all of Congress, the SCOTUS and the POTUS. Furthermore, there is no choice NOT to support the government like you would a business. If a business does something you don’t like you can take your money elsewhere. If you try to do that with government they call it tax evasion and throw you in a cage and steal your assets anyway.

      • Daniel Tabor

        What do you idiots not get about government NOT BEING A BUSINESS? The purpose of government is not to make a “profit.” Models for the success of a profit-making entity are entirely inappropriate to governing. Selfishness and greed are piss-poor philosphies for the betterment of a people.

      • pbfrank13

        First of all calling people idiots doesn’t help your argument, in fact in makes your “stance” blindly justifying government theft an ad hominem.

        What IS the purpose of government in your opinion and why do you support theft and coercion over honest trade and voluntary agreements? Please, enlighten us “idiots” about how central planners can evaluate subjectivity in prices, explain why the broken window fallacy doesn’t matter and explain how government spending creates more wealth, and for that matter, how is wealth even created in the first place. I’m too much of an idiot to understand how someone else, voted by a majority is able to know what’s best for others and should be allowed to point a gun at everyone to get compliance.

        And in case you missed the point of the gun in the room, if you don’t pay taxes, the government thugs threaten you with asset seizure and throw you in a cage. If you resist arrest you could be shot by a government thug, no different than an armed mugger.

      • Daniel Tabor

        If you look up the definitions of a business and of a government, they are not the same. They do not have the same ends. If you constantly judge the way the government operates by the criteria by which a for-profit business should be run, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. I do NOT apologize!

        “I’m too much of an idiot to understand how someone else, voted by a majority is able to know what’s best for others and should be allowed to point a gun at everyone to get compliance.”

        Then you don’t understand either representative or direct democracy. You don’t get to participate in a society and partake of the benefits without paying for it. You don’t get to live in a democracy, even a representative democracy, where the majority is allowed to make the rules, and decide that just because you got outvoted, you don’t have to follow the rules.
        You don’t like taxes or Obamacare? Win an election as part of a majority party, and change it. Or get rich (history shows the easiest way to do this is by inheritance or by theft) and buy influence. That’s how the Koch Bros. and others have been doing it.

      • strayaway

        We have a $17T federal debt of which $7T was incurred under President Obama. If the rate the federal government pays to service debt EVER gets back to hit historical norm of 5.6%, the average annual debt service payment for just interest for each of approximately 120M US taxpayers would be about $7,900/year. That means that all those things we like to get from the federal government would have to be scaled back, we go into a depression raising taxes $5,000 or so per return, or we dump the whole mess on our kids and destroy their lives.

        Japan had government regulatory agencies just as New Orleans’ levies were maintained by our federal government. Obamacare has spent $634M of health care money to develop a website that doesn’t work. Facebook didn’t spend $600M in its entire first 6 years. You are correct about our government not being run like a business. Without the fed’s printing press, it wouldn’t even be in business. It isn’t that government is unable to do things. Many local government operate quite efficiently. Even our federal weather service operates efficiently. Other Countries are able to provide medical care for much less than our present system and apparently Obamacare. Government can work, but we have to improve before patching failed programs with more spending.

      • Mtman1944

        @strayway – the 7T of debt that you keep attributing to President Obama is mostly interest on the debt that the US had before he was voted into office. That interest grows every second, minute, and day, and is the cumulative effect of tax reductions/eliminations that for most of us wouldn’t buy us our daily cup of drip coffee from Starbucks, but has benefited corporations and the very wealthy extremely well. So get the facts straight, If you don’t make the principle payments, the interest will continue to grow. Here is a simple analogy to help you understand. Say your parents borrow money to purchase a home, they continually refinance that home but never pay on the principle, just some of the interest, then they pass away and you inherit the home and of course the debt. Let’s now say that for some reason you can’t pay the home off, but you still have the home, so you only pay some of the interest due. How long will it take you to pay off that home? Now add into that the fact that your employer cuts your wages (the federal govt equivalent to a tax cut), NOW how long does it take to pay it off? Simple right?

      • strayaway

        It is amazing that the amount of debt accrued under President Obama’s first almost five years is equal to 70% of all the debt accrued by the first 43 presidents over their 220 years in office. Are you suggesting that there is a warp in the economic universe and that even though interest rates are at historical lows, that somehow President Obama had the misfortune of having his debt grow at a rate of 30 times as fast as all other presidents combined? Fascinating.

      • TechnoMinds

        The problem with your reasoning is this: This is about paying the bills that have ALREADY been incurred. It is not about staying on budget. You can’t retroactively decide to not spend money that you have already spent. Go ahead and try this with your credit card company.

