Jon Stewart Perfectly Hammers Fox News’ Hypocrisy On Benghazi (Video)

jon-stewart-benghaziWhen you want the best take on a particular issue that’s currently going on in our country, there’s often no better place to turn than Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.  A point that was proven once again on last night’s show when he absolutely annihilated Fox News’ “hypocritical outrage and sanctimony” when it comes to Benghazi.

He started the segment off by pointing out that Fox News seems insistent that everybody should be outraged over this latest “smoking gun” email showing in the days immediately following the attack, Susan Rice was given talking points that encouraged her to blame it on an Internet video and not an intelligence failure.  He continued to slam Fox News’ assumption that the lack of outrage stems from ignorance rather than the fact that for nearly two years, people have heard enough about this “story” and simply don’t care about talking points that were used immediately following the attack.

That’s when he really teed off on their hypocritical outrage over one intelligence failure, while they essentially gave a pass to the Bush administration which had at least two massive intelligence failures.  The first obviously being the warning of Osama bin Ladin’s intentions to attack within the United States prior to the 9/11 attacks, and a second intelligence failure that led us into Iraq where over 4,400 Americans died.

Then he shifted his attention to the now defunct color-coded terror alerts where former Bush Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said he was pressured by Ashcroft and Rumsfeld to raise the alert levels to help Bush’s re-election chances in 2004.  Which wouldn’t be a newsworthy mention now, except that’s what Fox News is saying the Obama administration did with these talking points following the Benghazi attacks.  Stewart then played clips showing many of the same Fox News personalities who are so outraged over Benghazi now, downplaying Ridge’s claim that the Bush administration pressured him to raise the terror alerts.

Though I can remember saying to someone during the 2004 elections that I found it quite odd how often the terror alerts kept being mentioned, yet soon after the elections I never heard about them again.

But then Stewart really went after Fox News’ hypocrisy, bringing up a story the Bush administration planted in the New York Times saying that Iraq had aluminum tubes that could only be used for nuclear weapons.  A story that was planted so that the same day it came out, Cheney, Rice and Powell went on television to push this story – even though they knew a year earlier that the story was a complete lie.  He then showed clips of various Fox News personalities in 2005 downplaying the blatant lie by the Bush administration, again many of the same people who are so “outraged” over the Benghazi emails.

That’s when he showed a clip of Donald Rumsfeld addressing a question from a soldier serving in Iraq who had asked him why their vehicles weren’t properly armored, when Rumsfeld said, “As you know, you go to war with the army you have – not the army you might want.”  He followed that with a clip from 2004 where Sean Hannity called the solder a plant.  Stewart mocked that claim, asking, “Why would a guy on the front lines in Iraq even be concerned about not having a properly up-armored vehicle? It doesn’t make sense! Wake up sheeple!”

The entire segment was essentially a perfect blasting of Fox News’ fake outrage over the Benghazi attack, while showcasing their repeated past hypocrisy when it came to much worse offenses committed by the Bush administration.

It’s like I’ve said numerous times, it’s really hard to take this “outrage” seriously from these people over four American deaths in Benghazi when they support (and make excuses for) a party that sent over 4,400 Americans to die in Iraq based on a lie.

Here’s the clip, via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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