Jon Stewart Schools Democrats With Brilliant Comparison Of Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders (Video)

jon-stewart-bernie-sandersI often hear conservatives blast Jon Stewart for being nothing but another cog in the ever churning wheel of the liberal media. Granted he definitely leans to the left, but I’ve seen plenty of times where he’s hammered liberals and Democrats, and openly mocked many people on the left. That’s something you’ll rarely see Fox News do to Republicans.

Hell, even when someone on Fox News calls out a Republican, it’s often just because they’re trying to prop up another member of the GOP.

That being said, on Thursday night’s show Stewart decided to address the recent announcement by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that he’s running for president, mocking the fact that, while the Vermont senator is fairly popular among many who follow politics regularly, the vast majority of Americans have no idea who he is.

“He’s basically running as the anti-Hillary,” Stewart proclaimed. “She’s an establishment centrist, he’s an unapologetic leftist. Her campaign is managed to a T, he forgot his comb.”

Much of the segment seemed to teeter back and forth between Stewart mocking Sanders for having absolutely no chance at winning, to pointing out that he’s clearly the more reliable liberal of the two (a fact that I don’t think anyone denies).

But I think the overwhelming tone of the segment was:

  1. To take a few shots at Hillary because it’s clear Stewart is not her biggest fan.
  2. To point out that Sanders stands absolutely no chance at winning.

It’s like I’ve said before, if you really believe Sanders stands a chance at becoming president, you really need to rethink everything you think you know about how politics works. There’s absolutely no way a guy who’ll be 75 in 2016, who describes himself as a socialist, is going to get elected president. I’m a huge Bernie Sanders fan and I love what he’s fought for in the Senate, but I’m also a realist.

Not only that, but Sanders – like Elizabeth Warren – is best suited for the Senate.

Some liberals seem to think Sanders running will be “good for Hillary,” irrationally thinking that he’s going to somehow “bring her to the left.” Granted, that kind of rhetoric sounds good – it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The only way Sanders will bring her more to the left is by being what he’s been in the Senate – a fighter for a common sense approach to income inequality and our economy in general.

Like I’ve said numerous times before, it doesn’t matter who’s president, they’re going to be beholden to whatever Congress we give them. If that president is a Democrat, and the Congress is controlled by Republicans who simply refuse to pass anything that the president supports, then we’re simply going to see more of what we’ve seen the last few years – a whole lot of nothing getting done.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bruce

    Hillary, like her husband, is just another DINO that is deep in the pockets of wall street and the big banks.According to the nature of the beast, that puts them on the opposing side of america’s working middle class. ALSO, there have been a lot fewer people who have wound up dead around Mr. Sanders than have around the clintons.

    • The Reader

      Your logic is amazing and your conclusions even more so. Bernie has not had the opportunity to surround himself with dead people because the only ones who anyone might wish dead are the do-nothings in congress. Put any candidate in the position of POTUS or SOS and they will be “surrounded by the dead” sooner or later. Don’t you read or watch the news? Stupid.

      • Bruce

        What is actually truly amazing to me, is how that people like you, who call others, who are apparently far more informed than they are, stupid. It is rather juvenile. The myriad of deaths I referred to gow WAY BACK before Hillary was ever an elected figure and before her husband, who duped us in organized labor into helping him get elected, was president. AND YES, the facts point to them both being DINOs who are deep in the pocket of wall street and the banks, AND YES that, according to the nature of the beast, puts them on the opposing side of the american, working, middle class. You know how I, along with millions of other americans, have come to that conclusion? I read and watch, not only the completely compromised american MSN, but also the news from other less corrupted sources from around the nation and the world. So if that makes me stupid, what does that make you?

      • The Reader

        It makes me more curious than ever why people, like you and I, who are basically on the same side get into these disagreements when we should be listening and observing. I am familiar with the Clinton background as far back as when Hillary was a young girl in Chicago. However, I read your comment with interest and will keep an open mind. I do not rely on MSN (don’t even know where to find it without looking it up) so be amazed Bruce. Before this election is over, we may both be amazed or terrified – I’m going for the former.

