Jon Stewart Perfectly Mocks Ted Cruz For Thinking That He Can Bring Americans Together (Video)

stewart-ted-cruz-2016Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is going to go down as one of the most ridiculous politicians in our nation’s history. This is a guy who’s absolutely loathed by most Democrats and even despised by many within his own party. While he’s made it clear that he’s going to oppose pretty much anything President Obama or Democrats support, he’s also been a thorn in the side of his own party for working conservatives up on issues that the Republican party leadership knew they couldn’t win.

Now, why did he do this? Well, because he’s never cared about making his party look foolish. Almost everything he’s done since being elected senator has been a precursor for his recently announced presidential run. It didn’t matter if Republicans looked like idiots due to his often highly inaccurate propaganda, as long as he could use whatever nonsense he was doing later on in his campaign to pander to tea party conservatives.

Well, Tuesday night Jon Stewart decided to tee off on the senator from Texas, hammering him for comments he made concerning how “divisive” President Obama has been. Cruz recently tried to point to increased racial tensions to make the point that a good leader needs to be able to bring people together; meanwhile, Cruz himself has been someone who’s not only divided our government, but he’s also often managed to divide his own party and further divide the nation as a whole.

The rhetoric Cruz often uses to describe Democrats, liberals and President Obama is some of the most inflammatory and dividing nonsense I’ve ever heard.

This is a point Stewart showed perfectly when he played several clips of Cruz comparing those who support marriage equality to ISIS, jihadists or fascists. You know, because nothing says “I can bring people together” quite like telling over half the country that they’re basically just like members of ISIS carrying out attacks on Christians to set up some sort of fascist nation… because we happen to support marriage equality, access to health care and a separation of church and state.

Stewart also poked fun at Cruz’s inability to name a specific thing President Obama has done to divide Americans along racial lines when he was asked to do so, noting that he basically just repeated the same line, just in a different way.

“Come on, Cruz!,” Stewart exclaimed. “All you did was take like a minute to say the exact same thing – just a rephrasing of what you said before.”

He also slammed Cruz for once calling the president a “campaigner in chief,” yet he missed the Senate’s confirmation vote on Loretta Lynch because he was on a plane to a big fundraising event – despite his promise that when the time came he would vote against her for Attorney General.

The entire segments was one of the best takedowns of Cruz I’ve seen in a while. Then again, this is Ted Cruz we’re talking about; he’s easily one of the most outrageous and absurd political figures this nation has ever seen.

Watch the video below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Frank DiChutney


    Do you know how many times Jon Stewart went to the bathroom yesterday? Your readers might like to have that included in your daily update of what he said and did the prior day.

  • Keith

    Ted Cruz is an idiot but he believes he is smart, and that makes him the most dangerous man in Washington DC.

    • Brewblaz

      Keith…it would not surprise me one bit, if he’s the Republican nominee. After scrutinizing Conservative web sites, the overriding sentiment is; we got thrashed running moderates, let’s go in with our gun’s blazing.
      With the polarization in the country, and the constant Hillary bashing, all it would take is a couple of swing states
      to lean to the red & Cruzer is in the White House.

      • Keith

        Wouldn’t that be a train wreck? If you are wondering why he is so clueless and crazy, listen to one of his fathers sermons on the internet. Completely wacko.
        I just wake up disappointed most days, I don’t understand how things got so bad. The polarization is quite dangerous in many ways. It could turn into civil strife so easily and it seems our politicians are clueless about what they have created.

      • Pipercat

        He’s really not a dolt; extremely arrogant, however. About a year ago, he put his foot in his mouth regarding survivors of the Bataan death march. He tried to do damage control with some of the survivors; but instead, proceeded to do a fabulous rendition of the Curly shuffle!

      • Keith

        he really is a dolt, that was my point. He does not care about anybody or anything other than himself. He grew up as a Fundamentalist Christian in one of those very wacky churches , he has no relationship with reality.

      • Pipercat

        Tone deaf for sure. With arrogance comes tunnel vision. He’s, unfortunately, my junior Senator. As much as I would like to think he’s a moron, I’m listening to the better angels of my nature and not pigeonholing my opinions. He managed to dispatch David Dewhurst, who was far better connected and financed, with ease. Getting the morons to vote for you takes some synaptic connections.

      • Keith

        He is my junior Senator as well, I promises I will do all I can to help someone defeat him next election. It will be hard to beat the East Texas racist, and Tea Party vote but I will do my part.
        I believe the votes he got from Central Texas were mistaken identity votes. They thought he was a San Antonio Cruz.

      • DonKey

        If he managed to get the nomination it would be a bigger landslide that Johnson over Goldwater.

    • lindylou

      The saying goes, “He should be bought for what is is worth, and sold for what he thinks he is worth”.

      • Keith

        we would all be rich.

  • bestfriend

    Yes, Jon, we are listening and await your orders

  • Clintoris

    Im sorry but Stewart is an entertainer and should not be commenting on matters pertaining to politics.Stick with comedy Jonny boy.

    • DonKey

      That eliminates Cruz too. He is a bigger comedian than Stewart.

    • D Lemon

      The Daily Show has been on a long time, poking fun at politicians. It’s kind of their thing.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      Well YOU are making comments so why should Jon Stewart not be allowed to do so? Maybe you should stick to whatever job YOU have as well.

  • Clintoris

    After reading these comments I smell fear… people think he actually has a chance and that scares you.

    • lindylou

      It’s not Cruz that scares us, it’s the people who believe in him who do.

  • FD Brian

    Cruz stands little to no chance of winning a presidential election, to win he would have to move very far left and he’s uncompromising, so that won’t happen. And when I say very far left because he is so far right that the only people who would end up voting for him would be people with tin foil on their hats.

  • lindylou

    In a way, I hope he keeps this up, because he is providing not only the nails in the conservative coffin, he is the hammer as well. People (oh God I hope) will realize he is proposing just about everything that our Founding Fathers wanted. The crazies are having a lot of fun now, with all their conspiracies about the military takeover of Texas, the vilification of gays, their abhorrence of science – eventually they will either destroy this country and bring about a revolution (I am already 71 and ready to start making molotov cocktails – I have plenty of wine bottles) .. or the voters will come to their senses.