Jon Stewart Hilariously Mocks Republicans for Being Exposed by the Idiocy of Donald Trump (Video)

stewart-trump-10While I mocked his candidacy at first, I’ve since changed my mind about Donald Trump. Not that I’m anything close to someone who supports him, but I am now convinced that he might just be the perfect Republican candidate. Furthermore, I am absolutely loving watching Trump say all these ignorant, bigoted and disgusting comments – only to continue to rise in the polls. It’s really difficult to claim your party isn’t pandering to some of the worst aspects of our society when someone can call most Mexican immigrants rapists and mock a war veteran, then proceed to solidify his stance as your leading presidential candidate.

That’s basically what Jon Stewart said Thursday when he absolutely hammered Republicans for being exposed by Trump’s continued ridiculousness.

He started off by playing a several clips of RNC chairman Reince Priebus declaring that the Republican party had to change the belief held by many that the GOP is out of touch, narrow-minded, racist, sexist and basically only panders to rich, old white guys.

Enter Donald Trump, the overwhelming GOP front-runner for president.

Yes, after the chairman of the Republican party repeatedly declared over the last couple of years that Republicans had to change the image that the party alienates Latinos, minorities and women – mostly just catering to old, rich white guys – an old rich white guy who’s a sexist and recently called most Mexican immigrants rapists is the party’s leading presidential candidate.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

“Yes, the living embodiment of everything Republicans were trying to exorcise from their party, just escalated down on their parade,” Stewart quipped.

Stewart then shifted his focus on how some of the GOP’s biggest donors are becoming increasingly worried about Trump’s growing popularity among Republican voters.

“This Trump guy is a rich, crazy, egotistical monster,” Stewart said. “People like him are supposed to buy the candidates, not be them. In our system of government, one branch has the money, and the other branch does what the branch with the money tells them to do.”

Stewart then went on to basically say what I said a couple of weeks ago. That is, it’s not an “image” problem from which the Republican party is suffering – it’s their voters. Republicans can try to spin this however they like, but the fact remains that it’s conservative voters who are finding what Trump is saying as a representation of what they believe. So, it’s not that the Republican party has just been saddled with a perception issue as it pertains to being a party of intolerance to minorities and women – it’s that those are the actual values and beliefs many of their voters have.

In other words, the GOP’s own voters – via their continued and increasing support of Trump – are confirming what liberals have been saying for years, that the Republican party is supported by people who are anti-immigrant, anti-women, racist, bigoted and the party itself mostly caters to rich, old white guys.

This isn’t the “liberal media spinning the truth,” as conservatives often like to claim. These are actual poll numbers saying that, out of the 17 candidates, the one who called Mexican immigrants rapists, insulted a war veteran and called a woman who was breast-feeding “disgusting” is the candidate who best represents the values of the majority of conservatives.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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