      • Bruce

        I am, in fact, an avid listener and observer, that is why I am not on yours or anyone else side when it comes to american politics. I no longer am a part of any of americas political parties, and am merely vocal in advocating issues concerning the truth, and matters of justice. Like it or not, America is a lost cause, a dying empire. As a mere listener and observer, not unlike someone at a football game who gets nothing regardless who wins or loses, who from the cheap seats is just calling the plays as I see them. Hillary, like her husband, who betrayed those that elected him and signed NAFTA after he swore to them he wouldn’t is deep in wall street’s pocket. Who was, and continues to be, the beneficiary of that fascist decision? Working americans or wall street? Bill is also the one, who on behalf of wall street and the big banks, repealed Glass Steagall, the depression era laws that were put in place to keep wall street and the banks from cratering the US economy like they did in the early 20th century, which BTW, they did again, except this time they took down the economies of the world. That is of course, after Bill repealed the safeguards that until then prevented them. Did the working, american middle class benefit from that fascist decision? No they didn’t. He is also the one that reniged of the promise made by the senior Bush, that if the Soviet Union would take down the Berlin Wall, allowing German reunification, that NATO would not advance “not one inch” on Russia’s border. When confronted with that double cross, all he would say was that “the agreement wasn’t ever on paper”. I am not even touching on their time in the Arkansas governor’s mansion. The Clintons are fascist DINO’s. pure and simple and Hillary seems to think she is entitled to be president. I wonder how she will fare being turned away again?.

      • The Reader

        Bruce, I just finished reading a biography on Harry S. Truman, a man I have always been curious about. When he was elected (after finishing out FDR’s term, it was like deja vu. I couldn’t get over the similarities between the times and attitudes then and now. As a result, I’m not ready to give up on America yet. If what you say is the future, it would have happened in 1950.

    • EXACTLY!!! Plus she VOTED for the Iraq War. I mean… come on!! She’s just confused really. She is a businesswoman and she has her interest first and foremost. You know she supports Monsanto. Just ridiculous. Americans, OPEN YOUR EYES

  • Clintoris

    Sanders is a self admitted socialist.Hillary is a crook and a liar.No thanks to either one of them.

    • Adam Colquitt

      Democratic Socialist, if you don’t know bernies stances then you shouldn’t talk, if you don’t know what socialism is you shouldn’t talk. If you know both, then you would know the term “socialist” doesn’t apply. Democratic Socialist is different.
      There is another word for Bernie Sanders. Populist. Teddy Roosevelt is a great example. Who Bernie envies.

      • Cemetery Girl

        At this point it seems that Populism is labeled as Socialism. Sadly, truly having the interest of the people at heart is now filthy socialism.

    • Michael Keville

      I guess you would rather have some right wing nut job take us back to the gilded age

      • Hail Eris!

        Clearly, he likes being able to look up to rich people. From his knees, that is.

        If your thoughts aren’t original, they’re not really yours, are they?

      • Marcadimus

        Just because we are frustrated at getting another moderate conservative as the Democratic nominee doesn’t mean we won’t vote for her at the election. But to have someone, anyone pull her even slightly to the left of center would be a terrific occurrence.

    • The Reader

      Clintoris, still in a snit about Hillary, I see. It’s going to be a long election for you if you can’t put together facts to back your intense dislike. Don’t forget to balance how all those nut cases you seem to think would make a better president than Hillary stack up to her..

      • Laura Jackson

        An extremely long election. I really don’t know how much longer I can listen to the inane BS without snapping.

    • Marie-Claude Blais

      Sanders is the same type of socialist that many northern european countries are built on. Nothing to be scared about. Universal healthcare is everywhere in Europe and is the way Canada operates. The house just voted 238 Billion dollars in tax breaks to the richest 5000 families in America …things have to change.

      Bernie Sanders
      I am running for President of the United States because America needs a
      political revolution. We need a government which represents all of us,
      and not just a handful of billionaires. In this campaign we won’t have
      the support of the big-money interests, Wall Street or the
      military-industrial complex. That’s why I need you to join me in an
      unprecedented grass-roots effort. Sign up at my new website –

    • Ummm do you even know what socialism means?

