Jon Stewart Slams Congress: ‘Motherf**kers’ Need to Get to Washington and Do Their Jobs (Video)

jon-stewart-congress-isisAs most of us know, Republicans in Congress have been quick to hammer President Obama for anything and everything he does (or doesn’t do) pertaining to ISIS.

But what you don’t hear much about in the media is that Congress itself has the power to call themselves back to Washington, debate the issue and decide if they want to formally declare war on ISIS. But why would they do any of that? Republicans are getting their base all riled up by trying to pin all of this on Obama when he’s actually doing something about ISIS and they won’t even come back to Washington to have a debate on ISIS. 

And that’s the issue Jon Stewart teed off on last night.

He targeted Boehner’s statement where he agreed that Congress needs to debate the issue of ISIS – but after the elections.

No, seriously, that’s what Boehner said. He doesn’t seem to feel that a lot of people who are “headed out the door” are the best qualified to debate this issue. So, the same man who’s been going on for weeks about how the threat of ISIS is one of the worst this nation has ever faced, only wants to debate what to do about that threat after the elections. It’s really hard to take someone seriously when they call something one of the greatest threats in the history of the United States, then they want to put off debating it in Congress for months.

You know, when it’s more politically convenient.

“You said the barbarians were trying to kill us” Stewart said, mocking Boehner’s comments. “Setting aside that thanks to incumbency favoring electoral practices, roughly 90 percent of the members who are ‘on their way out the door’ at these midterms will be coming right back in through the door. If your point is that these are ruthless barbarians who threaten our very existence and must be killed immediately – by the new Congress – which takes over in January….in a time of war, our political inaction is pure political calculation.”

He also showed a clip of outgoing Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston admitting that the reason why Congress isn’t taking up the debate on ISIS is because both sides are purposely avoiding it before the elections.

“Our legislators refuse to debate publicly one of the most crucial issues of our time, for fear that – we will hear them,” he continued.

And that’s when he really went off saying that the rest of these congressional “motherf**kers” need to get back to Washington to do their jobs and debate what we should do about ISIS.

And he’s absolutely right.

There’s no shortage of members of Congress, especially Republicans, being seen on television criticizing everything the president is doing as it pertains to ISIS. But here we have the Speaker of the House essentially admitting that he doesn’t want to debate this “barbaric threat” until January. 

At this point, calling Congress incompetent doesn’t even do them justice. If it were up to me, the vast majority of them would be getting pink slips this November.

Watch the clip below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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