Jon Stewart Rips Fox News’ Sean Hannity for Trying to Demean Black Role Model (Video)

stewart-hannity-jay-zI’ve often said that Fox News needs to change its name to Fox Conservative Entertainment, because that’s what it is. It’s not news, it’s just right-wing entertainment masquerading as news. The entire network is often so comical that it seems more like a parody of a cable news channel instead of an actual news network.

Though I will give Fox News some credit – they’ve made my job a whole lot easier. Condensing so much stupidity onto one network makes it easier to write about the absurdities going on with conservatives. Though even if Fox News didn’t exist, I’m sure there would be something else in its place. There’s obviously a fairly large contingent of sheep-ish conservatives in this country who are desperately craving being told what to think and feel.

But when it comes to Fox News, I’m not sure if anyone on the network personifies pure right-wing garbage as well as Sean Hannity. He’s one of the most blatantly partisan hacks on cable news. He’s so partisan that it almost has to be an act.

Well, as Jon Stewart often does, he ripped into Hannity’s nonsense. This time it was concerning a segment the Fox News host conducted where he did nothing but try to degrade Jay-Z, a huge influence on the African-American community, for his admissions that in the past he sold crack and actually shot someone.

And instead of focusing on how Jay-Z managed to overcome a bad start in life to become one of the most successful individuals in this country, along with a husband and a good father – Hannity only wanted to focus on the crack selling. Because, you know, we should all be held up to our past instead of our present, right?

You know, like Hannity… the college dropout.

Well, after playing several clips where Hannity did nothing but try to degrade Jay-Z for his past, while ignoring the fact that he completely turned his life around and has become a role model for African-American males, Stewart was left practically speechless.

“F*ck man,” he said. “I don’t even know what to do here.”

But is he really surprised by this? I know I’m not. This is what Fox News does. They claim to be “fair and balanced” while clearly picking a side on an issue, then proceeding to push that side’s point of view regardless of what the facts say. And when it comes to Fox News and African-American males, the “side” they’re on involves doing anything they can to slander them if at all possible.

That’s essentially what Hannity did. He knew about Jay-Z’s past (because it’s written in his book and he’s openly talked about it), and focused on nothing but that because his overwhelming success wouldn’t fit the narrative Hannity was trying to push.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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