Jon Stewart Loses It: The ‘F*ckery’ and ‘Dumbassery’ in Congress is Out Of Control (Video)

jon-stewart-mitchTo say Jon Stewart was on fire last night would be an understatement. Stewart was as snarky and intense as I’ve seen him in quite some time while discussing the current shenanigans going on in the Senate over a bill aimed at curbing human trafficking.

For those of you who might not know, currently there’s an anti-human trafficking bill being held up in the Senate because Republicans are trying to add an unrelated anti-abortion amendment to the bill. What the GOP is trying to do is strip all federal funds away from any institution that performs abortions, claiming that “taxpayers don’t want their money to go to funding abortions.” But what they’re really doing is trying to strip funding away from centers that provide women with an array of health care services.

It’s just another one of their many attacks on women’s rights. Since Republicans can’t place an outright ban on abortion, they’re trying to do anything they possibly can to make it next to impossible for a woman to get one. After all, what good are abortion rights if a woman can’t find any place to legally have one?

I know this news is shocking to all of you. Republicans playing petty partisan politics by trying to force through a right-wing amendment concerning something that’s completely unrelated to the bill at hand – that never happens.

Oh, wait, yeah it does… all the time.

Well, Stewart went off on the stupidity of this entire situation. He especially targeted the hypocrisy of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who accused Democrats of delaying the bill for the sake of “left-wing special interest groups.”

“The only reason the language is in there [concerning abortions] is because you’re bowing down to right-wing special interests,” Stewart said as he climbed up onto his desk.

He didn’t let Democrats off the hook either, playing a clip of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid admitting that the reason this bill got support from Democrats in committee (but then got opposition as it came up for a vote) was because many of them didn’t read the bill in its entirety. Stewart referred to the entire situation as “f*ckery” (Republicans) vs “dumbassery” (Democrats). 

“The guy in charge of Senate Democrats, whose last name is literally ‘Reid.’ How did you not read this bill?!,” Stewart quipped.

Now that Republicans control both the House and the Senate, this is exactly what we’re going to continue to keep seeing. Simple legislation such as funding for the Department of Homeland Security, or even an anti-human trafficking bill, encounters massive hurdles because Republicans continually try to add unrelated partisan amendments instead of just offering up clean bills for a vote.

At the end of the day, all Republicans are going to do is waste a lot of time and a whole lot of taxpayer money because as long as Democrats have filibuster power – and as long as President Obama is in the White House – they’re not going to get away with any of this nonsense.

Watch the video below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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