Jon Stewart Ruthlessly Shreds Dick Cheney’s Hypocrisy On Iran (Video)

jon-stewart-cheney-iranIn my opinion, Dick Cheney is one of the most detestable and corrupt people on this planet. While George W. Bush gets most of the blame for the debacle that was his eight years in the White House, Cheney was clearly one of the biggest influences behind one of the most incompetent administrations in our nation’s history.

However, from Cheney’s perspective, I’m not really sure if what we saw during those eight years could be labeled “incompetence.” As a former CEO of a major defense company, he was cold and calculated in making sure that everything the Bush administration did favored large defense companies. From the war in Iraq to the complete destabilization of the region, those who stand to profit most from war have been doing – and will continue to do – just fine.

Well, recently the former vice president continued to bash the Obama administration, this time for the recent nuclear deal with Iran, essentially calling President Obama a traitor for making it easier for the Middle Eastern nation to develop a nuclear weapon and helping them expand their influence in the region. And during Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart absolutely went off on Cheney for having the nerve to even think of going there.

“I can’t think of more terrible burden to leave the next president than what Obama’s creating here,” Cheney said in a clip played by The Daily Show host who mocked his hypocrisy. 

While nothing Cheney says or does really “shocks” me, you really have to be delusional to believe that this president is going to leave his successor with a worst situation than he inherited when he took his Oath of Office in January of 2009. When President Obama moved into the White House we were engulfed in two wars, a skyrocketing national debt and an economy on the brink of complete collapse. Not only that, but the incompetence of the previous administration is directly responsible for the violence in the Middle East that we’re currently having to deal with. Without the war in Iraq, there is no ISIS – period.

But Stewart really exposed Cheney’s hypocrisy when he aired a 1998 clip of Cheney, then CEO of Halliburton, complaining that our “sanctions-happy” government was preventing big defense companies from doing business in Iran.

“You, sir, were arguing for the United States to lift sanctions on Iran, so that your company, Halliburton, could get contracts with this radical regime,” Stewart told a balloon representing Cheney. “Contracts worth millions of dollars. And pardon me if I am impugning your character, but what would you make of a man whose final act in the business world, before joining the American government as vice president, would be to enter into contracts with the number one state sponsor of terror, just before leaving to become Bush’s running mate – contracts that were only legal because you did them through a foreign subsidiary?”

So, to summarize:

  • In 1998, Cheney complained that sanctions were keeping his company from doing business with Iran.
  • While vice president, we go to war in Iraq (Iran’s biggest rival in the region) destabilizing the country, allowing Iran to gain a greater influence over Iraq.
  • Because of Bush’s actions in the Middle East, the entire region becomes destabilized, giving Iran even more influence over the entire Middle East.

But, according to the former vice president, President Obama is the traitor and it’s his administration that’s incompetent. Cheney’s comments are so absurd I often have to check if they’re real or something written by The Onion. I just don’t understand how any sane or rational person could ever take Dick Cheney seriously.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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