Jon Stewart Crushes ‘Diseased Minds’ on Fox News: ‘F**k You And All Your False Patriotism!’ (Video)

jon-stewart-fox-news-8There have been quite a few times where I’ve written an article covering a segment on The Daily Show where Jon Stewart absolutely hit a home run on whatever subject he was discussing. But I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this might be one of his best segments ever.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Stewart this enraged and emotional. While I wouldn’t say he “held back,” you can tell that he wanted to go off even more so than he actually did. This was clearly a subject on which he was very passionate.

But he made it crystal clear that he’s not a fan of Fox News and their so-called “patriotism.”

“F**k you and all your false patriotism,” Stewart exclaimed. “When Bush took us to war, any criticism was shouted down as treasonous. But a president you don’t like has the country poised on the same precipice and no transgression – no matter how immaterial and ridiculous – is too small to cite as evidence that this president isn’t as American as you are.”

But he wasn’t done there.

“Here we’ve got two presidents, both sending the United States to war citing the same legal authorities,” Stewart continued. “Both without any seeming exit strategy and both holding sh*t in their hands while saluting our troops. But in their diseased minds, only one did that because he loved America. The other did it because he hated it.”

Now, I’ll admit, I don’t think equating President Obama to Bush is fair as it relates to going to war. Just because he may ultimately send troops back into Iraq, doesn’t make him the “same as Bush.”

To me, it’s clear that President Obama is trying everything he can to avoid sending ground troops back into Iraq. Bush started a war based on lies his administration conjured up. ISIS isn’t “made up,” they’re a very real threat. And they’re a threat that Obama is doing everything he can to eliminate (or weaken) without putting American lives in harm’s way.

But Stewart was pretty much on point. When it comes to these two presidents (Obama and Bush), it’s amazing how one is an “America-loving patriot” and the other is “anti-American scum.” Even though they may ultimately end up doing the same thing – though for very different reasons.

The whole segment was absolutely excellent, as he also slammed Congress and their inability to get anything done. Watch it below via Comedy Central

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Matthew Reece

    ISIS is not made up, but Khorasan certainly appears to be.

    • Andy Kinnard

      “Appears to be” base on what, exactly? I’ve heard zero doubts being expressed about that.

      • Matthew Reece

        Isn’t it strange that no one has heard of this group earlier than a week ago? (Supposedly the intelligence community has been onto them for a long time, but look at the sort of lies they have told over the years.)

      • Andy Kinnard

        Yes, it is strange (at best). When I first heard of them as a target, it tripped my bullshit alarms (since I’d never even heard the name prior to that). The Wikipedia page for that group is only a few days old too. All very strange. It does not, however, lead to ANY conclusion, only suspicions.

  • Macdoodle

    John Stewart is a lunatic.

    • Kimberly Dart

      Why because he’s the only one that speaks the truth? Your stance on Stewart is so 17th Century cliche.

      • deckbose

        Not to mention misspelled.

    • me e eee

      Hahaha, people with very low IQ’s will never understand Stewart’s brilliance. They can only make lame comments that have no facts, while he can rip apart FOX bs point for point! Fox’s base are not only the proven most misinformed people in the country… They simply can’t be very mentally sharp!! I didn’t even know what they were when I first saw the”news” on that station, but having refined critical and independent thinking skills, it took all of 5 mins for me to ask the person next to me if this was poorly done satire. That was when I learned they were passing themselves off as actual reporters of news. I was mind boggled that anyone could be so stupid or naive to buy that! sigh – a sad comment on our country right now… Ironically, Stewart will happily call himself a lunatic for the MANNER of his brilliant satire – while proving over and over and over that compared to the lunacy of Fox “news” reports, he is the sanest person on the planet! I don’t even have to agree with him to appreciate his consistently sane logic…

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      agreed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a lunatic who has his writers far far ahead of all rightwing outlets in the area of FACTS.
      U really need to get out more and learn the healing capacity of laughter

    • Emma Huckleberry

      Who’s “John” Stewart ?