      • strayaway

        Again, going to the personal or business model, if the credit card has been run up too high, the debt still has to be paid as you say. However, what you are suggesting is that some other lines of credit be taken out to make payments and keep living above one’s means. I am suggesting, instead, getting rid of the jet skis, the trips to Europe, etc, and living within one’s means to pay off the creditors. Your way eventually leads to bankruptcy.

        We don’t need the wars, redundant government agencies, and a bunch of other things but we should try to stay solvent to keep up safety, Social Security , and the like.

      • Mtman1944

        @strayaway – You are the one that invoked the business model. What we are suggesting is that the solution to the problem is to restore the taxes that have been removed/reduced under the auspices of “trickle-down” economics theories that have now been proven to be false (pretty much due to profiteering by the corporations that decided to keep the profit instead of letting it trickle down). Whilst that is being done, the current line of credit needs to be increased.

      • strayaway

        No, I did not suggest anything resembling trickle down. I didn’t even address taxation. I was addressing spending. Spending and taxation are different concepts. The closest I got to mentioning taxation was to mention that there are three solutions to the budget; tax more, spend less, or borrow more and bill it to our children.

      • Mtman1944

        @strayaway – BULLSHIT! If you want to compare the US government to business, you would have to look at it this way, no successful business reduces it’s prime revenue stream, then cuts it payroll and workforce to fix that problem. In other words, you can’t cut taxes, especially those taxes that are the largest sources of income (taxes on the wealthy, and on corporations) and expect to maintain your workforce levels. That is just what has been done since the golden years of the GOP, the Reagan years. The way to fix the problem is to increase the revenue stream or at least return it to levels that can support government. Remember, nearly 10% of all US jobs are Government jobs (either Federal, State, or Local), so cutting 10% of the total US workforce would also severely impact business, just like removing 10% of a business’s existing customer base.

      • strayaway

        I compared government debt problems to both business and personal finance. I don’t believe I suggested cutting taxes. Please re-read. I instead suggested not spending more than revenue could support. Debt has increase 70% in less than five years. Where do you suggest all this extra revenue will come from? Federal outlays are exceeding federal revenues by about $1T/year. If there are 120M taxpayers, the average US taxpayer would have to pay an extra $8333 in taxes annually just to balance the current budget. That is what you are suggesting in real numbers. Do the math. How is your plan going to work? Each tax paying family will have $8333 less to purchase housing, food, medicine, education, Obama buttons, etc.. If government workers are so good for the economy, why, in your opinion, wouldn’t hiring twice or five times as many federal workers be even better for the economy?

        I would instead start by ending all corporate welfare and reducing the number of wars. Then we should diminish redundant federal agencies that states already have.

      • ditomagik

        Well hopefully you are wrong about that, (death of America) but it looks like the Tea Party will likely be the death of the Tea Party, and a good chance of the Republican party as well.
        We are Americans..remember? We are going to get through these attacks, and come out ahead. We have seen worse. Hold on and fight hard. We know what is right, and we are standing up, as we should be.

      • ditomagik

        ummm…OK..The first time I remember hearing of “Tea Party” was when McCain chose his vice Presidential runner mate. I am impressed and pleased at McCains courage to speak up, and I have gained more respect for him, but I have not been convinced about any Tea Party connections. Can you straighten me out on this?

      • strayaway

        I think that the tea party has run its course after having been co-opted by the Republican Party, the Kochs, and other groups trying to use it or kill it much like OWS on the left. The nebulous tea party’s main goals are described by Wikipedia as “advocating a reduction in the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit by reducing U.S. government spending and taxes.” I’m no longer seeing any tea party rallies. The things seems fairly dead. However, people with those goals now seem to be coalescing around certain politicians billed as tea party candidates. I think that’s were it stands.

      • aloryandaneaglet

        you don’t see rallies anymore because they got into office. they don’t need to rally when reps are in the government now.

      • CherMoe

        Let us remember the 18 or 19 debt ceiling raises that George Bush got WITHOUT A SQUEAK from a Republican. The two illegal wars, the huge TAX CUTS for the wealthy on the nation’s credit card, the rampant corruption by Wall St. and the big banks, the resulting bailouts, etc. all led to the near collapse of our country’s economic system. That’s where President Obama took office. This HORRIBLE situation we now face is caused by Republicans and their hatred and obstruction. 5 LONG YEARS into this Presidency and the Republicans are STILL saying NO to anything that doesn’t directly PROFIT THEM. They don’t work for the best interests of the people of this country. One cannot serve two masters, and Republicans SERVE THE RICH. Which is why they run up the bills every time, and then a Democratic president has to come in and CLEAN UP THEIR MESS. THERE is where the budget crunch is. And yes, you’re correct … wars cost a lot of money and McCain is definitely hawkish. But on the budget matter, he’s correct about the crooks and liars.

