Jon Stewart Brilliantly Recalls Some of the Times He’s EVISCERATED Fox News and Other Targets (Video)

jon-stewart-fox-news-apologiesFor all intents and purposes, Wednesday night’s penultimate episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as the host was his last real show. While tonight is the official “last episode,” it’s mostly going to be a tribute to Stewart filled with surprise guest appearances and probably some vignettes as well.

Well, on Wednesday The Daily Show’s longtime host took special aim at the various media outlets that cover his show, mocking the news media and online blogosphere which has a tendency to be a little bit – well – ridiculous. He mocked websites like this very one for often proclaiming he “eviscerated,” “destroyed” or “crushed” various members of the media, news channels or industries.

“I feel like what we’ve built here is a monument to evisceration,” Stewart said, adding, “If you’re still walking around with a belly full of viscera, know this: we didn’t forget you. We’ll put it all up on the web.”

To his credit, he’s pretty spot-on in mocking the clickbait/sensationalized headlines that have come to dominate much of the media. Unfortunately, while many people might poke fun at this practice (and rightfully so much of the time), the statistics overwhelmingly prove that these “eye grabbing” headlines work. There’s a reason why Buzzfeed is worth over $1 billion.

Now, some websites do take it much further than others. I think there’s a huge difference between a headline meant to lure readers in to quality content and one that’s just so overly sensationalized that it seems like something straight from The Onion. Then when you actually get to the article, the headline oversold it to such an extent that the credibility of the website goes completely out the window.

However, after running through a few things he supposedly “eviscerated,” only to find that he did no such thing, he showed some dismay at the inaccuracy of the literal interpretation of these various headlines.

“Hath my efforts all been for naught?” he asked. “As I shuffle off this basic cable coil, must I discover my years of evisceration have embettered nothing? Sixteen years of barbs and jeers spurred none to greatness.”

It was classic Stewart; a stark reminder of the wit and humor that many of have come to love and will dearly miss.

While I have high hopes for Trevor Noah, and I think he’ll do a great job, in a lot of ways I don’t envy him. As they say, you really don’t want to be the person who has to replace a legend – and Jon Stewart is definitely a legend.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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