  • Jerry Graybosch

    Presidnts shouldn’t be saluting at all. Reagan started this trend when he thought he was makng a movie.

    • Larry Ham

      Really? I’ve seen film of Truman and FDR saluting during WWII. He’s the Commander in Chief.

      • Emma Huckleberry

        The practice of the President saluting military officers and returning
        their salutes—THAT is an entirely modern innovation. Civilians do not
        salute officers, nor do officers salute civilians. A civilian who
        mistakenly salutes an officer or an enlisted man should not have his
        gesture returned.

      • Rose

        Both had served in the Armed Services whereas President Obama and Bush were civilians and was not required to salute.

      • Larry Ham

        I’m pretty sure both President Bush’s were in the military…and also fairly sure that Clinton did not serve.

      • Byron Williams

        GWB never served in the military. Look it up.

      • JamesTDurkin

        GWD flew jet fighters in the
        reserves, look it up

      • theyak47

        Texas Air National Guard is not the Reserves. And was grounded when he refused to take a Flight Physical.

      • Carol Smock

        Only if you call getting assigned to easy duty here because of your political connections, then parading around like some kind of action hero “military service.” My husband fought in the war that GW dodged and has paid dearly for it every day since then. What did GW sacrifice for his country? Clinton didn’t serve, but then he never pretended that he had.

      • Suzanne

        Clinton only serves himself and usually it is some young thing!

      • joe sanford

        Bush was a draft dodger. His fathers money kept him drunk and out of the military. Don’t you remember a news anchor who lost his job over that very thing?

      • LittleD

        Aren’t military members supposed to salute their Commander in Chief – also known as the President?

      • Maxwell Pomeroy Sr.

        I was in the Marine Corps when Reagan started this baloney. We were embarrassed mostly, with a small number of outraged, and a few just pissed off. We gave those guys 30 seconds to flush their headgear, and went back to doing what we were there to do. It’s become a tradition for some reason now, and frankly I am still embarrassed that it continues. What I’m even more concerned about though, is all the non military people commenting and deciding that they know how WE feel about it.

      • Suzanne

        what are you embarrassed about?

      • Suzanne


    • Johnny Wishbone

      Subordinates are required to render a salute to a superior officer. Be it a Lieutenant, Colonel or the Commander in Chief. A superior officer is never required to return the salute. This has been true since long before Reagan.

      • will

        When i was in the Navy senior officers damned well were required to return the salute. I too was in during Reagan and I never heard any grumbles about saluting the Commander in Chief. I do agree with previous comment about civilians thinking they have any cred in that discussion though

      • Johnny Wishbone

        While I can’t comment on your personal experience in where you served I can say that U.S. military regulations do not require a superior to return a salute. It is classified only as a courtesy. None the less, to the folks bashing the current president let’s remember this salute from Dubya

    • Kim Serrahn

      What does saluting have to do with us maybe going to war again.

  • allinfun

    Fox”news” is a purposefully seditious and treasonous organization and they should be investigated and prosecuted as such. Period.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Why are Bushes STILL RUNNING THE FCC?

      • Suzanne

        WHAT??! O has his creepy little dirty hand in all of these entities! Bush’s people were ousted years ago if they didn’t play along with the destruction of america and all the radio broadcasts that actually disagree with this ideologue….WHY oh WHY do all of you choose to clue your eyes to this fool who is destroying your life along with thinking people here?! Can’t you see what he is doing and has done is separate all of us as niehgbors and Americans…so he can pit us against one another?! It happens in these blogs daily…why can’t people look for the facts? Stop blaming others…when all of this is squarely on OBAMA!

      • LeeRyder

        You need your meds and a nap.

    • Larry Ham

      I don’t think that goes far enough. I think that anyone who even dares to disagree with this president should be regarded as a racist and possible member of the KKK.

