Jon Stewart Hilariously Mocks Republicans Cozying Up to Koch Brothers at Weekend Event (Video)

jon-stewart-koch-eventAs most liberals are well aware, the Koch brothers have basically run the Republican party for the last few years. In many ways, they practically own the GOP. Make no mistake about it, you’re not going to be taken seriously within the Republican party unless you’re either independently wealthy (Donald Trump) or you go groveling to the Koch brothers.

Well, over the weekend five Republican presidential candidates (Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina) were invited to a “business conference” in California that was essentially nothing more than an event setup to have these candidates audition for the nearly $1 billion the Koch brothers have said they plan to spend on the 2016 elections.

Though, as Jon Stewart pointed out last night, while these sorts of conferences are typically conducted in secret, this year was slightly different. This year, comments made by the GOP candidates who were invited were actually allowed to be filmed – though that wasn’t the case when the Koch brothers spoke. Because nothing says “we love freedom and have nothing to hide” quite like banning the media from recording comments made at a special event where presidential candidates are basically seeing who can pander to the mega-rich billionaires the best.

“Finally, a democratic system that removes the corrosive connection between election and voters,” Stewart said, mocking the fact that most candidates now no longer have to worry about raising money directly from voters.

Stewart then played clips of these candidates blatantly sucking up to the hosts of the event in what came off as nothing but textbook “Ass Kissing 101.”

He then showed a statement released by Trump (who was not invited to this conference), where the leading presidential candidate flat-out berated those who went to his conference to beg for money, literally calling them puppets.

And Trump’s sadly right, because that’s what this conference was. It was just a way for the Koch brothers to sit back and watch these candidates kiss up to them in a desperate attempt to win their support with the hope that their billions of dollars might help them buy the 2016 election win the presidency in 2016.

No American, on the right or the left (or anywhere in between), should ever feel proud about any candidate or group of candidates traveling to conferences to meet with billionaires. That’s not what our government, or our political process, is supposed to be about. But, sadly, since Citizens United that’s exactly what we’re getting. Democracy is quickly just becoming an illusion – a clever parlor trick by the richest among us to make us think that we, the American voter, actually have a say-so over how our government operates – when our government is literally being sold to the highest bidders.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me why anyone – conservative or liberal – wouldn’t support doing everything we can to get as much money out of politics as possible. We can go back and forth all day over what’s wrong with our government, but it’s undeniable that the more money we have flowing into our political system, the worse our government becomes. Unfortunately, there are still millions among us who seem to have no problem with record amounts of money infecting our entire political process.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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