      • strayaway

        Let us also remember the words of Senator Obama in 2006:
        ‘The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies.”…” Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.’

        Snopes also includes his reasons in more detail. i agree with Senator Obama. Maybe that’s who people thought they were electing in 2008. I knew better because he left the campaign trail, as did McCain. to lobby Congress to vote for the banker’s bailout and his second largest contributor was Goldman Sachs. Then don’t forget that on Christmas Eve of 2009 when all the press members were carousing, he slipped into his office and signed billion$ of bad mortgage paper from failing mega-banks to taxpayers at full face value. If Christmas wasn’t enough, President Obama guaranteed insurance companies, trial lawyers, big-pharma, and bureaucrats a place at the “affordable” health care feeding trough. I would suggest that bending over for corporatist profiteers has been a bi-partisan effort.

        Also, it is curious that no one here seems too concerned with some numbers I previously brought up. That if government borrowing rates return to just their historical norm on $17T of federal debt, the average American taxpayer will have to shell out over $7,900 annually just to service the interest on the federal debt. Yet, Harry Reid is looking to add another $1T to the federal debt. Anyone not in some sort of economic fairyland complete with unicorns, Keynesians, and rainbows realizes that this would be catastrophic for the economy and that social programs would then take a huge hit along with everything else

      • janeyz1

        Perhaps if we had all spent as much time as POW as he did we would truly know how he feels. After hearing from POW of Vietnam war did I truly get a look through a small window of what they went through. Would never want anyone on earth to endure that cruelty. I don’t think anyone understand the cruelty they endured.

  • Pat

    Their pride is more important than the people of the United States??? I don’t think so! Speak up, loud and clear, the rest of you Republicans who agree with Senator McCain. America deserves to know every truth about the ugliness of the Tea Party Republicans and their selfish agenda.

  • ksoileau

    McCain should just change his affiliation to Democrat and be done with it. #RINOExtraordinaire

    • j walker

      Actually, he’s fully republican. He’s just not bat sh*t crazy like all the far right tea baggers. You people would consider Reagan a socialist if he was still around today.

    • James

      I wouldn’t go that far! He has come up with some screw ball things himself, but I do think, he thinks it is for the country’s best interest. The tea party wants to destroy this country! McCain needs to retire, and the Tea Party needs to be put on a boat, and be set afloat in the middle of the ocean!

      • ksoileau

        “The tea party wants to destroy this country!” Really. What an imagination you have. Anyone who opposes your Dear Leader wants to destroy this country? LMAO.

  • Betty Caron

    GOP have a 5% approval rating this morning. I think that will be reflected in the 2014 elections which are only a year away. Unless they change their Party of No position, I believe they’ll lose Big in the next election including the House. People are pretty sick of their antics.

    • James

      I hope you are right! But some how they always come out smelling like a rose. It’s all about the people with the big bucks. Money always wins, and people have short memories. How can you be so concerned about a woman having an abortion, but don’t give a shit about people after they are born? The dog has caught the car, now what is he going to do?

      • David Kopp

        Blame the Kochs.

      • Sean

        Bernie beat you to that. Most awesomely I might add.

      • TechnoMInds

        Yes, they are evil. But even they have come out and said how disastrous a default would be. No sane CEO thinks this is a good idea.

      • aloryandaneaglet

        did they actually say a default would be bad? i read they said they didn’t have anything to do with the shut down but i never heard about them saying a default would be bad.

      • f.avallearce

        Not only do people have short memories, but they’re pretty dim as well. Notice how every single talking head on Fox repeats, ad nauseam, that it’s “Obama’s shutdown.” The sad fact is that if you repeat something often enough, it becomes true to the uninformed, which is why your point about money winning is so frighteningly accurate.

      • louis

        so true, and now with the citizens united case being decided in the supreme court, money will own our politics. Right now citizens United is fighting for the right to allow any size contribution to a campaign by a company or person.

      • Scaramongus

        and with anonymity?

      • aloryandaneaglet

        gerrymandering and citizens united. these loons aren’t going away. i HOPE i’m wrong but they don’t fight fair so i don’t trust that the next election will make much difference.

    • Cindyn1210

      Betty: The entire Congress both Republicans and Democrats had a 5% approval rating. You need to get your facts straight. Both sides are to blame.

