Jon Stewart Hammers Republican Hypocrites for Attacking President Obama on ISIS (Video)

jon-stewart-donald-trumpJon Stewart was back from taking a week off last night and he returned with a vengeance, shredding the Republican rhetoric surrounding their continued attacks on President Obama and his handling of ISIS.

He started the show off by playing several clips of Fox News, Ted Cruz and various conservative pundits obsessing over the fact that the president refuses to refer to ISIS as “Islamic radicals.” You know, because in the grand scheme of things, that’s going to really make a difference. The truth is, all of this rhetoric from the right is nothing more than petty fear-mongering to try to push the narrative that “President Obama favors Muslims” – without outright saying it. But they damn sure know what they’re doing.

Stewart then aired a clip where President Obama explained why he doesn’t refer to them as “Islamic radicals,” stating that by doing so it would give them the legitimacy that they desire. And it’s true that ISIS wants the west to declare war on Islam. In their warped world, that’s the best recruitment tool they could possibly have. What better way to get more Muslims on your side than to air clips of the President of the United States saying, “We’re at war with Islam”?

“Six and a half years into his presidency, and this man still thinks he can persuade us through reasoned argument,” Stewart said.

“But that’s always been Obama’s problem!,” he exclaimed. “Obama thinks if he just sits down and explains things to us in a calm, reasoned, slightly annoyed tone – everyone will get it. It’s what the medical community calls MSNBC-itis. It’s a condition where one uses facts and research to refute opponents, delivered whilst bespectacled, in a tone suggesting you can’t believe you have to explain this to these f*cking idiots again. Symptoms include: cancellation.”

Stewart then showed several segments where Obama’s critics were seen commenting about what he should be doing to combat ISIS, followed immediately by the president explaining what he’s doing to combat ISIS – which is exactly what these critics are claiming he’s not doing.

“It’s like people who complain about a TV show, but have never seen the TV show,” Stewart said.

Then he played comments made by Donald Trump to Fox News’ Sean Hannity who had asked him what he would do if he were in charge.

“I would go very, very hard and very, very strong,” Trump stated.

“No details, no strategy – just military p*rn talk,” Stewart said, impersonating Trump.

Sadly, Stewart is right. Republicans seem to want President Obama to stand up in front of everyone wearing an American flag suit and saying something along the lines of, “Listen here, we’re going to go into that Middle East and whip some Islamic radical ass. By the time we’re through with them they won’t know what hit ’em – yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw!”

Thankfully, we have a president who’s much more intelligent than that. Which is something I definitely can’t say about his predecessor.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what President Obama does or doesn’t do, Republicans are going to complain about it. Even if he’s doing exactly what many of them are saying he should be doing.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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