Jon Stewart Hammers Chris Christie’s Ebola Response, Asks Why He’s ‘Such a D*ck About Everything’ (Video)

christie-jon-stewartI have a confession to make. Earlier today I was having a random conversation with a family member when they decided to ask me what I thought about all of this Ebola stuff, and I just snapped. Not outrageously or anything, I just quickly told them that I had zero interest in talking about Ebola and left it at that. I felt bad because they didn’t deserve such a short response, but I’m just so sick and tired of hearing about Ebola.

And it’s not because people shouldn’t be concerned about the virus. It’s because of the ridiculous media coverage and political response I’ve seen toward the four person “massive outbreak” in this country.

Well, luckily Jon Stewart was back from what seems to be one of many recent breaks and managed to make me laugh about this entire situation. It appears that Mr. Stewart isn’t a fan of Chris Christie’s handling of a nurse who was forced into quarantine upon her return home from helping people in Africa.

“Why does Christie have to be such a d*ck about everything?” Stewart asked. “He can’t just quarantine her. He has to be like, ‘Hey, you’re a doctor without a border, not anymore, get in the f*cking room, you self-sacrificing angel of mercy piece of sh*t.’”

This was in response to a clip Stewart played where Christie showed absolutely no remorse toward the nurse’s feelings about her confinement, essentially saying that later on she would see why it was necessary.

Yeah, because people always thank those who unlawfully imprisoned them in a tent with no heat and a box for a toilet later on down the road.

Well, as many of you might have heard, the nurse has since been released from her forced quarantine. This was clearly a move that was triggered following a fairly intense public backlash over what many considered an illegal policy.

Stewart then showed several clips of politicians making outrageous claims about the virus followed by an actual scientist pointing out why these policies would most likely discourage people from going to Africa to help. He asserted that the best way to prevent this virus from coming to the United States starts with containing it in Africa, which is an effort that’s relying heavily on people from other nations to come in and help treat Ebola victims.

It’s like I told someone recently about this whole situation, I’m not sure if there is a clear “right” or “wrong” answer to any of it, because I get both sides. I trust science when it tells me that Ebola can be easily contained here and there’s no threat to any sort of widespread outbreak. But I also understand that there’s always a potential risk of even a small outbreak (10-20 people), and that’s something that we can be doing more to possibly prevent.

Perhaps a required 7-day home quarantine followed by very limited public exposure for 14 days upon returning. I’m not saying that’s the “answer,” but I think it’s better than an all or nothing approach to this.

I just believe that there’s a balance here that can be found with logic and reason. Unfortunately, when it comes to Ebola in this country, it seems far too many people (especially those working within our media) aren’t working with either logic or reason.

Watch Stewart’s segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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