Jon Stewart Destroys Sean Hannity: ‘Your Special Brand of Spiteful Ignorance Will Always be Legal’ (Video)

jon-stewart-sean-hannity-1It’s pretty safe to assume that by now most Americans have heard about the Adrian Peterson child abuse scandal. It’s definitely been a situation that’s brought about quite the heated debate among those who think his actions were deplorable and those who think beating a 4-year-old child with a wooden stick until they bleed is “just good discipline.”

On Tuesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity decided to take the debate in another direction when he pathetically suggested that convicting Peterson of child abuse may lead to it being illegal for parents to teach their kids that homosexuality isn’t natural.

The message I took from his comments was that he’s afraid that parents might not be able to “beat the gay” out of their children. Otherwise I’m not quite sure why anyone would compare human sexuality to the brutal beating of a 4-year-old child. It would seem Hannity would be perfectly fine with a parent using Peterson’s tactics to “teach their child that homosexuality is wrong.”

But fear not, because Jon Stewart has assured Hannity that his brand of hate and ignorance will always be legal.

Responding to Hannity’s comments, Stewart said, “Seriously, your special brand of spiteful ignorance will always be legal. And profitable, so sleep well, friend.”

Stewart then sarcastically recalled the “good ol’ days” when the media obsessed over whether or not the NFL would be able to handle an openly gay player in the league. That having an openly gay player on an NFL roster might be too much of a “distraction.”

“Remember those days?” he asked. “How scared the NFL was back then, that a gay man would ruin their league? Oh, what the NFL wouldn’t do right now for that kind of distraction!”

I think it goes without saying that these are some of the darkest days the NFL has seen in quite some time. But it’s mostly been their own fault. If they had handled these situations from a standpoint of what’s right and wrong, they wouldn’t be in the middle of this public relations nightmare.

But when it comes to someone like Hannity, who’s trying to use this scandal to fear monger about a completely unrelated subject, Stewart is absolutely right.

Hannity’s brand of ignorance and hate will always be legal – and it will always be profitable. Because there will always be millions of people dumb enough to buy into it.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Muncy

    Sean Hannity is a disgrace to journalism, a demagogue for pay, and an effective leader of lynch-mob mentality. And those are his best traits. He simply stirs up hate and discontent for a living. May God have mercy on his soul for he knoweth not what he does.

    • Jim Bean

      Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      • Jim Muncy

        All that is necessary for evil to conquer is for a few good men to say or do nothing. Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler; FDR judged Nazis and acted appropriately. We can’t shut our eyes and mouths, fold our hands, and hope for the best. Speak up; it’s our right as Americans.

      • Jim Bean

        I agree, with this caveat: when we speak, we must do it responsibly. Its our duty as Americans.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        funny,,,,FDR( greatest president in over a century) needed Japan’s attack on us to declare war on germany
        NOTE: Im very liberal

      • allazar

        Germany declared war on the United States. You had better reread that history book

      • Sterling Harris


      • BB

        Most Americans did not favor our participation in the Germany-Britain conflict. In fact a large number of Americans were on the side of Hitler’s Germany. Not surprising if you know the largest immigrant population of the U.S. is German. AND our industrial oligarchs of the era had plenty of commerce with Berlin.
        FDR was between a rock and a hard place. He provoked the Japanese by imposing sanctions in the Philippines, and elsewhere in the South Pacific. He let Pearl Harbor happen, knowing full well it was imminent. He had the carriers moved elsewhere, and didn’t advise the Hawaiian military brass about the coming attack.
        It allowed him to easily bring us into the European war,
        since the propaganda value of Pearl Harbor was immense.

      • David Miller

        One cannot live among others without judging them and being within their judgement.

      • Jim Bean

        True. One can refrain from hypocrisy, however.

      • David Miller

        True that man.

      • Giordan

        Maybe Hannity should stop being a hypocrite…

      • chicagostyl

        Im ready to be judge right now today if im up against Hannity

      • Jim Bean


      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        can this also include how regressive religious lemmings judge all that isn’t in their myopic scope?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        #2– my reply below also u did not answer
        how many of these do U need?

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Judge not; conservatives don’t like the competition.

      • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

        I’m judged everyday so I’m not worried.

      • geo

        Who is judging… we are talking about a child being beaten half to death.. do you have children?!! Can we beat your kids with a stick until they bleed??!

    • pam95650

      Hannity isn’t a journalist, but a commentator.

      • Jim Muncy

        No, he is a demagogue, a good one, too. He has done infinite damage: he poisons minds. He brings out the worst in people, the opposite of Christ, Who brought out the best in people.

