As Jon Stewart Exits The Daily Show, Here’s a Look at Some of His Best Moments

jon-stewart-raging-billWell, the day is now upon us, Jon Stewart’s last day as host of The Daily Show. While his fans certainly didn’t want to see him go, in my opinion, it’s clear he’s been a bit burnt out for a while now. He still “brought it” practically every night, but he seemed much more cynical and jaded the last couple of years than he has in the past. Then again, when you spend as much time following and discussing the news (especially politics) as he has, it’s very easy to become that way.

Make no mistake about it, his exit from The Daily Show is a huge blow to our news media. Even though his show was satirical and on Comedy Central, it was still a news show. On many levels it was one of the few honest news broadcasts on television. Stewart has always had a liberal lean, but there were plenty of episodes I watched where he absolutely tore into President Obama and Democrats. That’s something you sure as hell don’t see Fox News do to the Republican party on a regular basis.

That being said, I thought I’d take a moment and list several amazing moments from Stewart that show why we’re all desperately going to miss his wit, intelligence and his impact on our news. Every one of these articles has a video of the segment embedded in it, so I would definitely encourage everyone to check them out if you have a few minutes.

Jon Stewart Destroys Sean Hannity: ‘Your Special Brand of Spiteful Ignorance Will Always be Legal’: Any time Stewart went off on Sean Hannity it was must-see television. These are two men who I would pay to watch square off in a one-on-one debate. While on-screen animosity is sometimes faked for the sake of entertainment, there’s a clear disdain between these two.

Jon Stewart Remakes Koch Brothers Commercial So That It Actually Tells The Truth: About a year ago Stewart was a bit surprised to learn that the Koch brothers had been running advertisements during his show. I guess it makes a little sense. They’re worth tens of billions of dollars so why not waste a few to try to push their nonsense on an audience they normally don’t reach on Fox News? Well, Stewart had some fun with this advertisement, remaking it in such a way that it actually told the truth instead of the propaganda it was pushing. And I think it goes without saying that Stewart’s version was absolutely hilarious and spot-on.

Jon Stewart Shreds Fox News’ Hypocrisy After They Call Him a ‘Tool’: ‘This One Is Gonna Blow your Motherf**king Mind!’: This one was from just a couple of days ago. It served as kind of his “parting goodbye” to Fox News with an absolutely epic takedown of the right-wing news channel. Easily one of his best anti-Fox News segments I’ve ever seen.

Jon Stewart Crushes ‘Diseased Minds’ on Fox News: ‘F**k You And All Your False Patriotism!’: It’s not every day you see Stewart step a bit out of character, but in this particular instance you could feel how much he detested Fox News. He absolutely went off on the network’s hypocrisy for bashing President Obama for every small thing at every single turn despite the fact that we’re almost on the brink of another war – yet during Bush’s presidency they went after anyone and everyone who dared to criticize the president while the nation was at war.

Jon Stewart on South Carolina: 5 of the Most Brutally Honest Minutes Ever Aired on Comedy Central: The first show after the Charleston, South Carolina shooting had absolutely no jokes. There wasn’t any witty way to try to make people laugh even in the aftermath of a horrific act of violence. It was just five minutes of Stewart telling it exactly how it is concerning racism in this country.

Jon Stewart Slams Fox News on Poverty: Completely ‘F*cking Removed From Reality’: The segment that perfectly defined just how ridiculous Fox News (and conservatives for that matter) are when it comes to discussing poverty and what it’s like to be poor in America.

Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News, Exposes 50 Of Their Lies In 6 Seconds: After several personalities from Fox News accused him of lying, Stewart absolutely hammered the network’s dishonesty by playing a short six-second clip of 50 lies that have been told on the conservative entertainment network. And as Stewart reiterated this past week, he’s yet to have Fox address the lies he exposed.

And finally, possibly Stewart’s best moment came just after the 9/11 attacks. If you’ve never watched the video, I highly recommend that you do, as it’s easily some of the best work Stewart has ever done:

Allen Clifton

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