Jon Stewart Chimes in on Iraq: ‘What the F*ck is Going On Over There?’ (Video)

jon-stewart-iraqWhen it comes to summarizing events that are going on in our nation and around the world, few do it as well as The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

The topic he addressed this time was the continued deterioration in Iraq as insurgents continue to take control of key cities and are quickly moving toward Baghdad.

I would say this is somewhat surprising, but honestly what did anyone think would happen once we left?  Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense knew the only real thing keeping any semblance of order in that country was our military.  And unless we planned a 20 or 30 year occupation of Iraq, that country was always destined to fall into the hands of Islamic radicals soon after our military left.

Stewart starts out the segment by running down the two cities of Mosul and Tikrit that the insurgents currently control with the “revelation” that the insurgents are rapidly making their way to Baghdad.  He asked, “What the f*ck is going on over there?  How are the militants moving so quickly?”

He then runs a few clips describing who these militants are, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (I.S.I.S.) led by a man named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Someone who is described by some analysts as the world’s most powerful Jihadi leader.  He’s also apparently more violent and anti-American than Osama bin Ladin.

Then Stewart played a clip detailing how we spent over $17 billion to train and arm the Iraqi military – only to have them run away from the insurgents, tossing off their uniforms and allowing them to seize vehicles, weapons and ammunition that we provided to them.  

So not only are these insurgents taking over Iraq, the troops we spent $17 billion training are fleeing from them and the insurgents are now in possession of military equipment that we provided to the Iraqi military.

Then Stewart took a jab at one of the most inexcusable parts of the Iraq war by saying that the “joke is on” the insurgents because we didn’t properly up-armor the vehicles they stole.

All of this has led to the Iraqi government asking us for help, in the form of military strikes, in an effort to stop the rapidly advancing insurgents.

“Yes!  We did it!” Stewart shouted.  “We finally got it so that Iraq will now greet us as liberators! Way to go, everybody!”

And while this segment was great, it’s also very depressing to see what’s happening in Iraq.  Because the reality is, after over 4,400 brave men and women died to remove Saddam Hussein from power,  all we might end up with over there is a nation ruled by someone not only worse than Saddam Hussein – but more violent and anti-American than Osama bin Ladin.

Here’s the segment via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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