Jon Stewart Absolutely Hammers Mike Huckabee’s Ignorance Right To His Face (Video)

huckabee-jon-stewartI’m not ashamed to admit that a few years ago I actually viewed Mike Huckabee as one of the few Republicans who seemed fairly sensible. Granted, I didn’t know a great deal about the former Arkansas governor, but in what I had seen he always came off as a fairly decent person who was one of the few beacons of hope for sanity within the GOP.

Wow, was I wrong.

Not only has his ignorance managed to unite both the left and the right against him, but he’s made some of the more ridiculous comments pertaining to women’s health that I’ve ever heard from someone who is often considered a “mainstream” Republican figure.

Well, Jon Stewart had the former Fox News personality (and likely 2016 presidential hopeful) on his show last night and absolutely tore into his hypocrisy when it comes to his odd obsession with Beyoncé’s music.

Huckabee’s general stance is that because young girls look up to Beyoncé that somehow she’s become this massive target for everything that’s wrong with children. When the fact is, if parents are allowing their young children to listen to music that’s not age appropriate, that’s on the parents – not the musicians.

But Stewart teed off on Huckabee’s ignorance showing a clip of Ted Nugent singing Cat Scratch Fever on Fox News a few years ago (with Huckabee playing bass) and made sure to point out that Nugent is definitely not role model material.

“You excuse that type of crudeness because you agree with his stance on firearms,” Stewart said. “You don’t approve of Beyoncé because she seems alien to you. Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him die.”

Huckabee then spouted off something about Grammys and award shows that really had nothing to do with the point Stewart was making.

“My point is, that song is an adult song, geared for adults,” Huckabee argued. “But today, we have a very different kind of depiction and things that are considered perfectly OK for kids.”

“My point is, you can’t single out a corrosive culture, and ignore the one that you live in because you’re used to it,” Stewart shot back at the probable presidential hopeful.

Then Huckabee really started showing his ignorance.

“Do you know any parent who has a daughter that says, ‘Honey, if you make really good grades, someday when you’re 12 or 13, we’ll get you your own stripper pole,’?” he said. “I mean, come on Jon, we don’t do that in our culture.”

“I think that’s diminishing Beyoncé in a way that’s truly outrageous,” Stewart replied.

Much of the back and forth centered around Huckabee’s stance that the non-red states (such as in the Northeast and West coast) look down upon the “bubba” states. Though it was clear by the way in which he talked about education, specifically Harvard, that he believed the “bubba” educated folks in the red states were superior to the Harvard educated elitists.

“The way you use ‘Harvard’ as a derogative blows my mind,” Stewart quipped.

And he absolutely was trying to use “Harvard” as a broad negative descriptor, clearly insinuating the “typical Northeastern elites.”

But his hypocrisy was perfectly called out by Stewart. Because while Huckabee seems to have a really odd obsession with Beyoncé’s music, it’s really hard to claim some sort of moral high ground when it comes to musical lyrics when your party has openly embraced a draft-dodging sexual deviant just because he loves guns and hates President Obama.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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