      • your stupid

        both sides are not too blame. that fact that you said that only re-enforces the idea that republicans are uninformed and flat out dumb fucks.yes I mean you, you are a dumb fuck!

      • Telanis

        Great argument, your intelligence shines through.

        Both parties are to blame, but that doesn’t mean they’re EQUALLY to blame. The Democrats engage in plenty of unproductive and self-serving political antics, just not to the same degree as the Republicans.

      • gemma liar

        however,,,,repubs are regressives,,,and they decry CHRIST is on THEIR side,,which makes me want to punch them all quite repeatedly in the face( especially michelle ” no tits and hating life because of it” malkin)

      • TechnoMinds

        In a broad sense yes, both parties can share the blame in the corrupt nature of the system. HOWEVER, we are talking about the government shutdown and possible default on the debt. For these, the blame is not shared and it is very clear the Republicans and specifically the Tea Party that is to blame.

      • pbfrank13

        The house passed numerous bills to fund the government, each ceding more and more of what the GOP wanted. Reid denied every single one thus far.

      • BackSeatJesus

        That’s because every single bill tried to defund part of Obamacare.

      • pbfrank13

        Nope sorry, the last two were for exemptions, specifically on individuals getting a waiver for a year, just like corporations and other groups received. Unequal treatment under the law. Yes I’m evoking 14th amendment. Deal with it.

      • Cindyn1210

        Your response and the morons that actually liked it only shows what an imbecile you are and is exactly the reason this country is going down hill fast….Next, our credit rating will go down….again. Keep it up genius until we are the largest third world country going. BOTH sides are to blame and YES, the 5% disapproval was for the entire Congress, whether you like it or not.

      • TechnoMinds

        I am sick of this false equivalency that people throw out to muddy the waters of common sense. No, both parties are not to blame for this issue. It is clear that the Tea Party is controlling Boehner and the government at this point.

    • Greg Forschler

      I think the number of up clicks vs. down on your post is reflecting exactly what you are predicting.

    • Albert8184

      Well…. I guess you see how that prediction turned out. Here we are a year later, and it looks like people are sick of ALL the antics on both sides.

  • The Green Devilish One

    Well, the whiny little racist teabaggers had their asses handed to them by a black man, so that’s reason enough to them to shut down the entire country. McCain may have at times been a real nutter, but he’s been the only person on the right who ever stated unequivocally that Obama was born in America. Unlike the Orange Drunk, who, when asked, would only say “If the President says he was born here, I believe him, now bring me some more whiskey.”

    • v_volker

      Amen. It’s always been about race. Always! No other reason why since day 1 we’ve had nothing but problems and rejection of everything coming from Obama. They can’t face the fact that a black man won the highest office in government. It’s beyond them!

      EDIT: Let’s not forget their chant: “We want our country back!” . You know all these Teabaggers and republicans are throwing the N word around as if nothing around their dinner tables.

      • Shut the fuck up

        Oh yeah, definitely about race and not about
        1) Obama raising middle class taxes almost immediately after saying he wouldn’t.
        2) Obama supporting the illegal spying on of American citizens.
        3) Obama perpetuating the wars he was supposed to end.
        4) Obama trying to start new wars, even to the point where RUSSIA of all countries had to broker peace while Obama was still chanting war.
        5) Obamacare is a band-aid solution stolen from a Republican designed to appease the masses and make no real reform.
        6) I guess disagreeing with the man’s policies makes you a racist because he is black. Kind of like not hiring a black person because they’re unqualified and being called a racist right?

      • nicholas1987

        These are all outright lies. Obama lowered taxes on the middle class numb nuts.

      • Republicans like to lie.

      • Mia Hampton

        Wrong-O. I should know since I have been directly affected to an almost 5,000.00 yearly increase. I was hoping he would do a good job when he first got elected, now I just hope we survive his presidency without complete destruction. it blows my mind that seemingly intelligent people just can’t seem to grasp how destructive his agenda is.

      • The Green Devilish One

        If your taxes went up that much, you’re not middle class.

      • redsox09

        Go back to hiding under your bed.

      • gemma liar

        hes too busy on TOP of the bed spanking his monkey to michelle “no tits” malkin and anne ” scarecrow” coulter

      • nancyjo

        1. Obama lowered taxes on the middle class.
        2. Bush supported and next president will support
        3. Ended Iraq, got Bin Laden
        4.Obama made a threat, he lined up ships because of a red line that was crossed and 98% of the U.N. agreed was the red line. Russia responded with “NO DON’T BLOW-UP MY FRIENDS” Obama said okay, get the WMD’s and I’ll get U.N. on board. Diplomacy at it’s finest. Good chess play and allowing diplomacy to work…NEVER UNDERESTIMATE OBAMA!!!
        5. Americans need more band aids. They prevent infections and help heal faster.
        6. Kinda like not hiring a black man because you don’t know what his qualifications are and don’t want to know.

