Jon Stewart Returns to Perfectly Slam Donald Trump’s Constant Whining at Charity Event (Video)

Even though it’s been well over a year since Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, the show still doesn’t seem right without him. Trevor Noah has been a solid replacement, but I don’t find myself feeling the need to watch The Daily Show every night like I once did.

Well, after a year in which he’s largely stayed out of the limelight (aside from a couple of appearances on Stephen Colbert’s CBS show as well as other random interviews), Stewart decided to chime in on the 2016 election at a “Stand Up For Heroes” comedy event in New York City that helps support veterans and their families.

And even though he hasn’t been a fixture in the political media for over a year, he was on his A-game Tuesday night.

“To be here tonight with you guys, my heroes, on the eve of the last American election is so exciting,” Stewart said. “I’m not in the game anymore. I’m not as much of a political analyst… but if I could ask you a question that I’ve been saying to my television, it’s ‘What the f*ck? What the f*ck is going on? What is happening?!'”

“I thought when a guy got off a bus and says, ‘I’m going to grab her on the p–sy’ then okay, we’re done. The election is over,” he added. “Usually that is a signifier that we don’t have to pay attention anymore.”

Though as we all know, it wasn’t. While Trump’s numbers did take a dip, it wasn’t nearly big enough based upon the fact that a major party’s presidential candidate was caught on video admitting to sexually assaulting women and trying to cheat on his wife with another married woman.

Stewart also addressed the recent controversy surrounding the letter FBI Director James Comey sent to Congress concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“Then the FBI jumps in, and all of a sudden there’s a whole new thing and then it goes back to Anthony Weiner?” Stewart quipped. “This is insane – as a writer, honestly, the first woman president and she’s taken down by Bush and Weiner, like, that’s just bad writing.”

He then poked fun at Trump’s continued whining about a “rigged system.”

“Dude, you live in a tower with your name on it in gold,” Stewart mocked. “How well would you be doing if the man wasn’t keeping you down?”

When you think about it, a rich white male who was given a “small loan of a million dollars” by his father whining about a rigged system is possibly one of the most absurd things any of us have ever seen in politics. A man who’s admitted to trying to buy politicians is now claiming that the very system he spent years trying to corrupt is now “rigged” against him. Someone who’s lived in a world where practically everything has been handed to him his whole life is claiming that the “system is rigged” against — him.

Let’s not forget that Trump has also claimed that a “rigged system” helped elect President Obama.

To put all of this in another way: A rich white male raised by a wealthy family is claiming that the “rigged system” is set up to elect African Americans and women — while holding him back.

Now if that’s not the best way to summarize the current delusional state of a the Republican party, I don’t know what is.

But it was good to see Stewart talking politics again. If there was one election where we desperately needed more voices like his, it was this one.

Watch a 5-minute clip from Stewart’s performance below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    Forward Progressives’ most important campaign issue seems to be a private conversation Trump had 11 years ago in which he admitted moving on a married woman without success. Bill Clinton raped a marred woman, and some others, but that’s inexplicably not an issue on Forward Progressives. Can anyone find the Stewart quote, ‘I’m going to grab her on the p–sy’ that this article is based on? I found a similar Trump quote braggadociosly claiming that as a rich guy he could “grab them(plural) by the p-sy” but I couldn’t find any quote saying he was going to grab this specific woman as Stewart and this article claims. It’s always a good idea to base articles on facts rather than sorta imaginary not accurate stuff.

    If Forward Progressives needs a better campaign 2016 issue, I would suggest whatever has been posted in the last 24 hours on ‘Wikileaks Twitter’. The stench of Clinton campaign corruption is so strong there that I can’t even go very far back in that sites’ posts. Today’s posts included Hillary posting in vindictive mode, “Assange “might think this is a clever game today but when he is prosecuted..””. At least the Evil One has toned it down from her previous comment regarding Assange, “Can’t we just drone this guy?” Droning Assange would probably cheer up Hillary and animate her like the time she laughed when she referred to Khaddafi’s sexual molestation and death. See the You Tube video, “Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died” How can anyone vote for this homicidal maniac? Or Google “Hillary quote f-ing” to get the flavor of Hillary when off camera to her staffers as reported by multiple sources.

    A still better issue than Hillary’s vileness is her record of supporting and instigating wars and overthrows in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and Egypt resulting in death, destruction, refugees, wasted tax dollars, and the renewal of the cold war. Combining her disastrous war mongering record with her vile personality suggests problems. No wonder Russia is building nuclear shelters as fast as possible.