Jon Stewart Shreds Rick Perry: ‘My God, George W. Bush Lives!’ (Video)

jon-stewart-perry-bushPolitics is a funny thing. No matter how often Americans say they want genuine and honest politicians, the truth is we really don’t. If we did, many of those currently serving in our government would have never been elected. The truth is, people elect the candidate who tells them most of what they want to hear. It doesn’t matter if what they’re saying is realistic, feasible or even legal – as long as it’s what the voter wants to hear, that’s all that really matters.

Too often Americans are manipulated by politicians who are simply pandering to whatever they think will get them the most votes – and often that behavior is absolutely ridiculous.

Jon Stewart highlighted this last night when he hammered the GOP presidential hopefuls who spent some time in Iowa this past weekend looking like complete fools, in what appeared to be a contest to see who could be more “folksy” than the other. They went to Sen. Joni Ernst’s event where several of the candidates rode motorcycles all for the sake of pandering. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Rick Perry and Scott Walker literally took lessons just to know how to ride for this thing.

He showed several clips of Perry, Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham saying various “folksy” things that were nothing more than talking points given to them to pander to potential Iowa voters since that’s where the first primary election takes place. Or as Stewart referred to it as, “Commence Blowing Iowa.”

“Wooooo! That made no sense,” Stewart said. “All you guys – you’re just throwing down-homey words together and hoping they land.”

He then went on to play a clip of Perry declaring that this will be an election about actions, not words, and that people are going to demand that candidates “show them” what they’ve done.

“My God, George W. Bush lives,” Stewart exclaimed. “Only now, somehow he’s been injected with radiated ornery goat semen. He’s all hyped up.”

Stewart then anointed Walker the “winner” of the biggest panderer with his Harley Davidson motorcycle, jacket, wallet, shirt and hat. He also went on to praise Ernst’s ability to castrate a hog.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Stewart then “congratulated” Sen. Marco Rubio for refusing to pander to voters, pointing out that in Iowa he chose not to ride a motorcycle and dressed more like he was headed out for brunch at a trendy restaurant instead of BBQ out in the country.

That was until he showed a clip of Rubio on Fox News’ Outnumbered trying to claim he’s a fan of the Wu-Tang clan – despite not being able to name a single member of the group.

“You’re a Wu-Tang fan, but you can’t name a single member?,” Stewart asked. “There’s hundreds of them. Wu-Tang’s the only group of people bigger than the field of Republican presidential candidates.”

And while all politicians pander, it really is a bit depressing when you realize that as ridiculous as all of this appears to be, the sad reality is – it works.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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