Jon Stewart Perfectly Slams the Media’s Sensationalized Ebola Coverage (Video)

jon-stewart-ebolarecently wrote an article venting my own frustrations about the fear-mongering that’s been going on in the media about Ebola, specifically from Fox News.

Well, Jon Stewart decided to tee off on some of this nonsense last night by perfectly slamming how nearly every major media outlet seemed “shocked” that a nurse who was in close contact with the first Ebola patient might have gotten the disease.

“What is wrong with you people?,” Stewart said, mocking several media personalities who had asked how this nurse could have gotten Ebola.

He then went after these cable news networks for often ignoring the well-educated advice from many experts in the field of science and medicine. Instead choosing to continue to ratchet up fear about the virus based on their own speculation – that has been debunked several times by these scientists.

“I don’t know if you know this,” Stewart said, “but there have been experts on your own channels telling you that this isn’t appropriate.”

He showed several instances of experts on these cable news channels stating the facts about Ebola, the difficulty in how it’s spread and urging people not to panic.

He then aired a segment from CNN where Texas Rep. Pete Sessions advocated for the isolation of all of West Africa, and blocking flights to and from the region, to “contain” the virus. Something that nearly every expert I’ve seen speak on this subject has said would be an extremely bad idea. Reason being that if people can’t travel by air, they’ll find other land means of transportation which makes them harder to “contact trace.” And that would mostly likely lead to an even larger outbreak of the virus.

Stewart then mocked Sessions for ignoring the advice given by most medical experts, instead continuing to insist that all of West Africa should be quarantined.

“But perhaps, he’s right,” Stewart said. “Are there other regions suffering from disease outbreaks and poor medical infrastructure that America should shield itself from?”

Several clips were then played detailing how Texas leads the nation in uninsured Americans, while also being host to several outbreaks of diseases such as the measles, whooping cough and the flu.

“Alright Texas, here’s the deal,” Stewart mocked. “We can build that border fence you’ve always wanted. We’re just going to do it a little farther north.”

If you have a chance, take a few minutes to watch the entire segment. It’s definitely worth your time.

When you need a fantastic mocking of nonsense coming from our media, and Republicans, I’m not sure if anyone does it better than Jon Stewart.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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