      Life was better when all news was brought to us by Democrats…oh for the days of Brokaw, Jennings and Rather.

      • me e eee

        Actually that would be an equal and opposite reaction to what the scumbags at Fox do! They are criminals and liars and the scum of the Universe. At this point anyone who can’t see that…or that the criticism they get doesn’t even touch on the massive web of their billionaire backed PURELY REFINED HATEFUL propaganda; is either an unthinking idiot of massive medication needing proportions, or an equal scumbag who deserves to live in their hell with them!! I would be happy to assist you in creating and moving into that shithole where truth is outlawed and you are the stupid slaves owned by those 1%. But you / they are not doing it in MY COUNTRY, any more than they were able to win the civil war!! Bu byeeeeee.

      • Ryan Odell Goss

        “unthinking idiot” Ok let’s be “thinking idiots for a second” what’s the best way to sell a bad Idea? Make the biggest voice of opposition always spout off a worse Idea! There is no greater tool for the advance of the Liberal agenda than Fox News, If you don’t see that, you’re not paying attention.

      • Phillip Mims

        Same old tired racist bullshit hiding behind a sheet! Ok jackass, here’s how you can tell a racist rant: When you clownish asshats criticize President Obama for something he hasn’t done, i.e., call him a traitor for granting amnesty for illegals, which he has not done or for signing gun control, which he also has not done, while you call reagan a hero, who sctually DID sign amnesty for illegals and gun control, well go right ahead and wear that sheet proudly!

    • Ryan Odell Goss

      yeah too bad the same stock holders own all the news stations, and as long as you can pin one against the other you can successfully make sure that .022 caliber ammunition and turtle necks are sold out at all times, increasing the value of stock and the back order quantities exponentially.

    • Suzanne

      One example please?!! Oh yeah they actually REPORT the news…..NOT sway all to their side of things! FACTS sir are not a reason to investigate and prosecute….ONE EXAMPLE PLEASE!

      • allinfun

        I’ve given you 3 examples, but they have disappeared. Let’s try again…the Fox”news” commentator who said that Birmingham, England is a city inhabited by mostly Muslims and that non Muslims aren’;t allowed in the city…that’s one. Second one is the Fox”news” commentator (expert) who said the same thing about Paris, France…both were broadcast as fact and both are lies. I have a list of about ten more, but I will await your defense of these lies and let you tell us all why they aren’t lies…even though Fox has admitted they lied.

  • Bret M Duff

    Technically speaking as a Marine Vet – you are allowed to return a salute while carrying things. However if you can’t transfer the item(s) dog or latte into your left hand to free up your right hand to render a proper salute you don’t have to salute. In other words if you’re carrying too much and the items are to heavy to carry with one hand you don’t have to salute. Example if you’re a part of a work detail – imagine the chaos if everyone had to stop what they where doing every time an officer walked through the area.

    That said – while Bush’s salute wouldn’t win any points for style – he did cradle & support Barney his dog in his left arm and give a proper salute with an empty “Latte Free” right hand. Whereas Obama didn’t seem to have the wherewith-all or situational awareness to transfer his cup-a-Joe to his “empty” left hand when he returned the salute.

    My $0.02

    • Rick Flash

      He would have been raked over the coals no matter what he did.

      • Bret M Duff

        Perhaps – I’m just surprised they haven’t tried to spin this to make it Bush’s fault.

      • me e eee

        Nothing is ever Bush’s fault – guess you missed that HUUUUUUUUUUGE part. Lying us into a war, which conveniently made billions upon billions for oil money (like his fam) and war contractors (like the Cheney company) with MASS WEAPONS OF DECEPTION — not a scandal! Everything Obama does = a scandal – albeit not provable. That’s how it is when crooks, liars and scum of the planet pretend they report news…

      • Emma Huckleberry


      • me e eee


    • “President callously leaves his coat unbuttoned as he transfers coffee cup from one hand to the other so he can ‘return’ a salute.”

