Jon Stewart Dismantles The Idea That Bernie Sanders Is An Unelectable ‘Kook’ (Video)

Bernie Sanders 1Before Senator Bernie Sanders even formally announced his campaign for president, he was dismissed by many as “unelectable” or “too radical,” especially since he openly calls himself a “socialist” – a term Republicans have been incorrectly applying to President Obama who’s actually closer to a centrist Republican than they would like to admit. People have been calling Sanders’ ideas crazy and have worried that he would split the vote in the general election like Ralph Nader did in 2000, without realizing that he’s running for the Democratic nomination, not as a third-party candidate.

Last night, Jon Stewart took apart those talking points and explained how Bernie Sanders is far from being crazy, especially when compared to the types of candidates Republicans have fielded in the past (and continue to field today). He pointed out Herman Cain’s bizarre “aww, shucky ducky” comment during a rally in 2012, and when you think about it, Herman Cain’s whole campaign reminds me of that time when that one weird uncle had too much champagne at a wedding and embarrassed everyone.

Here’s the video segment from last night’s The Daily Show, where Jon Stewart dismisses the claims from both the left and right that Bernie Sanders is crazy and unelectable:

Breaking up the big banks, pay equity for women, campaign finance reform and expanding Social Security benefits (along with other proposals Bernie Sanders has put forth) sure don’t sound like insane ideas to me. In fact, those are great ideas that nobody is really talking about – not even the assumed Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I (along with many people I know) will vote for Hillary Clinton over anyone the Republicans will offer as their candidate in the general election, but let’s stop pretending that Bernie Sanders is some sort of bizarre left-wing kook who has no business in the race or that he’s somehow going to cost Hillary Clinton the general election.

The other issue not mentioned on the program which has drawn a lot of criticism is the fact Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation that would make higher education free. While a repeated objection to it is that we already have a ton of debt, unlike the wars we keep finding ourselves involved in, free higher education would be paid for by Wall Street – which isn’t making Republicans and corporatist Democrats too happy. He’s also opposed the TPP trade deal, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren, an issue that stakes him out to the left of President Obama who is receiving support from Republicans on this legislation.

Bernie Sanders already has a very active subreddit on Reddit, /r/SandersForPresident, and has doubled his ranking in the polls in just one month, despite being relatively unknown compared to Hillary Clinton. He’s also refused to take corporate money and has relied on small donations instead, something no other candidate has done. There are some borderline insane people with some horrible, radical ideas like Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz who are running for president in 2016, but Bernie Sanders is certainly not one of them.


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  • oriflamme

    Wrong, Jon. Slamming Hilary for using a southern accent is incredible on your part. You of all people should recognize IRONY when you hear it, in particular self-directed irony making fun of herself being old enough and “managed” enough to color her hair, and using the accent to include others in the joke on herself. Why is it males in particular can’t seem to get her humor and self-deprecation, and assume she is “mechanical” and humorless?

    • Dominic Blais

      i feel sorry for you to even notice that over everything else are you a feminist or a republican

  • Robin

    Well, I think he’d be slightly less bad than Hillary. Unfortunately his economic ideas remind me of the recent news coverage on a man who was considering suicide and the cops promptly killed him before he got the chance.

  • Clintoris

    America is not ready for socialism right now.Try back in about 16 years Bernie.

    • Idil Tabanca

      they also said America wasn’t ready for a black president. I’m glad we proved wrong

  • LEGOates

    “[C]laims from the left and the right that he’s unelectable” pardon me Manny, but Steward didn’t even allude to the “left” making such a claim, the Democratic big wigs perhaps; but only a political dunce such as yourself, one who is utterly ignorant of political reality, would think of referring to that group of Wall Street whores as the “left”.