      • gemma liar

        nancy,,,why O why are U belittling my main man ” S.T.F.U.”????? after all,,,,we need posts from UN educated cretins of his ILK so we can see that FOX “news” is alive and flourishing in simians such as he– and remember: watch HANNITY and micropenile creeps sucsh as he and Limbaugh so they can TRY to say the shutdown is OBAMAS fault ( SEE: house of representatives)

      • strayaway

        1. Deferred taxes on the middle class might be more accurate. If there are 100M US taxpayers and the federal debt went up $7T in less than the first five years of his administration, $7T/100M=$70,000 of deferred taxes per tax payer in just five years. How much did he lower middle class taxes in comparison to the $70,000 during those same five years. Then there are the increases in Family health insurance costs to pay for obamacare and the declining per capita income to go with it.
        2. You are ok with the police state it seems. Rand Paul wouldn’t support it. Rand or the police state. Not sure about Raphael Cruz.
        3.The iraqi parliament set a date for the US to get out while Bush was still in office. Candidate Obama said that getting out was the first thing he would do. It wasn’t. He negotiated to stay longer but didn’t like Iraq’s terms. He stayed until one month before the deadline.
        4. Putin humiliated Obama.
        5. Corporatism is the collusion of big business and big government. Obamacare is the text book example of corporatism. The trial lawyers, insurance companies, everyone’s bureaucrats, and big pharmaceuticals love it.
        6. Obama is half white. Maybe his incompetence came from that side of the family. We will never know.

      • The Green Devilish One

        Wow, James, you’re special- and I mean that in the short-bus mouthbreather sense. You have shown yourself to be misinformed to the max. How about you disconnect your brain from Fox and get yourself some real news instead of nazi propaganda?

      • gemma liar

        “brain”???? are U serious???? “brain”? try scrotum

      • gemma liar

        can SOMEONE change S.T.F.U.’s diapers??? hes crying too ludly; obviously with the “facts” given by FOX “news” crybaby regressives

      • rawdealbuffy

        Quiet Racist! Can’t you see your racist facts and racist dismantling of the past five years of Obama’s presidency is just racism in a racist’s clothing. Next you’ll racistly bring up benghazi or your racist opinion on fast and furious. Go back to your racist love of country and racist ideals!!!

    • confused

      so what you all are saying is that everyone should blindly follow Obama and if one steps out of line they are automatically racist?

  • Rita Jane Clark-Smith

    Glad to see that John McCain has found his soul…always liked and admired him, until he followed the path of the GOP members whose goal it is to take the country from all Americans. Good job John!

    • republicans are evil

      You admired the man that wanted to make sara palin the VP of our country……sorry you lost me. now everything you say will be ignored and chalked up to ‘outburst of a retard”

      • gemma liar

        he just wanted her sexy body,,,,,, wouldve had her assassinated right after he boinked her

  • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

    This coming from the man that brought us Sarah Palin? I don’t believe anything he says, this was in the works since the day this President took office, the Teapublican’ts cannot abide a black man in the White House plain and simple….they hate this President more than they love America……

    • MrLightRail

      And, there isn’t a single war or conflict that he wants us to not get involved in. He’s the biggest damn shill for the military industrial complex, that I’ve ever seen.

      • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

        But for Richard Nixon this idiot would still be fighting the Viet Nam conflict….

      • f.avallearce

        While you’re making some excellent observations about the less-than-savory aspects of McCain’s character (and I can assure you I’m not a fan of his), he appears to be a sane, reasonable, paragon of “compassionate conservatism” when compared to the rest of the slavering, eyeball-rolling, barking-at-the-moon madness that is the GOP. One must give credit where credit is due, as well. Unlike the vast majority of hawks, McCain was actually willing to put his money where his mouth was (or his life where his ideals lay, if you will) and actually fight in a war he supported. As a former Marine, I can attest to how few sons and daughters of the privileged upper classes are willing to do that (does that excuse his desire for a military solution to just about everything? Of course not!).

      • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

        He wasn’t even a good enough pilot to avoid being shot down, had he not, he was headed to 3 hots and a cot on an Aircraft Carrier every night thanks to his Daddy, talk about privileged…..he got caught flying too low…all he does is whine about military intervention…..