      • Bret M Duff

        LOL! Saw what you did there Mitchaell

        But while some of the “fashion police” in New York or LA might’ve been upset – but I don’t think any of my fellow veterans would’ve given a rip if he’d left his jacket unbuttoned and returned a proper salute. All I know is I wouldn’t have cared. 😉

      • “The President suddenly realized that he had saluted with something in his hand and went back to ‘salute’ with the cup in his left hand, but too late, everyone in the country thinks the President has disrespected the military and they will be unwilling to cut their commander in chief a little slack even though he is trying his damnedest to keep from sending them back into countries when the ‘good guys’ are often as dangerous as the bad guys.” 🙂

      • me e eee

        Except it is far from “everyone in the country” buying into and sucking up this stench filled BS!

      • me e eee

        I know veterans of very high honorable standing who don’t give a Rats ass WHAT he had in his hand… But DO care that he supports Vets and has tried to help them massively while the teabags in Congress refuse to pass bills and have the f*Ing NERVE to say ” I support the troops” while cutting billions in benefits! The Vets in my family find those who could not care less about wounded warriors, and would be happy to see them without treatment, hungry or homeless in the country they fought for, as the ULTIMATE disrespectful scumbags! And those people are EXACTLY who Fox lies support!!! Do yourself a favor and Google search how Fox gets away with their lies. I have never known a marine to respect liars…

      • Suzanne

        REALLY?! The veterans hospitals have been dug into the dirt….hundreds have died on his watch?! REALLY?! He is lying about everything he talks about…and you really thin he cares?! Where are your facts?! All the bills he passes are filled with more of our tax money to put into his own pet projects….do you see any major infrastructure that was fixed during the first round of bills when he first became Prez?! NO…just believe the opposite of anything he says and it’ll come to pass!! Wake the heck up America

      • Suzanne

        Killng the messenger…the one news organization that does not lean its reports to favor Obama but reports the facts….will be the last stand for FREEDOM here…you all are falling prey to this Prez’s wishes..I am sure you want to redo the Constitution to exclude guns rights as well…am I right? YOU would be doomed as an individual….read about Germany and the Na…zi’s You will see that it all started the way O has….nie, promises….doing opposite then removing all defenses…that is when they started the prison camps…why else is he arming the food and drug admins? as well as all other agencies that historically had no need for weapons?! Wake the heck up and get a brain will ya?!

      • me e eee


    • Andy Kinnard

      There is at least one pic of W cradling Barney with both arms while craning his neck to meet a partially raised right hand in a completely half-assed salute that can in now way be considered more correct than Obama’s salute (that at least made it all the way to his head) with the coffee cup. So, no, your entire second paragraph is without support.

      Moreover, while 100% conjecture, there is the argument that Obama kept his left hand free such that he could catch the railing with his stronger hand if he were to trip on the steps.

    • Karman

      Really, isn’t it stupid to see a bunch of grown-ass adults saluting a piece of cloth handing off a pole. I think saluting is up to us individually to decide. You can love your country without worshiping a symbol created over a hundred years ago.

      • Suzanne

        Please go to China sir…..they will believe as you do! Leave all of us Patriotic people here who want to fight for our freedom and just excuse yourself…as you do not belong here

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “ISIS isn’t “made up,” they’re a very real threat.”

    Why, because they’re going to “take over Iraq”? ISIS may be quite adept at raids, invasions and occupation but there’s a world of difference between that and establishing and maintaining social order on a national level, especially in a region of the world as fragmented as Iraq.

    Or did we not learn that when we (foolishly) tried that ourselves?

    And as for their “military might”, outside of a few tanks and pick-up trucks they have next to nothing. Unless a more powerful nation starts supplying them (so we’ll know who our REAL enemy is) their threat level to the United States is practically nil even they do manage to somehow “take over Iraq”.

