Jon Stewart Absolutely Hammers Mike Huckabee’s Ignorance Right To His Face (Video)

huckabee-jon-stewartI’m not ashamed to admit that a few years ago I actually viewed Mike Huckabee as one of the few Republicans who seemed fairly sensible. Granted, I didn’t know a great deal about the former Arkansas governor, but in what I had seen he always came off as a fairly decent person who was one of the few beacons of hope for sanity within the GOP.

Wow, was I wrong.

Not only has his ignorance managed to unite both the left and the right against him, but he’s made some of the more ridiculous comments pertaining to women’s health that I’ve ever heard from someone who is often considered a “mainstream” Republican figure.

Well, Jon Stewart had the former Fox News personality (and likely 2016 presidential hopeful) on his show last night and absolutely tore into his hypocrisy when it comes to his odd obsession with Beyoncé’s music.

Huckabee’s general stance is that because young girls look up to Beyoncé that somehow she’s become this massive target for everything that’s wrong with children. When the fact is, if parents are allowing their young children to listen to music that’s not age appropriate, that’s on the parents – not the musicians.

But Stewart teed off on Huckabee’s ignorance showing a clip of Ted Nugent singing Cat Scratch Fever on Fox News a few years ago (with Huckabee playing bass) and made sure to point out that Nugent is definitely not role model material.

“You excuse that type of crudeness because you agree with his stance on firearms,” Stewart said. “You don’t approve of Beyoncé because she seems alien to you. Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him die.”

Huckabee then spouted off something about Grammys and award shows that really had nothing to do with the point Stewart was making.

“My point is, that song is an adult song, geared for adults,” Huckabee argued. “But today, we have a very different kind of depiction and things that are considered perfectly OK for kids.”

“My point is, you can’t single out a corrosive culture, and ignore the one that you live in because you’re used to it,” Stewart shot back at the probable presidential hopeful.

Then Huckabee really started showing his ignorance.

“Do you know any parent who has a daughter that says, ‘Honey, if you make really good grades, someday when you’re 12 or 13, we’ll get you your own stripper pole,’?” he said. “I mean, come on Jon, we don’t do that in our culture.”

“I think that’s diminishing Beyoncé in a way that’s truly outrageous,” Stewart replied.

Much of the back and forth centered around Huckabee’s stance that the non-red states (such as in the Northeast and West coast) look down upon the “bubba” states. Though it was clear by the way in which he talked about education, specifically Harvard, that he believed the “bubba” educated folks in the red states were superior to the Harvard educated elitists.

“The way you use ‘Harvard’ as a derogative blows my mind,” Stewart quipped.

And he absolutely was trying to use “Harvard” as a broad negative descriptor, clearly insinuating the “typical Northeastern elites.”

But his hypocrisy was perfectly called out by Stewart. Because while Huckabee seems to have a really odd obsession with Beyoncé’s music, it’s really hard to claim some sort of moral high ground when it comes to musical lyrics when your party has openly embraced a draft-dodging sexual deviant just because he loves guns and hates President Obama.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Andrew

    Not gonna lie, I’d say that Stewart would make a better president than most of the current candidates. Definitely a better one than any of the current conservative hopefuls.

    • Victor Wiley

      If he had a more economically based background, I would defiantly vote for him. He tells it like it is. The only caveat would be that we be allowed to own a carry permit to defend the first law of nature with fire arms. What is the first law of nature folks?

  • pinballsdoll

    i look down on the bubba states lol

    • ddd

      I look up at down syndrome

  • kara

    He thinks there is a difference between being smart and well educated and that they are mutually exclusive. A well educated Harvard graduate wouldn’t be “smart” enough to change a flat tire on his Beemer! Changing a tire doesn’t make you any smarter than knowing how to change a light bulb.Would you want a good old boy that is “smart” and can change a tire or a well educated Harvard graduate running the country? I have no doubt which category Mike Huckabee falls into!

    • Mark Gerardy

      Exactly. Just classic stereotyping. I know several MBAs who drive beemers who can ALSO work on a car with precision and expertise better than any bunch of rednecks in their bubba-hick pickup truck. A person CAN be BOTH educated and smart, and Mike Huckabee is neither.

    • Monk

      The answer to Huckabee’s flat tire question depends on what color your skin is. Some tire-smart bubbas with a tire iron might not sound too good if you’re not white.

    • Robert Bers

      How did 8 years of good ole’ boy Bush work out for us? He was successful at passing himself off as a tire-changing dude and he proved he could also flush the handle of a toilet down which America went.

      No thanks phony good ole boys. We need someone with brains to confront complex issues and the vision to see down the road.