  • Peter Mrozik

    While I agree with you that Bernie has no chance in actually winning, I disagree with your notion that his running would have no effect on Hillary. What we don’t want is to have Hillary only face, during the Primaries, a bunch of watered-down Repugnicons and tack to the right to offset them and their pseudo-centrist positions. That’s pretty much what happened when the DLC was a significant force in the Democratic Party. If her opponent is Jim Webb, (and I like Jim Webb) we’ll see her moving ever closer to her natural hawkish positions.

    We also need to have her exercise her rhetorical skills during an actual Democratic Party debate so she can start getting ready for the non-stop verbal beatings that are headed her way. It would be really, really bad for Hillary to get to the General without having any of the benefit of the rigors from a Nomination process.

    Are you afraid of what Bernie might say? Given that he’s not going to give up his Senate seat,(his seat is not up until 2018) I don’t understand your concern or objection.

  • Clintoris

    Somebody give Bernie a comb he looks like a madman.He is awful old are we sure dementia isn’t taking hold?

  • D Lemon

    I wish Hillary had the integrity of Bernie – I would absolutely vote for her. I’m holding out hope someone better than Hillary will run – Bernie is wonderful, but I don’t think he can win and we do need him in the senate. Can’t Dems find someone better than Hillary?

    • See this is what i keep saying. Don’t keep wishing, start DOING. Bernie won’t get into office if people keep saying “i wish Hilary was more like him but since he has no chance, i’ll vote for Hilary” Do not settle for less. Make sure that whoever has your vote has ABSOLUTELY earned it 100 percent. Hilary Clinton in my opinion has no place in the oval office. Not saying she’s 100 percent bad but i’m saying, Americans DESERVE better. Bernie is the guy that’ll pull us out of this crisis. If you vote for Hilary, i bet you she WON’T do most of the things she’s promising. Remember she’s a businesswoman first and foremost and look at the organizations supporting her. J.P Morgan for instance – Come on! We already have people like Sen. Warren in office. I think Warren decided not to run this time around because she’s smart enough to realize that we need a strong progressive senate ready to back a progressive president

      If everyone votes for the right person, things will start working.

      • D Lemon

        I completely agree. I refuse to vote for Hillary, unless and until it comes to her versus one of the GOP tealiban thugs. We do deserve better, and I wish Sanders would win.

      • I agree to!

      • Antonio Aguilar

        its very upsetting, hearing that Sanders can’t win. People like that are the problem. But when it comes to who’s gonna win the Superbowl, who’s gonna win a boxing match, or some other miniscule event ,they believe anything is possible.

  • Jason Storlie

    Already embolden to the corporate elite, Hillary sealer her fate when she hired long-time Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford as adviser to her “Ready for Hillary” super PAC. “Give em hell Bernie!!”

    Read More:

  • Max Robins

    Simon Holden

    13 hrs · Los Angeles, CA · Edited ·

    I hate this “common wisdom” that Bernie’s only potential is to ensure a progressive agenda. Presidents do only what they can get away with once in office. Pretending that an establishment nominee is the only viable option in an election is contrary to the principles of democracy and has ensured the erosion of democracy in the western world for many decades. People need to vote their consciences, regardless of the horse race mentality of the press. Most importantly, Democrats can have Bernie as their nominee if they vote in overwhelming numbers at the primaries. Substantial change doesn’t come unless the people in power are truly working for the people. Bernie is one of the few who has the record of standing for the working class and the poor upon whose labor the rich have profited these past 30+ years.

  • Charles Barker

    give em hell bernie

  • Grand1

    There is nothing irrational about Sen. Sanders’ candidacy pulling Secy. Hilton to the left. In fact it is the most rational result of a Sanders’ campaign. It is easy to shoot the fish in the barrel that comprise the Republican presidential candiates.
    Shooting at a populist is another matter. Hillary needs to be careful and choose her criticisms carefully in the primaries lest she alienate the progressives in the party.In doing so, Sanders will have had an effect on her candidacy by causing her to agree with his populism.

  • Five months later, and look where we are! Somebody might need to apologize to Bernie! I love Jon, but he got the second part of his assessment dead wrong. Or maybe he just pissed off and fired up the progressives with this piece?