John Oliver Shreds Restrictive GOP Anti-Choice Laws That Go ‘Too F*cking Far’ (Video)

Being that I live in Texas, I get to see, firsthand, a lot of the idiocy that plays out within the Republican party. I am continually astonished to see people passionately defend politicians who are quite literally running on policies that will make their lives more difficult. These are the type of folks who heavily rely on government programs in their day-to-day lives, yet claim they don’t need any help from the government.

Though one battle I see frequently is the one over abortion rights. In this state, Republican lawmakers don’t hide the fact that they’re trying to do everything they can to make abortions nearly impossible to get. Since it’s unconstitutional to outright ban abortion, what many Republican state legislatures all across this country have done is pass new laws and guidelines making it nearly impossible for abortion clinics to exist within their state. Though these lawmakers claim these laws are all about “women’s health” – that is complete and total b.s.

John Oliver hammered Republicans on this point Sunday night when he tore into them for passing ridiculous laws that are targeted at doing nothing more than shutting down abortion clinics, and have nothing at all to do with protecting women.

Aside from pointing out that he said these lawmakers had gone “too f*cking far,” it would be pointless for me to transcribe much of what he said because the entire segment was informative and on-point.

If you have a few moments, please watch the video I’ll post below. It’s definitely worth your time.

Oliver shredded some of the ridiculous details of these laws, such as hallways needing to be eight feed wide or forcing doctors to say things to women who want an abortion that aren’t even medically true. A list of rules and regulations clinics must follow that have nothing at all to do with women’s health or protecting women.

In fact, these laws put women in danger because many of them are now forced to travel hours to even have an abortion. Which is essentially an impossible trip for impoverished women without reliable transportation. That’s prompted some women, as Oliver points out during this segment, to call abortion clinics and ask for household ways they might be able to terminate their pregnancy.

Here’s a rule: If various laws you’ve passed under the guise of “protecting the health of women” are creating circumstance where women are then putting their lives at risk because of the restrictive measures in these laws – you lose the right to claim they’re about protecting women.

These laws are nothing more than the GOP’s attempt to find loopholes to preventing abortion. They have nothing to do with women’s health or protecting women and they should be unconstitutional. That’s another reason why it’s so important for liberals to get out and vote this November. We need to make damn sure that the Supreme Court doesn’t become a court with a super majority of conservative Justices. Otherwise, women’s rights are going to be under full attack the moment that happens. And it will take decades for us to ever get them back. That’s if we ever get to a point where we would be able to get them back at all.

Watch the segment below via HBO:

Allen Clifton

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