      • Louis

        No that award goes to Dick Cheney

    • Sean

      I’ve read the comments since before Obama was elected to office that the White House is called (by god no less) the white House for a reason. So I am still waiting for one of these idiots to slip up and drop some racial epithets in public. Because the Hitler crap is old,and annoying more than anything else.

      • gemma liar

        at least hitler didn’t have anything as gross as michelle malkin or anne coulter chiding for him

    • CherMoe

      It IS NOT just the Tea Party. It’s ALL Republicans. Just take a look at the red states and every other state with a Republican in the statehouse …. trying to abolish voting for blacks and minorities. Some of them even want to take away women’s right to vote. I could never JUST blame it on the Tea Party. It’s Republican mentality as well.

      • prove it

        How are they trying to take away voting rights for blacks and minorities? Also who wants to take away the voting rights for women?

  • ArthurPaliden

    He is going to run for pres in 2016.

  • chigbo.obienu

    Well, Obama predicted it wont be easy as “change comes to Washington”, but the struggle is worth the means. After all what have you got to lose except a few millionaires profits.

  • kissyface

    John McCain has been making sense lately. I feel my heart stop for a few seconds every time i agree with him

    • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

      Just remember Sarah Palin and your heart should start right up….

      • gemma liar

        try another body part,,,,,, she aint getting my heart- but my weenie would fly at full mast for that gracile & nubile American!!

    • HF

      The thing is, John McCain made sense from the day he was elected to the Senate. I’m a liberal from AZ, and McCain, up until 2008, was the most logical, badass Republican senator the GOP ever had. He then completely screwed his legacy by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate and being forced to pretend he’s some right-wing maniac to win the nomination.

      He really is my all-time favorite Republican, minus 2008.

  • Greg R

    I agree with Senator McCain. As a Conservative I feel like The GOP has been hijacked by The Tea Party. The Tea Party started out as a legitimate “mom and pop” movement. It was itself hijacked by wackos. Now we have a Republican Party with very few Moderates in leadership roles. This means The GOP has made themselves un-electable with their actions. Their grand plan to “take back our freedom” simply all but guaranteed a Democrat victory in the next election but they are just too stubborn to see it. As a Moderate Conservative it has gotten to the point I will have difficulty finding any candidate who represents my values.

    • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

      Hello!….does Sarah Palin ring any bells?

      • gemma liar

        MMMmmmmmmmm,,,,,,, I would LUV 2 ring her shimmering bells,,,,,then I would demand she bought me a sausage and onion pizza and some ice cold YOO HOOs

    • mike44

      John Huntsman. I’m a moderate liberal but I have the upmost respect for Mr. Huntsman.

    • atheist

      well maybe Jesus will run for election in 2016. then your imaginary friend can finally do away with your imaginary enemy….the devil.

  • joejmz

    As a Liberal, I’m sure you agree with John McCain waaay more often than most Republicans do.

  • Mojeaux

    John McCain is crony and has been for sometime. On this I could probably agree with many liberals – if he says something the opposite is probably true.

    Remember this is the John McCain that nearly went to JAIL. How he gets re-elected is beyond me.

  • califcowgirl1955

    I just hope he sticks to his word and doesn’t flake like some of the others are doing.

  • waynef43

    Republicans are like a gambler who keeps doubling down hoping to win back all that they’ve lost. Problem is this strategy never works and unfortunately they’re not playing with their own money… they’re playing with our.

  • Coffee

    Finally, A Real Republican Takes A Stand! I was begining to think they all were off their rockers!!!

  • Rickey Miller

    Good thing it’s just their Pride in jeopardy here. If Honor was at stake, they just
    might have to roundup some alleged villains (human beings) to bury neck deep and stone to death, or behead or serve with some other equally barbaric
    practice presumed to remove the shame and the enormous fear of being ostracized by the community and to remove the perceived flagrant, foul and vulgar stain from once untarnished reputations and to restore the damaged and discredited characters, to their conferred, blameless and elevated status, rapturously enjoyed by those of blissfully serene and seraphic standing; The soaking of blood, by some unexplained mechanism, clotting in the dust; while, simultaneously, perfectly restoring the quality of one’s honor.

  • rap31264 .

    Please speak up and get us out of this mess!!!

  • one percent

    Omg lets help pay for health insurance so that people who don’t contribute to the economy can be taken care of. The affordable health act is actually more expensive now than health care was before. Have fun waiting 6 hrs for a doctor. Ya jerks

    • HF

      It’d be awesome if you actually knew what you were talking about.

    • gemma liar

      nice to see U know what U are talking about,,,,,,,, hows that FOX “news” diatribe working 4 ya?