      • BB

        Not if you read about the Spanish Inquisition, the wanton slaughter by Christians in the New World, the genocide of the Cathars in France because they wouldn’t pay duty to the Pope, the murderous conflicts between Protestants and Catholics, and so on.

    • Donald Lyons

      Hannity WOULD be a disgrace to journalism except for ONE very important fact—THIS IDIOT IS NOT A JOURNALIST!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Bean

    ‘Teaching kids that homosexuality isn’t natural’ and ‘beating the gay out of a child with a stick’ is not the same thing. Attempting to homogenize the two is as intellectually dishonest as anything Hannity comes up. (I pretty much despise Hannity, btw, but it hasn’t caused me to go blind.)

    • Jillz

      So when discussing an incident whereby a professional football player beat up a four-year old, Hannity worries that if Peterson is convicted of child abuse (which this incident obviously was), it might affect parents’ right to teach their children to discriminate against homosexuality. Since I haven’t heard any news saying Peterson was trying to teach his child not to be gay, or anything related to homosexuality, why would Hannity bring it up unless he supports the beating of a child IF the reason for the beating was to stop the child from being gay?

      I agree that the two concepts you noted are not the same thing. “Beating the gay out of child” is just an EXAMPLE of how some people might try “‘teaching’ kids that homosexuality isn’t natural”, not the same as. Sounds to me like Hannity would support beating the gay out of a four-year old.

      • Ivan Renko

        It likely ‘sounds that way’ to you now because you read it described that way here, and defended by other people who first read it here described that way.

        Did Jon Stewart describe it that way? Did anyone outside of this blog?

      • Jillz

        Yeah, I don’t need for other people to tell me how to think.

        The facts are in on this one. Peterson admitted he beat his child bloody. Hannity tried to connect it with a parent’s right to teach their children to discriminate against homosexuality saying that if Peterson is convicted of child abuse (which he is calling ‘discipline’) it would somehow end up preventing parents from teaching their children to discriminate.

        Exactly what is it I’m missing? How are these two things connected? And if there IS no connection, why would Hannity bring it up?

      • Ivan Renko

        Because Hannity believes everything about liberalism is a constant push to go further and further to the extreme. He didn’t condone child abuse. For any reason. He never has and he never would. I can’t speak for him, which is why I won’t automatically assume I knew what he meant, but if I don’t know, (and you and I don’t), I wouldn’t hypothesize and assume a position for which he’s never advocated for before, ever. And that’s what you’re doing.

      • Jillz

        What I’ve done is to reach a logical conclusion based on the comments of a ‘journalist’ who randomly connected an admitted child abuse case with the principle of parents’ right to teach their children. By connecting those two concepts he has implied that there might be a reason to justify Peterson’s abuse of his 4-year old child.

        It’s not a matter of left or right – it’s a matter of decency. I’m not hypothesizing – Peterson abused his child (admitted to beating his child bloody), and regardless of Hannity’s beliefs about the left, his comments seek to find a justification for beating up a child. When you take away all the spin talk – that’s what it comes down to.

        So maybe to those on the right, there are justifications for child abuse. Maybe you’re correct and I’m jumping to the wrong conclusion. Maybe he WASN’T saying it’s ok to beat the gay out of your kid. Maybe what he actually meant was that it’s ok to beat up your kid because somehow it might stop the left from going further to the extreme. Whatever his intention was, his comments were still trying to justify child abuse (regardless of your reassurance that he has never, and would never abuse a child himself).

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        wrong again—
        Hannity clearly made a statement which laid claim to ( his) opinion(s) that being gay is abnormal
        shall we ask dick cheney about that?

      • Jim Bean

        Sounds to me that you would support laws prohibiting parents from teaching their children that homosexuality is unnatural.

        But, like you, I’m just speculating. Unlike you, I will not base a conclusion on that speculation.

      • Jillz

        I support laws that prevent discrimination toward any person. If a parent wants to teach their child to discriminate, that’s up to them, but they don’t have the right to beat that child bloody to do it.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        im with jimbo here– I just hope that the same kids who get taught falsely or get beat return to those crappy parents the same lessons

      • Progressive Patriot

        So, do you teach your kids that homosexuality is “not natural”? That rather sounds like you believe that sexual orientation is taught. Is that about right?

      • Jim Bean

        My kids are grown and I never discussed homosexuality with them. Were I to do that, I wouldn’t say it’s not ‘natural’, because it does occur naturally.

        I think I would say its ‘not normal’ because it is not normally occurring.