  • johnson

    There IS a huge difference between educated and smart. They are definitely not the same. The superiority complex taught at those institutions is no difference than what was taught in Hitler’s Youth Movement.

    • decreator

      Lol, wow. Hitler!? Really?!? Come on!! Smh. That sounds a lot like envy

      • Bonta-kun

        Sounds more like a four-turn Godwin to me.

    • kara

      With a statement like that you would have people believe that you are neither educated or smart! Sure hope the government is monitoring all the Nazis coming out of MIT, Penn, Harvard,Yale, Stanford……………

  • Star

    I thought it was a good conversation….don’t feel like Stewart was superior at all. Huckabee has a lot of good points.

    • Ron

      you’re serious???????????????????

      • Star

        I suppose you thing Beyonce is a good role model….more like a slut

      • Ron

        My guess would be you think Palin is great also. Well, Beyonce is not white so I understand where you are coming from. Same thing most Repubs. think but don’t come right out and say it.

      • Star

        What does white have to do with it idiot?

      • Ron

        I’m sure you know, but most Repubs. are closet racists. Thanks for the compliment.

      • Star

        That in itself is a very racist statement. I didn’t mention anything about race. I have found that most blacks are more racists than whites and they always play the race card when they can’t come up with anything else. And most of the Republicans I know are not racists and are much more generous people. At least they give from their own pockets instead of stealing from one to give to another.

      • Ron

        Give from their own pockets,, yea, after all their tax relief that the lower and middle class give them thru tax loopholes. Sure they do. You don’t have to mention race, it oozes from your comments. Your as bias as Huckabee. But keep repeating your stories and soon you’ll belieeve them.

      • Star

        This is the last post I am answering because you are obviously a liberal looney tune. Obviously you are a racist and probably an uneducated one at that. You have drunk the kool aid from the progressives. The one thing wrong with your socialist ideas is that evidently you run out of everybody else’s money and then what are you going to do? It has never worked in any other society and people like you are about the ruin the one we have here. My bias is against stupid people regardless of what color they are. The lower class doesn’t even pay taxes much less give anyone else a tax break and the top 1% pays 38% of all the taxes paid…the lower 47 percent pay nothing and the middle is left to pay the rest. How much do you think is fair to tax someone’s earnings? The government produces nothing, makes no income and takes, takes, takes and gives it to foreign countries who would like to kill us and to people sitting on their ass here who are too lazy to get off their ass and make it on their own. People like you disgust me.

      • Ron

        That is why Repubs. lose Presidential elections. You think they are working for you, but you can show me nothing that a Repub. has attempted to do for the lower or middle class that didn’t include taking something from them. You vote against your best interests. Check into how much the 1% really pay. They may pay 38% of all taxes paid but most middle incomers pay a higher percentage than the 1%. Those are facts if you’d bother to check them. Rich corps. mostly pay no tax. And you are OK with this. How come all of a sudden Mitt was concerned about the 47%er’s? It’s because they are slowly catching on. But I don’t expect you too. I understand your embarrassment in not wanting to reply because the more you do, the deeper hole you dig for yourself. Keep voting them Repubs. in. Let them get rid of the rest of SS and Medicare and anything else that is a benefit to lesser folks. When your light bulb comes on, maybe you’ll see that. I really would like an answer, since you seem to think you know everything ,, what has your party done for the lesser fortunate? And shutting down the gov’t at a cost of 25 billion doesn’t count.. Nor does the 60 million spent on repealing Obamacare. What bozos in the Repubs.

      • Star

        Ok one more time….how old are you and how much taxes do you personally pay….I am now retired, I draw SS that I paid in and I could have made more money off it if I had invested it myself than letting the government spend it starting with Lyndon Johnson. I draw a pension from 2 companies I worked for and I still have to pay taxes now. Everything I draw is something I worked for…I get no handouts from anyone nor do I want them but in the same vein I don’t want to pay money to people who don’t have the guts to do it for themselves. I would prefer to choose my own charities and give to the things I am interested in. You sound like a very hateful person and very close minded and intolerant like most Democrats I have known. You’re actually kind of tyrannical like our idiot President who has no guts at all. He’s a community organizer who’s had a free ride all his life. Well he’s not doing a real good job now and for your information it was his decision to shut the government down because he is so idealogical. The House had sent over 300 bills to the Senate and Harry Reid wouldn’t bring them to the floor for a vote. That is why the Democrats lost the Senate. You would do well to research some of your facts and stop calling people names who have a different opinion than you. Vote your conscience, I do.

