Jon Stewart Crushes Dick Cheney’s Comments on Torture Report, Says ‘Thank You’ to George W. Bush (Video)

jon-stewart-dick-cheney-5I’m really not one of these far-left “let’s try the whole Bush administration for war crimes” individuals. But when it comes to Dick Cheney, I really don’t know how this man is not on trial for war crimes. While a lot of hyperbole gets thrown around when describing the former vice president, I’m not sure if calling him “soulless” can even be considered an exaggeration. He just seems like a heartless, cold and emotionless evil robot masquerading as a human being.

To think that this guy was one heartbeat away from the presidency for eight years is absolutely terrifying.

Well, Jon Stewart absolutely ripped apart Cheney’s appearance this past weekend on Meet the Press where he refused to call what the CIA did “torture,” he evoked 9/11 to justify everything and showed zero sympathy for the people we tortured (or even killed) who ultimately turned out to be innocent.

But no matter how hard Todd pressed Cheney, he insisted that his definition of torture is what happened on 9/11 – not what the CIA did to these detainees.

“I see. That’s just what meets the definition of torture in his mind,” Stewart said. “His mind, I assume, being the scariest f*cking place in the universe.”

I would suggest everyone just take a few minutes to watch the segment. Nothing I say can really convey how Cheney’s answers and Stewart’s obvious disdain for everything he said. Even as much as I’ve watched Dick Cheney interviews over the years, I still never get used to watching someone who’s so cold and emotionless. Cheney comes off so heartless that it borders on being a parody of some sort of evil villain from an Austin Powers movie. I’m almost waiting for him to put on a monocle and grab a cat out from under the desk while giving his interviews.

But Cheney’s evilness did cause Stewart to do something I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him do – thank George W. Bush.

“George W. Bush, thank you for not dying while you were in office,” Stewart said.

Because while people joke about being terrified that Sarah Palin could have been “one heartbeat away” as McCain’s VP candidate, Dick Cheney was one heartbeat away from the Oval Office for eight years. And when I sit back and think about it, it’s really embarrassing and frightening that such a disgusting human being sat in the second highest office in this country.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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