      • jimmo42

        What is “normal”? I am willing to bet money that some of *your* behaviour is not “normal”.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        natural destroys normal as natural is objective while ‘normal’ is objective

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      im agreeing with jim here– but is WAS Hannity who conflated the two

  • MDonaldWilpon

    He’s not a journalist. He’s a mouthpiece for a million morons. In fact, I think they are having a rally in DC where 20 people will show up with guns.

  • artdude102

    Can we beat the stupid out of Sean Hannity? Or at least give it a really good old school try?

    • Ram Garcia

      Yeah… ask Adrian Peterson for the switch he used on his 4 year old son and give Hannity the same amount of licks and maybe knock some of the stupid out of him if not, well, he’ll have time to think about while the welts on his skin heal…

  • dutch163

    Hannitty is a disgrace..and so ignorant…linking those two unrelated things…and BTW..what ever happened with his charity for veterans/soldiers which didn’t seem to get much $$ to vets/soldiers?
    and on another NFL topic: why are they non-profit? they make billions??!!

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      I read up on hannitys scam,,,,, 7-12% of the money went to soldiers: most of it went to seans comforts
      patriotic; aint it?

      • dutch163

        correct! very little went to soldiers…Hannity is a hypocrite

  • Raul Miller Miller

    Why do we even give voice to Hannity. A paid shill

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      he is fun to love ( if U are a regressive white trash tea bagger) and he is fun to mock if U are a person who actually thinks and sees clearly

  • JackJS

    Sean Hannity pretends to be a journalist, he didn’t finish College, he rarely makes a statement based on fact. “In my Opinion”, automatically eliminates researching anything, If a tree falls on a car, saying, “In my opinion, the idiot shouldn’t have parked there”, doesn’t serve any purpose, isn’t useful regarding what the circumstances were, but it does suggest the guy is a moron for parking his car where he did-it’s what he does with President Obama. The President doesn’t have to do a fricking thing wrong, all Hannity has to say is he was a dumb ass for taking action, even if it was the right thing to do, the point being, he just successfully influenced millions into believing the President is a worthless fool…Shawn knows this works with the millions of ‘I don’t like thinking for myself listeners’, who watch this Pretend News Journalist….Rupert Murdock hired him because Shawn has no conscious idea he is laughing stock to many more millions who see him as a total buffoon.

    • Jim Muncy

      The only correction to your comment would be: it’s Sean, not Shawn. Now your post gets an A+

  • rowdy13

    I have a suggestion for Hannity. I’ll come on his show and beat his ass with a stick until hes bloody. Then he can tell me if that’s appropriate for a grown man to do to a 4 year old. Disciplining your child is good, you dont want them to grow up to be a whiny little brat. But that is some barbaric shit, to beat a kid with a stick til he bleeds. You wanna swat your kid on the ass to let him know he fucked up? Fine. Drawing blood and sending kids to the emergency room however is taking it way to god damn far.

  • K Donald

    I come from a time (first half of the last century) when whippings were expected and the fear of one kept a lot of kids from serious misbehavior. Whippings and beatings are not the same. Beatings are intended to be severe and do serious, even fatal bodily harm. Whippings were a few whacks with lessor switches or a belt to teach a lesson. Hands can actually inflict more damage so was more serious a “crime.” I remember our grade-school principal had a piece of real rubber hose to use on the bratty delinquents, usually boys. Our school was re markedly well behaved.
    I am not in favor of beating kids. A whack on the backside is not the same thing.
    I also remember my mother telling about a neighbor lady who appeared to be beaten. She and other neighbor women told their husbands. The husbands “visited” the man and informed him that if he touched her again in any way abusive he would receive the same treatment from them. The lady’s life improved immensely! Some idiots only understand a direct approach. Now we have judges decide what is what. I wonder if any study has been done about which society was more peaceful as a whole, then or now?

    • RM

      You may be the only one here with brains, K. I agree. I got a few whippings when I was young and I’m sure they prevented me from developing the kind of disrepect for others that it so prevelent in the kids of the last couple of generations (since spanking became “child abuse”). There is nothing wrong with corporal punishment. It didn’t kill any of us and I don’t have any physical or mental scars from having been punished in that way (among other ways…banned to your room, no TV, etc.). Are there better ways? Probably. But what we have been doing (or NOT doing) for the past 25 years +/- damn sure hasn’t been working well.

    • Jim Muncy

      Oh, boy, here we go.
      B.F. Skinner, the iconic Harvard psychologist, now deceased, insisted that punishment doesn’t work, by and large, because it rarely, if ever, is consistent. To change a person or an animal, reward the desired behavior, ignore unwanted behavior. Positive reinforcement works quickly; animals will repeat the targeted behavior forever even after the rewards cease.
      The research behind these statements is endless. Unfortunately, so is the debate.

  • Blake

    Where did the video go?