Jon Stewart Slams NFL’s Incompetence on Domestic Violence: ‘You Done F**ked Up!’ (Video)

jon-stewart-nflRay Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer has been all over the news lately, and rightfully so. Though the story hasn’t just been about Rice’s assault itself, but the cover up that seems to have taken place by the NFL.

Jon Stewart decided to chime in once again last night on the whole situation, and brilliantly slammed the NFL for their behavior during this entire ordeal.

“You done f**ked up,” Stewart said. “So you had the tape and you want us to believe that you did not look at it. Well, I think we’re all aware of the NFL’s obsessive-compulsive tape-watching addictions.”

Stewart was referring to the AP story detailing accounts from a law enforcement officer who told them that the NFL was sent the now infamous video from inside the elevator back in April. This, of course, is in direct contrast to the comments made by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who claims they had been denied access to the video.

“Really, the king of video never bestowed upon you the opportunity,” Stewart said of Goodell’s statement that the NFL had not seen the video. “For you are just a simple peasant boy commissioner, armed with only your wits, clothes upon your back, and billions of dollars’ worth of the most high-powered team of lawyers in the history of man.”

It seems Stewart is of the same mindset that I am in that I don’t believe for a second that Goodell, or at least someone with ties to his office, hadn’t seen this inside-the-elevator video of the incident.

And if more evidence does come out proving without a doubt that Roger Goodell was aware of this video, despite his continued insistence that he had not seen it before just the other day, I feel the only option is for him to step down or be fired.

Not because his initial punishment of Ray Rice was too lenient, but because if he’s found to have been blatantly lying this whole time about seeing the second video he would lose all credibility. And being that his credibility with many players has already been strained (if not completely lost already) there’s just no logical way I see him remaining in his position by the time all the dust settles on this situation.

Though it may take an intense public outcry for him to step down to make that happen. Which might ultimately come down to whether or not people are willing to boycott the NFL (by far this country’s most popular sport) to see that he’s removed as commissioner.

Watch Stewart’s segment below via Comedy Central

Allen Clifton

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