    How are you going to drive a tank across the Atlantic Ocean?
    How are you going to build a nuke when the tenets of your religion forbid you from drawing a blueprint?

    • Andy Kinnard

      They have tons of money (for a terrorist organization) and will find that buys pretty much whatever they need, thanks very much.

      We were unable to control a fragmented society because 1) we are uncomfortable about imposing “democracy” at the tip of a gun, and 2) we won’t resort to genocidal removal of opposing religious groups/sects. ISIS is fine with both of those tactics (although the government they propose to impose would not be a democracy). So, that we were unable to impose peace on a broken country is no argument that ISIS cannot achieve their goals there.

      ISIS was dangerously close to capturing and keeping the Haditha damn and just miles away from Baghdad where a weak central government and feckless domestic military had little hope of holding them off. So, ISIS is most definitely a threat to a stable, relatively democratic Iraq (and, by extensions, the region).

      As for the threat to the US: Yes, I think the case is pretty weak. They won’t be reaching out with conventional warfare. They do, however, have more than enough capability to sponsor loan wolf attacks on our soil. So, there’s that (although I don’t think it represents the existential threat it’s being made out to be); I DO think this threat started over sold ONLY once ISIS started vigorously selling crude oil on the black market (threat to international banking and Big Oil much?…me thinks, yes).

      • Gabriel Gentile

        “a stable, relatively democratic Iraq”

        [Looks left… Looks right…]


      • Andy Kinnard

        Yes, by regional standards

  • adcbeast

    Hey Fox News.. General Eisenhower NEVER saluted the military when he was president

    • Andy Kinnard

      Nobody did prior to Reagan making it up from senility, I mean, whole cloth.

    • Larry Ham

      I believe protocol leaves it up to the President to decide if he wants to or not. I looked it up on Scopes and they even have a pic of Clinton saluting.

      Just sayin’.

      • me e eee

        Saying what? That this is their stupidest pretend “outrage” to get mental midgets “outraged” at Obama for nothing yet???

      • Larry Ham

        Just responding to the comments above ripping Reagan for saluting, apparently some people believe that Reagan invented this presidential saluting and was the only president to do that.

        But yes, this “outrage” is just as stupid as when Democrats were “outraged” over Bush saluting while holding a dog.

      • Andy Kinnard

        It is well documented that Reagan made it up; we don’t have to “believe” that because it’s a fact.

  • DrSnake

    Mostly agree with this though the promise not to put “boots on the ground” is whistling past the graveyard. Wars are won by grunts fighting, not bombing campaigns.

  • LoveArchy444

    All I see is mindless nitpicking from these pathetic excuses for journalists. Jesus Christ, shouldnt Fox focus on something more important?

    • Karman

      They were if they were actually a news station. Even they themselves say they are a New Entertainment station. Keeps them from being in court all the time for spreading lies.

      • Karmam

        Correction: “They would if they were actually a news station”.

      • me e eee

        I am thinking of starting a petition outlawing them from calling their stupid propaganda bullshit fest a news station!! WTF? I awhile ago I goggled HOW DOES FOX GET AWAY WITH MASSIVE LIES? When I saw that I could barely believe they are still allowed to call them selves news!! A petition and HUGELY advertised REASON should wake up some. When I shared the info with a childhood friend still naive enough to think that judges and courts are not for sale, she was upset, shocked, and angry enough to finally stop watching them and get informed of actual TRUE news!!! She has changed a great deal since discovering that they secretly “officially” call themselves an entertainment station so they can make up whatever they want. Some people are just morons who don’t care, but some actually think they are accountable as news and are just called liars by those who don’t like their opinions. Funny how finding out that those opinions are based on PURE LIES can actually save the savable! MOST people of any real humanity don’t like being lied to and duped to further the liars TOO SICK TO BE HONEST agenda. * phone won’t allow typo corrections

      • Ryan Odell Goss

        You do strike me as the type that may have goggled once or twice, but Fox is the single greatest tool for dissemination of propaganda the left has.

