Jon Stewart Exposes Just How Corrupt Chris Christie Really Is (Video)

chris-christie-stewartJust over a year ago when Chris Christie was re-elected governor of New Jersey, there were some polls that had him ahead of Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical presidential matchup and he was the toast of the town for the GOP. In other words, at that point he was the “it” guy for the Republican party. Conservatives thought he could win northeastern liberals and moderates which would most likely give the White House back to Republicans in 2016.

My, how things have changed.

See, what happens when someone is thrust into the political spotlight like Christie is that it brings about all the scrutiny and media attention that goes along with it, and that’s usually what can make or break a potential candidate. It’s like in 2012 when all President Obama really needed to do was let Mitt Romney be Mitt Romney. Often during that campaign simply using Romney’s quotes verbatim was more impactful than any campaign ad could have ever dreamed of being.

And that seems to be what’s happened with Christie.

It wasn’t too long after he was the leading man for the GOP, the now infamous “bridge scandal” dominated the headlines and that quickly put to rest most of the momentum Christie had gained following his re-election. Since that story broke, Christie has been viewed by many as a petty and power-hungry bully. That’s not exactly the best persona to have for someone who has presidential aspirations.

Well, on last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart brought up another fairly unethical and corrupt issue that I’m surprised hasn’t been talked about more.

It seems in 2010, Christie signed an executive order declaring that the governor of New Jersey would be allowed to take extravagant gifts from foreign heads of state. That’s a pretty convenient move considering that just happened to be the first year he was in office. Nothing like signing an executive order that makes it legal for you to accept lavish gifts from foreign governments without any legal ramifications for doing so. You know, such as a $30,000 trip paid for by King Abdullah of Jordan.

Yeah, nothing at all seems corrupt about a governor with presidential aspirations taking what could be seen as bribes from foreign leaders. I’m sure these “gifts” are all on the up and up.

“This man is so lucky, he should play the lottery – after signing an executive order saying the governor of New Jersey automatically wins the lottery,” Stewart said.

Stewart also went on to play a quote directly from Christie addressing the executive order where he literally said he wanted to “squeeze all the juice out of the orange that I can.”

“You gotta admire his honesty,” Stewart said. “‘Hey, here’s the deal: I’m gonna get every f*cking thing I can get legally out of this office, including sh*t that I myself made legal.’”

Christie needs to face the reality that he stands absolutely no chance at winning his own party’s primary, let alone the presidency. Even at his peak of popularity within the GOP he was mostly loathed by southern conservatives, and it’s vital for any GOP presidential hopeful to win those people over if they want to stand any chance at winning the Republican nomination in 2016.

So it seems, thankfully for the rest of us, that Christie’s unethical behavior and arrogance will be confined to the state of New Jersey. Hopefully in 2018, the citizens of The Garden State will select someone slightly less egotistical and corrupt.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

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