      • Ron

        Everything you say is in the minority You know it wasn’t Obama that shutdown the government. The majority know which party was to blame. Keep saying it was Obama and maybe it will come true. I am 62 years old,, but our difference is I care about people, not just myself. This isn’t the Repub. party of years ago. And still, you don’t answer my question as no Repubs. have as of yet and I’ve been asking it since 2012. The bills sent to the Senate, over 50 were for the repeal of Obamacare. How many included taking something away from the lower and middle class and still give something to the rich? You may be one of a few who would have made money by investing yourself. Don’t fool yourself thinking everyone would. If you recall, the election ofr 2012 was overwhelmingly for Obama, yet youmake it sound he is a waste. Look at all the improveements in virtually all aspects of the country compared to when he took office. I’m sure it was all because of the Repubs. The Dems. lost the Senate because most were Repub. states but think what you want. Still more Dem. votes than Repub.. You didn’t address the taxation. Who pays a higher %age? As I said, unless you are voting against your own best interests. Oh,, and I have never taken any govt. programs. I have worked all my life. The ones that do take govt. benefits , there is definitely fraud but a lot is attributed to companies like Walmart who don’t pay a living wage yet get some of the largest corp. welfare out there. I’m sure you are OK with that. Actually corps.. get more welfare than individuals do. Those also are facts which Repubs. don’t believe in. On another note,, go back over the years and see which party held the Presidency when our country fell into recession and depression. Overwhelming majority wre started under Repub. and ended under Dem.. I suppose that means nothing to you also. Think beyond yourself. I wish I could be at the pearly gates when some of you get there and are asked why you denied the poor and favored the rich. It’s called selfishness. The Party of no and selfishness. Get back to me when you have some factual answers as I have presented to you. And no,, i’m not going to do the research for you. I did mine, and if you really cared about others you would look into them.

      • Star

        Your research is fake just like everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. The country is in worse shape than it has been in a long long time. He has increased the national debt by 8 trillion dollars in 6 years. By the time he leaves office it will be double what it was when he took office and he will have spent more than 43 President before him all together. He is trying to bankrupt the country and he’s doing a pretty good job. I have given a lot to charity over the years and to people in need but those things do not need to come from the government. It is a proven fact that Republicans donate more of their money than most Democrats do. The unemployment is not what they say it is, more people are out of work or lost their jobs or hours due to Obamacare and more people lost their insurance that they liked than the ones he put on Obamacare. Why didn’t he just put all those people on Medicaid to begin with. He burned the barn to fix a leak in the roof. Race relations in this country are much worse than they were when he took office. He had a chance to do something great and he has just blown it. His foreign policy is ridiculous and he can’t get his nose out of the muslims butt and take care of his own country. We are eventually going to have some horrible attack here again, we have muslim training camps here in the US and he is doing nothing to protect the rest of us. Meanwhile he is giving billions to countries that hate us. I care about people too but if they spend a lifetime making stupid choices, it’s not my responsibility to pay for their birth control, their abortions or support their 15 kids for the rest of their life. I believe in personal responsibility. I believe in giving people a helping hand not a handout. Most people who own corporations worked their butts off to get where they are and most people on welfare just keep looking for a handout. There is a big difference. I don’t care out much money a person makes if they work an honest days work but regardless of how much they make no one should have to pay over 30% of their income to anyone. Obama let the government shut down because he wouldn’t negotiate in good faith on anything. It was his way or the highway. Obama won the election because many Republicans sat home because they didn’t like either candidate not because he was so damn good.

        “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

      • Ron

        I have to agree with one of your men Bobby Jindal. You are living proof that Repubs. are the party of stupid. You call my facts fake,yet show nothing to show that. Just cause you want it to be, doesn’t make it true. Do you make this stuff up as you go? You’d have to. Some of the things you say are new. Why did McConnell try and take credit for the improving economy. I am beginning to see you have the same problem that many Repubs. do. I don’t have to say what that is. You address none of my questions, which I do understand because you have no answers. You deny any facts that come out of the CBO,,, which I’m sure when they credit anything they are a liberal branch but when they are critical of Obama they are right on. How much of that debt is from unpaid Bush bills. I’m aware Obama gets that credit but you have to acknowledge where some of that debt came from. 2 unpaid wars, an unpaid Prescription program. But you know the old saying, you can’t fix stupid so I’ll quit trying to fix you. You disagree with my comments on the depression and recessions? I’m sure you do. I like that you made up that thing about Obama winning. Good one. ya convince anyone else of that. You deny facts and rattle off opinions. I suppose the deficit hasn’t been reduced either. Kind of like that posting where Chris Rock says ” sure Bush and Cheney may have tortured people but they never tried giving working people medical insurance. Deny that it’s working but once again all the proof is against you. Don’t tell me how bad it is, it needs some issues resolved but it’s a decent plan that is helpful to less fortunate people and I’m sure that’s why you don’t like it. Well, and because Obama did it. Good luck sleeping with all that guilt that must be on your mind. As I said, I give up on fixing stupid,, I now agree it can’t be done.

