Jon Stewart On Chris Christie: He’s ‘As Sh*tty As’ The Rest Of Them, Might As Well Run For President (Video)

chris-christie-jon-stewartBeing that Jon Stewart is a native New Yorker (who happens to also work there), and being that New Jersey is literally just across the bridge, I wonder if Chris Christie’s ego ever temps him to confront The Daily Show host over numerous instances where he’s absolutely crushed him on national television. Out of all the politicians in this country, when Stewart goes after Christie, it just seems to have an extra bit of vitriol added to it.

Take last night’s episode where Stewart seemed almost overwhelmed with excitement that he had the opportunity to mock the fact that Christie announced he was running for president.

“New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie surveyed an overstuffed field of mediocre candidates and thought, ‘Eh, I’m as shi*tty as any one of those guys,'” Stewart quipped.

He then played a few clips from Christie’s announcement where he made several strange promises, including simplifying the tax code to such an extent it would put CPA’s out of job, and said something about the only way to get a horse back in the barn is with force. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard that metaphor. I will say, at least in my experience, that I’ve seen plenty of horses get put in barns quite peacefully. Well, at least if you know what you’re doing. Maybe Christie is insinuating that he doesn’t know what he’s doing so the only way he would know how to fix a problem is by force?

“That got weird really fast,” Stewart mocked.

Stewart then played an interview Christie had with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly a few weeks earlier where she pointed out to him that polls showed 65 percent of New Jersey voters said he would not make a good president. Christie tried to claim the reason for that is – and this is not a joke – because a lot of that 65 percent want to keep him as governor.

“That is the saddest thing I have ever heard,” Stewart said.

“It’s not that New Jerseyans love you too much to let you go,” Stewart explained. “It’s that you’re already second in the Loud Northeastern Egomaniac primary.”

Stewart was obviously referring to Donald Trump, the guy who apparently wants to start a war with Mexico if he were to get elected.

“How far must Christie have fallen to be a two-term governor unfavorably compared to a perfume-selling escalateur like Donald Trump?” Stewart asked.

It’s a sad reality to think, just about 18 months ago following Christie’s re-election, he was the darling of the Republican party. Heck, for a few weeks he was the “it” guy who Republicans thought could beat Hillary Clinton. Then the bridge scandal hit and all that momentum just vanished. Though, to be fair, he was never going to win the GOP nomination. There’s no way Southern conservatives were going to get behind someone like Christie, no matter how hard he tried to pander to get their vote.

Though Stewart made sure to point out the real reason why Christie will never win the GOP nomination.

“He committed the unpardonable crime of treating Barack Obama like a person,” Stewart said of the meeting between the two following Hurricane Sandy. “That is the insurmountable campaign hurdle: ‘When Barack Obama arrived to lend aid to your hurricane-ravaged state, you shook his hand. Why did you not slay him in a Klingon honor duel? It’s what Ronald Reagan would have done.’”

And the sad part is, Stewart is right. Chris Christie daring to treat President Obama with even a shred of respect is probably a major reason why many Republicans will never support for him – and if he was hoping to lure some liberals and younger voters his way, his recent comments about cracking down on marijuana legalization ruined that as well.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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