    • Alierias

      You already pay for them THE MOST EXPENSIVE WAY when they hit the emergency room.. If we had single payer Medicare for all EVERYONE would pay AND benefit equally, according to means.
      And, have you ever been to the Third World? I have, and it’s not pretty — kids starving in the streets, many of them with obvious, communicable diseases like TB, that is increasingly antibiotic resistant. Oh wait, that’s right, your ilk doesn’t believe in evolution or vaccination. Have fun when THAT comes back to bite you on the ass…

    • What do I expect from a cocksucker that would sell his children to the Koch Brothers?

      Just more proof that you republicans are evil – you’d rather stroll streets littered in carrion than come up off a red cent. You’re the reason this country is fucked.

      I can’t remember who said it, but you can always judge a society’s moral compass by how they treat their women, their children, their homeless, their poor and their animals.

      Hopefully your greed will die with you. If you aren’t rich, and fall into the spectrum of people to be covered, then you dying from refusing Obamacare is just another tick on Darwin’s score card. Natural selection strikes again!

  • One-Eyed Willie

    I can’t believe that I actually have some respect for McCain now.

    • strayaway

      Was it his support for the unfettered NSA/TSA police state, his advocacy for any war anywhere, his bending over for corporatist interests, or his otherwise agreement on so many issues with President Obama that gained your respect?

  • jackmack65

    Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans know that Obama and the Dems will cave. They know that there is no way that the Democrats will allow them to detonate the real bomb, which is the US default on the debt. They know also that because they are absolutely willing and absolutely committed to detonating that bomb, that their opposition will have no choice to cave at the last second to avoid catastrophe. So in reality, they’ve already won, and now all they need to do is to wait for October 17.

    • 777999

      So what you are saying is that—

      1- The Republicans will try to bring down Obama’s legacy by trying to destroy the entire US economy and world standing.

      2- This selfish move by the tea party (i mean repubs) will somehow make Americans view the Republicans as heroes and the Republicans will gain power again.

      If this is the Republican strategy for success and this actually works, this country is way dumber than I currently believe.

  • It’s a major operation by the Christian Reconstructionists in the TEA party to crash this government and institute their own twisted government – where you will be forced to worship their god, the shitty gold standard is back, and all the rights you hold dear will disappear. Don’t forget capital punishment – which will devolve into stoning people in the street; a community affair. Of course, violating Levitical law will get you this stoning…

    A theocracy. I recently read an article on alternet actually putting it together better than I can.

    Ron Paul. Rand Paul. Gary North. Ted Cruz. Watch out for these wolves in sheep’s clothing. They talk about freedom, the constitution and about how great America is, but in reality – they hate this system, and wish to destroy it so they can have their American-Taliban United States of Just-Like-Iran.

  • rawdealbuffy

    I get why everyone is so irate about this! It’s because this is the first time in the history of American politics that a party in the minority has taken a stand on something greater than themselves. It’s completely unprecedented. The conservatives are trying to do what they believe they were elected to do. Don’t they realize that the majority in power doesn’t want that? Why can’t they just tow the line and give in to the party in power’s demands? That’s true compromise!

  • DannyE

    John McCain, a war hero who now licks obama’s boots.

  • Randy Villata

    McCain is an old fool. Why doesn’t he just say he is a Democrat.

  • Andrew Diamond

    Here is the end game. We get to the brink of default. Obama invokes the 14th amendment and tells the treasury to make good on the debt and busts through the debt ceiling. The House then attempts to impeach the President for doing this (of course not recognizing that they are actually the ones who violated the 14th amendment, because, they are the House).

    Eventually the Supreme Court rules debt ceiling laws unconstitutional since they are at odds with the 14th amendment. The Impeachment dies, but winds up greatly reducing the popularity of the GOP, just like last time when they did it to Clinton.

    The Tea Party and GOP finish their circular firing squad. The end.

  • Raymond Giuffrida

    It is not the tea partiers. They are just the stupid pawns being manipulated by CORPORATE INTERESTS. The corporations are in bed with the Democrats as well, but they wanted even more power. The tea party was just a way to seize even more greed and power in our government. These tea party supporters who love stupid slogans like “Obamacare is going to take away our freedom” and “Keep the government out of my healthcare” have no idea what is really going on.

    The tea party problem is just a product of misinformation, fox news, and uneducated idiots.

    I am done trying to be neutral and numb to this whole situation. The tea party is a complete joke and a fraud.

  • Kim Wilson-Young

    Then why did McCain vote for shut down ??????

