Jon Stewart Rips Into Republican Hypocrisy Over Saving American Lives (Video)

jon-stewart-million-waysJon Stewart has been on fire lately, calling out various degrees of Republican nonsense and hypocrisy. And Thursday night was no different. Stewart tore into Republicans for being absolute hypocrites when it comes to saving American lives on issues that actually kill tens of thousands of Americans every year, like heart disease and guns.

He started the segment by showing numerous clips from Fox News warning Americans of everything they should be terrified of, things that will certainly kill them, such as Ebola and ISIS. He followed that by showing several Republican politicians and members of the conservative media pledging to stop at nothing and supporting our government to “do whatever it takes” to save American lives.

Well, unless “whatever it takes” is doing something like battling heart disease, which kills around 600,000 Americans every year.  That’s when conservatives are “outraged” at any kind of government program that might seek to curb things that lead to heart disease. Programs like healthier school lunches or better health care access for Americans.

“We must do whatever it takes to save American lives. Although, if we cannot eat meat at every school lunch, is that really living?,” Stewart mocked.

He then showed several Republicans speaking out publicly against Medicare expansion, gun regulations and laws that seek to curb climate change. You know, things that might save millions of Americans by having better access to health care, or reduce gun-related homicides or even prevent the extinction of the entire human race.

Otherwise known as saving American lives.

“All we keep hearing is that we must do whatever it takes to save American lives. Unless it’s stopping the things that are actually killing Americans,” Stewart exclaimed.

But his closing statements were the best part.

“For some reason, we’re only afraid of bad things entering our country, crossing our sacred borders. When our shelves are already so stocked with bad sh*t. It’s like people are saying, ‘When I die, I want to know my preventable death has a label on it that says Made in America’,” he concluded.

Pretty much everything he said in this segment was true. Republicans have no issues raising the fear-mongering flag about terrorism, immigration or even a disease like Ebola. But when it comes to the main causes of American deaths in this country, suddenly they don’t give a damn. In fact, their stance on many policies only makes those deaths more likely.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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