  • gordo

    petty petty petty

  • Leaning Blue

    Didn’t I kind of say the something the other day? Not exactly the way Jon Stewart worded it but the point is almost the same. I posted a pic on FB of GWB holding his dog while saluting and I didn’t hear a peep from any of the dumb asses that criticized PBO for the “disrespectful latte salute.”

    • Leaning Blue

      Sorry for the typo, I meant to type “the same thing” on the first line.

  • Larry Ham

    I’m new to this site and trying to get the gist of it…so is it about progressive ideology or just a place to rant about FOX?

    • me e eee

      This is an article. Try reading… yes, it is about fuks lies and BS propaganda.

    • ziggywiggy

      No you’re not , disqus shows ALL your comments. It seems you are a prolific commenter, just be honest.

      • Larry Ham

        Prolific on CNN maybe, but I’m fairly new to forwardprogressive dot com. I was expecting to read the left side of news stories but it seems like it’s all about ripping FOX News.

        It’s really no different than the far right “news” sites like WesternJournalism dot com which always has headlines like “You won’t believe what Rachel Maddow said this time!”

        I mean, enough already, talk about news, not news casters.

  • betty

    Jon Stewart is a pompous pseudo-intellectual, and this stint on his show demonstrates that.

    • PO’ed

      Yes; a man gives his honest, passionate thoughts on something, but because YOU don’t agree with it, he’s automatically a person you shouldn’t listen too, because reasons. After all, that would you ruin your perfect little image of the world.

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      it must royally suck being so bereft of humor in your life. Im willing 2 wager several dollars that Jon has a substantially higher IQ that U do

  • Mark Stone

    The morons making the big deal out of the president saluting with coffee in his hand once again show their ignorance. Why? Probably since most of them were, or are, too chickens**t to serve in the military. Marines do not salute unless they are wearing head gear aka cover. Since the president was saluting marines then out of “respect” he should follow Marine protocol. And not wearing cover he should not have tried to salute. So spin on that Fox news hacks. Let’s get serious about important stuff you numb nuts.

  • vortex100

    Wow, if only this tiny molehill were the mountain the conservatives were trying to make it out to be. This left the news cycle quite a while ago. The conservatives and Fox News are being laughed at for their overblown coverage of this split second non-event. How embarrassing.

  • Nick Wride

    When Bush was president, anyone who questioned the administration or their tactics was called a traitor. “You hate America, the flag and the troops. We’re at war, you’re giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” What has changed, other than we have a black Democrat as president? We’re still at war. Using their own words, conservatives hate America, the flag and the troops. They’re giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They are traitors. Using their own words.

  • Feet on the desk, tan suits, salutes. CHECK YOUR FRIGGIN’ HISTORY FOLKS, other Presidents HAVE DONE THE SAME THING. Many of you despise President Obama so much, your nit-picking is reaching for steaming piles of BS. No matter what President Obama does, you have issues with it. Start looking in the mirror and see where many of the real issues are.

  • He doesn’t have to salute, but if he DOES salute he needs to do it right. President Bush did it properly, and anyone who has served knows this. I love when people who don’t know the facts act like they are subject matter experts. You are allowed to hold something in your LEFT hand while you salute with your RIGHT hand, which is what President Bush did. This other guy, “President Obama” did not. Therefore, one is right and the other one is not. End of story. Your opinions don’t matter if they don’t line up with the rules of the proper etiquette.

  • Jim Bean

    I remember back when Liberals were protesting the Iraq war during the Bush administration. Back then, they called questioning American leadership ‘patriotic’. Then Obama became President and Liberals had to reverse their definition.

    • Suzanne

      ???!!! Facts?!