  • innfinitivesplit

    The American people don’t WANT to repeal Obamacare. It’s not that you did us a disservice by not telling us that we’d need 67 votes to do it – the ACTUAL lie that you told to your own constituents was that everybody agreed with them – that regardless of the fact that a majority of Americans voted for Obama & a majority of Americans put democrats in the Senate and that a majority of Americans actually votes for democrats in the house – YOU all want to continue to believe that there is this great silent majority out there that wants what you want, that thinks like you do, that has your prejudices and that is not willing to give changes a chance to work – even though we know that they will need to be adjusted and improved upon.

  • JuliusCaesar108


  • katherine norton malek

    New respect for Sen. McCain. The only honest Republican left. Oh, they’ll punish him for this, for sure. He won’t get Koch $$$$$$$’s. The TP ers, our own Taliban famous for stating “America – Love it or leave it”, high time they LEAVE, along with their Republican puppets.

  • Danna Chambers McMath

    I don’t trust Senator McCain any farther than I can spit, which isn’t far. He is, however, politically shrewd and can see the handwriting on the wall even though the rest of the GOP has no clue. I don’t for a second believe he is making these statements for the benefit of the country; rather, he is making them to save his own political face to try to appear to be the voice of reason. If he were a true leader, he would have made sure his party did not pull any of this mess in either the Senate or the House. Even as a Senator, since he has been there so very long, he should have garnered enough power to be able to muzzle the likes of Cruz and Boner….I mean Boehner….regardless of which house the men served.

  • jimboHuge

    But…Rand Paul and Ted Cruz got tons of spotlight, clips for campaign ads, and quite a bit of campaign funding out of shutting down the government.
    So for them, it was a success. They will get millions of dollars in the next few years too, so they made an investment in their future, so it was a success.

  • ditomagik

    Are you kidding Me. I followed a “WHO IS TO BLAME FOR GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN” Vote here. I voted and looked at results. I was outrage! Do you know that this is here. My results showing was extremely and outlandish. Are you sure you want this add on your page. I know who’s to blame for this shutdown. I know this link is hugely dishonest toward the Replblican side. Why do you have it here?

  • triangle whip

    McCain has no moral compass what so ever. You can’t trust him as conservative or even a liberal.. Mc Cain died in Vietnam. You just see a corpse..

  • Thumbgumby

    I know! They can propose a single payer plan to replace Obamacare! That will bring their ratings up.

  • Carl Gottstein

    So you and John are missing the point; Congress maintains the PEOPLES power of the purse. We Will Not Pay for it. You passed it with out a republican vote. Pay for it with out republican votes.

  • DJ4060

    Are you all frikn crazy? “Song Bird McCain” has always been nothing but pure evil. He certainly is no conservative. The blame sits clearly on the Democrats in the Senate. All Bills involving finance originate in the House and they have every right to fund or non fund anything they choose. The Senate is clearly blocking the general funding of the government and basically holding that as hostage to get this abortion of a Health Care Act funded.

  • DJ4060

    I guess Nancy Pelosi described it best how Congress conducts business these days when she said, “We have to pass the Bill so we can see what’s in it.” Apparently both the Republicans and Democrats are no different in this regard. This explains how the Republican controlled House passed the Affordable Health Care Act. They passed it so they could see what was in it. Then after having passed it they got to study it, and after having seen what an abomination of an Act it is, they now refuse to fund it. I don’t blame them.

  • Laura26

    I blame McCain for choosing Palin and giving the Tea Party validation. He has a long way to go to bring his party back.

  • Chris

    This statement from McClown is no shocker. He has been a TRAITOR of the Republican party for years now. Thankfully he will not be representing us for much longer. In the coming election he will lose and we will have someone that actually represents the people of AZ. As for all you libtards, you need to pull the dicks out of your ears and listen to what the Pres. said “I will not negotiate with the Republicans”. Also unless you have read the ACA in its entirety your OPINIONS are like assholes, everyone has one!

  • Danny Mathey

    Put it this way….I was a strong Republican for 40 years,thought I would be for Life ! Then the Tea party came along. Enough is simply enough ! I will Never vote Republican again.

  • Mtman1944

    Alan – We need to stop calling the ACA what the GOP and Faux news calls it. It is NOT “Obamacare”. The GOP and Fox applied the Obamacare name to it in order to 1) Associate it with the “Socialist” label they have worked to pin on Pres. Obama 2) Make it less appealing to the idiots who do not even read it because it has been “branded” with that name. Every day I hear from people who have never read the law, and therefore have no knowledge of what it accomplishes and how it benefits them, because it has been branded with a name that they detest. So we need to stop calling it what the GOP and Fox call it, and call it what it is, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA if you want to shorten it).