Jon Stewart Crushes the Incompetence of John Boehner, House Republicans (Video)

stewart-boehnerIt still hasn’t really sunk in that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show sometime later this year. While they may yet find a solid replacement (though I just can’t shake this feeling that they’re going to pick the wrong person), no one will really ever be able to replace Stewart.

Take for instance last night when he absolutely tore apart the incompetence of John Boehner and House Republicans.

As many of you may know, we’re currently dealing with a stalemate in Congress concerning funding for the Department of Homeland Security. While there’s a lot of rhetoric surrounding this “fight,” the truth is, the fault for all of this nonsense lies squarely on the shoulders of House Republicans. The only reason why the DHS isn’t fully funded right now is because House Republicans won’t approve the bipartisan “clean” funding bill the Republican-controlled Senate has already passed and the president has said he would sign.

Well, all this absurdity prompted Stewart to crush Boehner’s bizarre behavior and complete inability to lead.

“This finally answers the question, where is the turd clogging our legislative plumbing? They’re called House Republicans,” Stewart stated. “Everything was gonna run smoothly if we had a Republican Senate with a Republican House. Turns out no one can work with a Republican House, they’re the Keith Olbermann of Congresses.”

He then played clips of Boehner’s odd behavior during a press conference last week where, at one point, he made “kissing gestures” toward one reporter who had asked him about the impasse on the funding bill.

“Either mentally John Boehner’s a few seats short of a majority, or he’s got such an amazing plan that he can afford to be overconfident to the point of weirdness,” Stewart said.

He went on to mock the genius “plan” supported by House Republicans of a one-week temporary measure that does nothing more than put off the inevitable and guarantees that in less than a week we’ll be dealing with this exact same ridiculousness yet again. The harsh reality for House Republicans is, this is a non-negotiable situation for them – they have absolutely zero leverage in this. The House can keep passing temporary funding measures every single week, but it’s not going to change a thing. This is almost exactly the same thing we saw in 2013 during the government shutdown. Back then, just as it is now, it was House Republicans playing petty partisan games, fighting a battle that they had no chance at winning.

“It’s as though the caucus that you, John Boehner, purport to control has told you to [kiss] their ass,” Stewart said as he mocked Boehner’s “kissy-face” he made during his press conference.

This entire situation is about as simple as it gets. Either House Republicans are going to give in and approve the “clean” funding bill the Senate has already passed, or they’re going to keep playing these pointless games and eventually the Department of Homeland Security is going to close its doors until House Republicans grow up and start acting like adults.

But either way, when all is said and done, they’re eventually going to have to cave and all of this foolishness will have been for nothing.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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