Jon Stewart Rips Jeb Bush’s Stupidity: Stop ‘Playing Deaf and Hiding Behind the Troops’ (Video)

jon-stewart-jeb-bushI still see Jeb Bush as the smarter sibling between he and his brother George (not exactly a different task to accomplish), but the more I hear from the former Florida governor the more I realize – yeah, he’s definitely a Bush.

Aside from the fact that he seems to be surrounding himself with many of the same people his brother did during his catastrophic eight years in the White House, Jeb also seems to possess the inability to avoid making an absolute fool out of himself whenever the national spotlight is on him.

In case you haven’t heard, during an interview with Megyn Kelly, Jeb was asked a fairly “softball” question concerning whether or not he would still invade Iraq even knowing what we know now. Clearly, the question was meant to allow the probable presidential candidate to distance himself from his brother’s failures and simply say, “No, I would not have.”

Except that’s not what he did. Instead, he asserted that he still would have started the war and flat-out said that if people were looking for something to differentiate him from his brother, the decision on whether or not to invade Iraq wasn’t one of those issues.

I’m not sure if we’ll see a dumber moment in the entire 2016 presidential campaign than we did during that interview. I’m sure even the leaders over at the RNC were losing their minds after hearing his idiotic comments.

Jon Stewart also seemed stunned at Bush’s stupidity – especially after it took a week of people pressing him on his comments for Jeb to finally backtrack and say he wouldn’t support the Iraq War knowing what we know now.

“Thank you. Was that so hard?” Stewart asked. “Did you have to say it with a tone that implied you would end that sentence with, ‘OK, f*cko?’”

What every American should be worried about when it comes to Jeb is that he seems to care more about staying loyal to his brother’s failures rather than simply saying or doing what’s right. Not only that, but it’s obvious that he still fully believes the Iraq War was the right thing to do and I absolutely believe if given the choice – even knowing what we know now – he would still order the invasion.

Stewart ended the segment by hammering Bush for continuing to delay his official presidential announcement (even though we all know he’s running) because once he does, Jeb will then be beholden to a much stricter set of rules concerning communication with his various PACs, super PACs and other avenues of secret money.

“I see what’s happening: once you announce you’re running, you’re not allowed to coordinate with your super PAC. So you have to tell people, the voters, you’re not running,” Stewart explained. “I guess it’s better to run for president and pretend you’re not than to illegally coordinate with your super PAC and pretend you’re not. Because the first rule of politics is, you can lie to people – but don’t ever lie to your money.”

While many Republicans might have been looking at Jeb Bush as their possible savior in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, if his comments and behavior these last few weeks are any indication of what his campaign is going to be like, I get the feeling many might now be second guessing that optimism.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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