  • Jake Lietz

    WOW! After reading some comments here you really see where we are in this country. They have us right where they want us, fighting each other. Neither political group cares about moving this nation forward. It’s all about power and money. It’s always the same thing, whoever is in power tries to push their agenda while the other does everything they can to prevent it. It’s so simple, each can blame each other for nothing getting done. It’s nothing new but for some reason we think “our” party is great and the other sucks, when really they both have valid ideas that if they worked on together could be great for our country. But oh no, if they did that then that could help the incumbents stay in office. Money and power. It will stay this way until WE demand real change. Term limits at all levels of government, completely change the tax code, take all money out of politics. All of it! Do not allow gerrymandering of districts, stop changing the voting laws, why do you need to vote a month early? Mandatory voter I’d cards. Just simple changes that at least would allow us to start having real elections. Real choices. Then maybe we could see some real “Change”in this country. I don’t know how we can make these changes. Here in illinois we tried to get rid of gerrymandering, over 500,000 signatures, but forever incumbent michael madrigal of chicago challenged it and got it overturned. When they feel threatened they act quickly. Voting alone may not be enough. God bless America!

  • katherine norton malek

    There are NO words for how stupid & petty FOX views, Karl ‘Rover’ are. What qualifies Rover to comment anyway?

  • Lizard

    F U GOP!!!!!!!!!

  • Suzanne

    Jon Stewart’s an idiot! He uses no facts….Obama is behind all attacks and reactionary and also does anything at all…for political reasons only….Bush didn’t even comment or respond win democrats kept saying hateful things about him, though he kept us safe for 8 years…Stewart and all these bush leaguers “want” to be as good as Fox people are ….but can’t …they are simply the B or C team and use no facts to back their stories up…..and furthermore…BUSH LOVED America….OBAMA hates us and destroys us and our morals; values and decency….treasure…etc. He is a menace to compare the two in any regard is just idiocy….there you go…it’s name is “jon stewart”

    • vCary Becker

      “Bush kept us safe for 8 years”??? 9/11 on hos watch is being safe?? Anthrax attack is being safe??” Obama is behind the attacks?” There are several more points, but I realized you are very sick and very delusional, almost to a point that you sound satirical. You really need help Suzanne.

      • Guest

        I do believe they found the nut case that sent th eanthrax and he was not an Islamist commie terrorist sir…you are weocem to your opinion as I am….personal does not belong on a blog!

      • Suzanne

        Sir….I believe they found the sicko that sent the…A thrx
        and it turned out it was not a terr….is…t. Solved…as for O…h has turned our world upside down and we are vulnerable to Iran; Russia; China and N. Korea…not to mention
        You can’t hide from reality though I find most of you do….why I will never know, as your necks are at risk like all other americans…it is a mystery. You use emotion to argue instead of pure fact and history. I suppose you also “feel” O should’ve independently anointed himself King when he gave amnesty to thousands…and extended our tax money to them as well…even though in fact, O admitted ver 20 times he did not have the authority to do so? It is mindless to defend these things….if you want to make all of this personal fine, I have a hard skin and better yet, I have Gradkids to protect from idiots in this Country …and I will do so.

      • Guest

        Keep on ignoring facts….keep on attacking Grand mothers who are just trying to get idiots like you and our Prez out of here so our Country can go back to sanity once and for all….I have them to protect and I don’t care if you disagree and make it personal….it is because of all of you…we have this situation! Stupid voters and people who hide their heads in the sand. Yep now I am getting personal…I will defeat this comm…and You all!

  • Ken

    John Stewart is a clueless, self-important twit. Why give him any credit for anything he says.

  • DMJ

    I remember this and think Stewart is always on point. The GOP are a disease to the American citizens. Their horror is so strong they have people believing that both dems and reps are the same thing

  • Suzanne

    You haven’t stated sources and proof of lies….weak. Facts are an illusive thing…just because you say it is so, is not proof, sorry

  • petemobtv

    Allen, you are sooooo fucked up. Pull your head out of your ass and take a good look at what is happening to our country.