      • Star

        You just can’t shut up can you? And if I were you I would be careful about who I called stupid.

      • Ron

        He’s the one who thinks the Repub. party is stupid. I just can’t find anything that covers the Repub. position any better than that. pretty much covers the party. As I said earlier, give me some facts which you don’t have. You talk but back up what you say with nothing. And, don’t threaten me. You can ramble your untruths and expect everyone to agree with you.

      • Star

        Who is guest and how did he get in the conversation? You called Republicans stupid and I didn’t threaten anyone…you just shouldn’t run around calling people names when you don’t know them.

      • Guest

        First off this was about 2 comments prior to you see ing it. And I am only repeating what one of your hero’s said. And if he calls your party stupid, who am I to argue. And,,, don’t threaten me. You told me you were quitting, so why don’t you?

      • patrick

        I make 15k/year and pay taxes. I guess that means I am not poor.

      • Star

        If you only make $15k/yr. the only thing you should be paying is SS. Are you entry level age, if not why have you not progressed further than this? Work more than one job….do what it takes to get where you want to be. You and you alone are in control of how far you go.

      • Ron

        Yes Patrick what the hell are you thinking. Everyone works 3 jobs or are rich . What makes you think these very rich companies should pay a living wage? If they did that they’d have to share their profits. You know, like Reagan. What is your problem. If the help you out, how can they give to oil companies and other corps.. Yes, just what the hell are you thinking. I trust you know I’m joking but unfortunately, with a greedy right wing party, that isn’t going to happen. You know, like Romney doing a turn about when he was thinking of running. Whatever they think the people want to hear,, they have the lines.

      • Star

        Ron, You are such a hateful and contentious person. You take issue with everything that is said. Why do you think everyone else owes you anything.

      • Ron

        No one owes me anything. I wouldn’t take issue if you accepted facts, but most repubs. don’t. You deny any progress and all the evidence is against you. If that doesn’t show your lack of accepting the truth, nothing will. I’m thinking if a Repub. had move the country this far forward from the mess Bush left it, you’d be pushing for him to be added to Mt. Rushmore. And I’m just repeating that but I find it probably quite accurate.

      • Star

        I am a Republican conservative not a Repub…how would you like me to call you a demoncrat. There were less people on welfare, less people unemployed and more jobs being created when Bush was President and I felt a whole lot safer than I do now. You can thank Clinton, Dodd and Franks for the banking mess that made them sell houses to people who couldn’t afford them and Bush warned them multiple times to do something about it. You are the one who is not facing any real facts. I don’t know anyone who is in better shape than they were 6 years ago.

      • Ron

        once again no answers just rambling,, I trust in the CBO unlike you apparently. Live in your own little minority world. First off more jobs were NOT created. I’m not going to argue with you. As I said no answers and you make stuff up as you go. Enjoy that world. Thank God someone other than your party is looking out for you. I understand your feeling of not being safe. We haven’t been attacked like we were under Bush. Hmmm, does that make sense. Oh wait We haven’t been attacked under Obama. maybe you felt safe cause you apparently live in a cocoon.

      • Star

        Since we are never going to change one another’s mind, let’s agree to disagree and shut up. This diatribe is useless.

      • sugarpuddin

        I don’t believe there has been a Republican Conservative since Eisenhower, the last Republican I voted for…oh yes, I did vote for Goldwater. I am definably not interested in living in a Theocracy as 57% of Republicans are. Republican Conservative is an Oxy Moron. It is an oligarchy.

      • sugarpuddin

        How do they give? Just curious. And I know that all Republicans are not racists. Most racists are Republican.

      • Star

        Most racists are black and you’re a little late in this conversation, it was 2 months ago.

  • Monk

    This bubba-smarts argument reminds me of the hypocrisy of the open carry advocates. The Fox-minded have no problem with bubbas toting guns around their Wallmart but when the Black Panthers start parading around with firearms it’s the beginning of a race war. So I wonder what Huckabee would say about what inner city kids would call street smarts? Is that somehow different than his version of smart? Or would he label them thugs?

  • factorygirl41

    Huckabee was just slinging the stereotypes…guess that’s how they do in Bubbaville. 😉

    Thank God he didn’t become POTUS….whew.

  • GibbyD

    Mike Huckabee got his point across and The Majority of Americans agree with him . Huckabee and The Fair Tax 2016 !!!